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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

The problem that Black People now suffer from the fact of being victims of a Psychological attack, is that we now have been prevented from being able to subjectively internalize our Problem, meaning the success of our Psychological defeat drive us to look away from our problem for solution that favor our Lives and to attempt to be objective in addressing our Problem, the deeper the Psychological Damage submerge into our Brand New Mind, the more we attempt to become in a state of denial of Black People having Problems in the world and in America in particular, such a behavior only verify our after affect we suffer from being Psychologically attacked in the World.

If Black People would pay close subjective attention to Black People, then we will be able, without a doubt, See the Psychological damage Black Folks suffer, with the Fact of the evidence being the state of condition of the lives of Black People and how we react to those conditions, looking always to render an excuse for the reason the Life of Black People are in the Present condition we now are experiencing today, and the Psychological Damage we suffer from our Psychological attack, propel us to attempt to be objective when surveying the Life condition of Black People in the World today, a Mental position that verify the sick Mental condition our Lives are now experiencing today.

So as a Psychological Study, let us choose Black People in America United States, as an experimental group, the Control group whose Attitudinal Behavior we will investigate, in an attempt to determine the depth of the Psychological Damage we have suffered from being Psychologically attacked by White People in America, this investigation being totally subjective and not objective, because the evidence is to over whelming in verifying that there has been Damage done to the Psychic of Black People in America, and the World in general, but as I have indicated, we will specify Black People in America, those Black People who are victims of the Middle Passage Journey.

The Children of the Middle passage, victims of a Psychological attack by White People, an attack so successful until the Children of the Middle Passage believe it is more to the Life advantage of Black people in America to conform to the Spirit of those people that did wage the Physical / Psychological attack against the Body, Mind, and Spirit of the Children of the Middle passage, and against our Parents as well, those that White People chose consciously to Enslave in America, whose act of Enslavement began in the Home Land of our Enslaved Ancestors, Afrika it is referred as today.

It was and is the Evil of Racism / Unjustified Prejudice that served as White People motivation to Physically and Psychologically attack Black People and the Justification White People used to carry out their Barbaric Physical and Psychological attack against Black People in Afrika, was and is no more than their Religious Belief that White People was / is Supreme over Black People, so it is the White Mentality of White Supremacy that is the cause of Black people Psychological Damage we now live to experience today, and is now the cause why we black People act and behave toward ourselves and toward White People as we do today, one is in defiance and the other in complete submission, an illness which does imply that it is Psychologically imperative that we become Black Conformist to White People Rule.

So what we have today in the way that Black People belief, all stem from the Psychological beating we have taken from white People, such a beating that have Black People justifying the treatment of Black People in America, when the Law Enforcing authority attack our Children in America, Black People justify that action, when the Prison over flow with black Bodies of all age groups, Black People justify, when the Authority saturate the Black Community with Drugs on the Street, Black People condemn Themselves, when a Handicap education is given to Black Children, Black People justify, White people tell us they are our Ancestors, Black people attempt to Justify, when more work performance and less pay is the result of Black People service, Black people justify, when America define Race Relation in America, Black People Justify, having a Execution System that Kill more Black people proportional, Black People Justify, when the Socialization Integration / Assimilation wise, of Black with White, Black People Justify, and to be taught that Black People can become whomever we desire to be in America , Black People Justify, and for Black People to be told that Black People can change America Spirit toward Black People, Black People Justify, with the Crown belief of Black People, is in White People Religion, and that Jesus was here and is coming back again for Black People, to give the Black Life a Home in Heaven, Black People Justify.

Beloved, you tell me that we do not carry a grave and serious Psychological Damage, coming from the fact that White People did in fact launch a Psychological attack against Black People and that attack was in fact successful ?

Here Black People are in America, now faced with the Healing serum for the Psychological Damage we now suffer from, and we refuse to take it because it is not what White People ordered, as if white People accidentally launched a Psychological attack against our Black Mind and now they will help us to heal, based on their term and not Black People Divine Term.

We have the Divine Truth that has come before us again and we openly Despise and Reject such Divine Truth, because it condemn everything a Mind we now wear believe, that type of attitude is the making from the Psychological Attack we have suffered, which prevent us from distinguishing between what is Divinely True and that which is Profanely a Lie, the Lie being that which we now Religiously embrace , believing that we do not our Lives service of Religious Good but such a service is to the Good of Jesus, the cross of repression, oppression and depression, that which serve to have a devastating affect upon the Psychology of Black people, serving as evidence that Black People in America, are victims of having a Psychological attack perpetrated against Black People and our Brand New way of Believing serve as Evidence that the attack was in fact Successful, and is still being successful today, against not only Afrikan Americans but the entire Black Nation.

Here you black People defying the need for you to Spiritually Retreat away from the Spirit you now wear ?

How Psychologically beat down Black People have become, so much so, until we marvel in our Lives state of Depression, yes, Black People are a very Depressed People, whether we can admit to that fact or not, we no longer can get along with each other, always fighting against each other , believing we have to compete with each other, wearing a vain Ego that will not allow us to agree with each other, all because we have been Psychologically Attacked successfully, by people with a History of believing that they are supreme over us Black People, even when they lie to Black People, pretending to have healed from their disease of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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