Chief Elder Osiris : The Swagging Pretentious Black People Today

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    The Swagging Pretentious Black People Today

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Today in this new century, and since Obama was introduced to Black People as Black People Messiah, there is a saying among Black People when expressing approval, confidence, and victory in a situation that presented life events to be a challenge, so much so, until those life events caused Black People to suffer from acts of Racism and Unjustified prejudice, which brought into the life of Black people a psychological Depression, physical oppression, abuse, and acts of injustice against Black People.

    Now today Black People evident a body English that has what we say is a swagger about ourselves, when feeling relieved and very confident that something has happen to us that we take to have caused a change we approve of in our life way of living, so much so, to the point that we will pretend that all of the Racist Evil that has ever happen to Black People, we now believe by being pretentious, that such is no more and that we now have no need to sing we shall over come, because we now have the victory to sing we have now over come Racist abusive injustice in America, and Black people now states that we have no one to Thank for our victory over Racism in America, but for the the Messiah of Black People, President Obama.

    Well now, you have Black People telling other Black People that we no longer have anything to complain about in America because the selection of Obama to be President in America has come to serve as evidence that America has changed her Racist Spirit against Black People and now all we have to do is just apply ourselves, because the World of America and White Folks in general, has come to embrace Black People unconditionally today.

    So yes, in America and the world today, we have a prententious, ostentatious, Hypocritical Black People, we who now go running around in America and the world with our chest stuck out as if we now have come in control of our Mind, since Obama became President in America.

    Beloved, have you, since Obama became president, notice the frown that come over the Pretentious Back People when some well Mentally Healed Black People continue the attack against America Racism and injustice?

    They showing no sign of letting up from their verbal attack against America and continue the sharing of the Divine Truth about the Evil our lives are still confronted with in America and the world, and as well as about the evil America has and continue to practice against Black People today, and those well meaning Black people, they are doing so with a seriousness and conviction that condemn the Evil of America and the world that still practice such evil against Black people, in spite of Obama Presidency.

    So tell me, how do you describe the spirit of a people even in the midst of their oppression and is receiving injustice, will have the frame of a Human Being Mind to strut around with such a swagger that imply that all is well with Black people today, while Afrika is no longer Afrika and Black people are suffering from psychological damage that prevent Black people from having a Divine Spiritual connection to Afrika and to take pride in our subdivided self subversiveness, Black people being a Nation Divided.

    What do you call people who rather pretend to be Free than to fight for their Freedom, a people who pretend that equality of treatment has come to them who have a story of being treated in a way that cause them to experience unequal treatment from people in a world that now is in control of the lives of Black people and those people are the sower of Lies and the performers of deception against Black People yesterday as well as today, and yet Black people find a way to show a swagger in their step as we pretend that today all is well with Black people in America and the world, because white Folks have allowed Obama to occupy their White House.

    Black people are so susceptible to the appearance of momentary success, as false as it may be, and that is what President Obama represent to Black People, so I ask, why do you Black people choose to lie to your children and saddle them with such false hope concerning what president Obama represent to and about America, you lying to your children as you point to Obama Presidency, telling your children that they are Free and that they can become anything that they put their Mind to in America and in this evil world, and yet you have not done one **** thing to make sure that the children is functioning in their Divine Mind, therefore all of their wants and beliefs are flawed, and I ask of you Liars to your Children, what will you say to your children when the Dream Bubble burst and after Four or Eight Years hence, there is no Obama to use as a False prop to hold up to your children, just memories of false hope and Dreams and an act to pretend that all is well with Black People.

    There is no wonder that the Children of Black People have no confidence in their parents because they are nothing but liars and pretenders and expect their children to follow such a degrading of self pattern of living a pretentious life in America and the world.

    Freedom and Respect, when taken away from you, it is not freely given back to you beloved, just as it was taken away from you, then you must take it back and to take something back that has been taken away from you, that require some action coming from the victim and not a wait and hope spirit, believing that everything that have been taken away from you will be freely given back to you without you having to do a **** thing to recover that which has been taken away from you, as Black people wait for a Ghost to drop out from the sky, floating down upon a cloud, coming to free you from all of your life Misery, such is a fantasy you expect the child to mentally interact with over the course of their young day dreaming life, but not some matured suppose to be protector of the children, you being responsible for teaching them the Divine Truth about their life and not some lying fantasy that will cause them to pretend to be what they are not meant to be, which are pretenders in life.

    So tell me, how do you describe a people who live a pretentious Life, never desiring to be Divinely Real and Truthful to themselves, always wearing the happy face in the midst of their Life Misery, pretending all is well with them, settling to be the foot stool in the world?

    Would you describe such a spirit of people to be wise and Divinely Intelligent, being always on top of their life game that will give that life the best that It deserve and was designed to have?

    No you will not because you are so full of game until you can not rise to get on top of your game, beloved.

    So tell me beloved, how would you describe such a people that is a self abusive liar and deceiver, loving to pretend all is well with life, when the evidence serve to prove to the contrary and those people being Black people with a happy face, walking with a swagger, showing confidence in somebody other than themselves, expecting a change to come to their life situation without they doing a **** thing to bring about that change that must be of a Divine nature, we being a people claiming to be so godly, when the evidence is not there to substantiate such a claim, we being a people who love to pretend to be free than to fight for their freedom.

    Beloved, there is no wonder why Afrika is under the control of people other than the Black Afrikan and why the Black Nation has been split asunder into Tribal Units who do not have the factual idea who in this Hellish World they are, as they are always at each other throat, as if Black People came to this Planet as Tribes laden in ignorance and not United and with a Divine Knowledge and Understanding of What The Divine Essence is or what the significance of both Universe and where Black People fit to make up such a Divine Trilogy between Existence and Life.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    Hotep Cheif Elder Osiris:

    I was having this discussion the other day with a group of young black men about my age.....

    my feelings were these ...

    in order to overcome
    one needs to be aware of what has been overcome

    at present we have the same oppression.... socially rearranged

    I might have a swagga cheif but we are the face of the future...

    maybe we just disguised ourselves to that effect... because no one would ever think that leaders can come out of the ones' most oppressed..

    i got the baseball bat in my hand cheif....

    and i know the turncoats are among us...

    aren't they always.

    since u already have given the answer on how to take back what is ours .. there is really no more i can say....

    one love
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    i agree for the most part....
    any black person that believes that we have made it to the mountain top is a fool....
    we still have a long way to go....
    1 example....the black unemployment rate is higher in each state than the national average for all the unemployed....
    we have no reason to puff out our chests now....
    maybe just an occasional pimp

    one love