Black Poetry : The Sun never says "I'm Sorry"

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May 14, 2006
East Coast
I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it
The burning orange rings of the smoldering sun
Have finally set on our love
And I look above
To reminisce in it’s glow
That offers no apologies
For the broken hearts
It takes with it.

Nor the Sun or the Moon
Make apologies
For anything they take with them!

They only promise
To rise again.

The sun is not my friend.

Displacement over comes me
As my mind tries to make sense of it all
And I look to my wall
Of calendar months gone by
9 months
I cry
Wanting to
Run into your arms
And glue back a plate
That has been dropped a million times
There are too many pieces now…
Unable to hold anything
Except the tears that slide into the cracks
And off the edge
To a cold and familiar ground…

I look around for you...
No longer can you be found.
The world looks so different
Now that your not around
But I will admit....
I smile more now
Than I frown

I never thought
That I could love someone
As much as I loved you…
I surprised myself.
At first, I did not know what to do
Oh, setting sun!
Your no friend of mine!

But everyday

You made good on your promise

To rise again

And with time

you illuminated my sky

slowly gave me reasons not to cry

Gave me new wings, so that I may fly

And make peace

With your setting sun


The Sun is Now a Friend of Mine.
i felt the same way

cursed the "sun" and all

you're too strong to give up

and i don't expect anything less from you

stay strong, what is, IS

everything doesn't appear to be going how we want it to

but in some quirky way it actually is

it took me a long time to understand that

hopefully it won't take you as long as it did me


stop beating on yourself


trust me


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