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    TO THE SUPREME COURT Amicus Curiae Brief Feb 2, 2015

    RE: Legal marriage for all citizens in the USA

    From: Andre Austin, residing in the State of Michigan

    Dear Judges:

    The State of Michigan etal are being pressured by religious groups and are attempting to appease a fringe voting constituency to violate gay people rights. I’m concerned about this because I believe in equal rights and freedom. I’m not gay but people who want to marry the same sex to themselves should be able to pursue their own happiness. Along with Muslims who are allowed 4 or 5 wives. And no disaster to the world’s 7 billion people on earth will interfere with fruitful/fruity supply of repopulation to 8 billion within the next 25 years.

    When the Pharisee’s magically turned into Rabbi’s (under the influence of the Roman Flavian Trinity dynasty), they wrote the notorious “Babylonian Talmud” lying on Ham claiming he was gay and advocated his castration. This fictional story was used in part to claim Africans should be slaves to white people and the Catholic claims they had no souls. I do support their stand on outlawing abortion

    Politicians who cave into peer pressure from religious groups to help harass the social, political and economic life of gay people or those who are accused should be fined and placed in prison for violating the constitutional rights of people. The constitution said “We the people”. There was no cutting and pasting of “We the people, except gays”.

    I admire Martin Luther King for being all inclusive of seeking and accepting the help of atheist like A. Philip Randolph and gay Civil Rights organizer Bayard Rustin 9posthumorous receipient of the presidential Obama medal of freedom award. Martin and his wife friendship with the gays produced a mecca for gays to live at his place of birth in Atlanta like white gays flock to San Francisco.

    The religious zeal coming from Christians to harass and disenfranchised gays is flawed and have no legal standing. The literary, fictional character of Jesus was a composite figure of historical and mythical people. The central theme of Jesus was a trinity of Roman Emperors: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. The main Jesus parody, satire and spoof was of Titus who was bi-sexual (see Suetonius The Twelve Caesars) being fond of young male eunuchs. Titus military campaign is virtually a parody of Jesus ministry. For details of this information is cited in the works of Joseph Atwill’s book “Caesar’s Messiah”. The Christians anti-actions towards gays is just like the former FBI director Hoover who banned gays from FBI agent when he was gay himself. Jesus is a parody of Titus who was bi-sexual so you can’t use the religion against them. The secret of Christianity is exposed like the tree and root which bears its grafted Roman trees (see Mark 8:22-26, Luke 3:7-9, Romans Chapter 11)

    The 4 gospels is a glorification of the Father and Son (Vespasian and Titus) and Paul letters and Revelations deal with Domitian (The terrible spirit). Vespasian and Titus were liberal towards homosexuals/Eunuchs which is reflected towards them in the 4 gospels. The opposite is true for the rest of the scripture under Domitian rule.

    Because the majority of this bench is Catholic I thought it was informative to let you in on the secret of the Trinity of Caesars who were able to trick the world into honor and worship by switching their names to a fictional Title/name of Jesus Christ. The gate to the kingdom of heaven was not excluded to the gays under Titus until we get to Domitian who equated them with dogs (Revelation 22:15) unlike the 4 gospels treatment of Eunuchs/homosexuals.

    Compounding the problem of the Eucharist which like the Trinity was stolen from the ancient Egyptians then manipulated by the trinity of the Caesars for their own criminal enterprise. The Eucharist is based in part on Osiris who was cut up by Satan and his penis was eaten by a Nile fish. The black comedy of the Romans on the Christians (Little Fishes) is to have them eat the penis of Jesus/Lazarus and symbolically call it manna (or a wafer) which is a mushroom (John 6) which is symbolic of a penis. The Mushroom growing in three stages of an egg, vagina and mushroom phallus resembling. This dinner party is the bases of the Roman military victory over the Jews between 66-73AD; and making them resort to cannibalism. We really shouldn’t be classifying Christianity as a religion because its just a tool to control the masses of the people so the elite 1% can keep us in servitude/ignorance. Even the inner circle of Shakespeare figure this conspiracy of the Romans of making fools of the masses out long ago. But they have us so compartmentalize we can’t even see Shakespeare’s ghost writer was a woman, Emilia Bassano, but that’s another story and another book to cite: “Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah” by Joe Atwill.

    Do the right thing and extend civil/human rights to “We the people” and extend freedom to all and ignore the fraudulent influence of the man (Roman) made tricks of Christianity; which also an extension of white sumpremacy.

    P.S I know that Amicus Curiae briefs are commonly filed concerning a public interest like Civil Rights and may be filed only by the consent of all parties which I know will not succeed. However, the information is relevant

    Yours truly,

    Andre Austin

    Jackson, Michigan (email [email protected])
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