Chief Elder Osiris : The Successful Conspiracy To Divide The Black Woman

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    The Successful Conspiracy To Divide The Black Woman Against The Black Man

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Here is a topic that is silent and is out of bound to be discussed by Black People, because the division between the Black woman and Man is not natural but is contrived by people who hide an inferior Mind that admire the stamina of the Black Man, a Being that is the envy and target of the oppressors of Black People and Lucifer's committed themselves to study ways to drive a wedge through the natural dynamic relationship that the Black Woman and Man had, yes had, because Lucifer finally was able to discover the Achilles heel, the Black Woman of the Black family and he set out to destroy something that came naturally between the Black Gender opposite, Female / Male.

    Today, Black Women and Men are no longer qualified to read and interpret Nature, Nature being the Master Teacher to all Life and especially the Black Life, based upon the DNA power of the two Genders opposites of Black people.

    So you see, when an evil force appear with a vain ego, envy, and jealousy of a people that is designed not by man but by Nature to be the most aggressive, strong in body, and with a DNA that is aggressive and dominant over all other of the same nature specie in body form, and those others regressive DNA has a desire to be king on the Human Being Block, what do they do, well they set out to create an environment that will favor their presence more so than those the force hold a hidden admiration and envy of, they being the Black Woman and Man.

    So what happen, the Lucifer force of evil, set out to conspire with ways to cause a great divide in the Black Family Nation, a Nation that will bring the once great Divine Black Nation to Lucifer Mind, a mind way of believing by Black people that have them being no more of a Black Homogeneous Family and no longer with an Admiring Divine Mind of a relationship among the Black Woman and Man today.

    A Nation that once occupied the Apex of their Divine Mind and now serve as victims of Lucifer Mind, Hell yes such a people have a reason to place the blame upon the evil that has conquered the Mind of Black people, and now have made the strength of the Black Race ( Black Woman ) to appear as being and acting like all of the derogatory names she is label to be, with some exception, and she, by her lost of the Divine Mind that came with her, portrait herself to be lost in the wilderness of the Human Being psychic, a psychic that has the Black Woman not knowing today who she can Divinely Be again, if only she would open her Mind Eye to see what the oppressors of Black people has done to the relationship of the Black Woman and Man.

    It is a sick Mind that measure success by the abundance of material things that you have in your possession and not by the Divine Mind ability to conceive and see what is needed to maintain a Black Family Nation that once dominated this Planet by example, showing the power of a Mind in Action, in Harmony, Order, and Balance with Nature the Master Teacher to all that it has caused to become as is, in its Divine Natural state of being.

    The conspiracy against the Black family was put into motion, targeting the core of the Black Family, the Black Woman, and Lucifer succeeded by getting the Black Woman to judge the Black Man by his production power in a corrupt environment, an environment that allowed the Black Woman to succeed in class and professionalism over the Black Man, she measuring the Black Man by how much he earn and the type of car he drive and the size of Home he own.

    The Black Woman, she now knowing that there has been placed a price upon the Mind of the Black Man, and that price is to not allow the Black Man to Think, which prevent the rise in status of Honor in the sight of the Black Woman, she being the strength of the Black Race Family, and now look at her, she being the biggest critic of the Black Man, because her Mind is not her Mind any more.

    1,8 Million Black Females being single? I would venture to accept the figure being more than that, because I do not Trust anything Lucifer say in reference to Black people, good or bad.

    I am one who use my Divine Mind to guide and inform me about the Life of Nature, and about the status of the Black Woman and Man relationship, which is none, because if the relationship between the Black Woman and Man is not Divine, then it is profane, and in a profane relationship between the Black Woman and Man, what you get in the Black Life is the present condition of Afrika and a lost confused and Divided Black Family Nation, beloved.

    When it come to life and how it perform, environment is a major part of the way that life will function, therefore, in an America Environment where there is a conspiracy against the Black Woman / Man relationship, and we attempting to make a profane monogamy social disorder to work, the end result is that you get the society that you so establish.

    So, if that society is operating in an imbalance of Nature, in term of relationship between the Female and Male relationship, well you will continue to have an imbalance in the pairing of the opposite genders in relationship with each other, because you see, the Female out number the male and we now live in a corrupt environment and such beget a corrupt society, and monogamy relationships are corrupt, forcing competition between the Female gender for the Male Gender, or it end up causing unnatural pairing by same gender relationship in an intimate union of action.

    The Black Male Mind Is An Endanger Specie In America, He Is Targeted For The Kill, And The Black Woman Is The Hunter Of Destruction In the Black Family Relationship, and she show Disrespect toward The Black Man as she is so conditioned to do, As Lucifer Conspire Against Him and Her, For Destruction, she the Black Woman not realizing just how low she has fallen since our arrival to this Planet Earth.

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    Can You Understand That, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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