Black Poetry : The Substitute


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Remembering when I first met you
Mind fantasizing, imagining
Taking in the Nubian beauty you possess
Why would he let you go neglected?
Does he realize the jewel that he has?
I begin to wonder…
Does he know that he possesses the treasure others desire to have?
I begin to wonder…
When I picture you
The eyes that pierces the soul
And the smile that chases away fears
I ask myself why should she be alone?
When I begin kissing those tender lips
I start to think what is wrong with him?
When I find myself stroking your hair
Gently kissing the back of your neck
I can’t help but think
Does he appreciate what he has been blessed with?
When I feel her breasts in the palm of my hands?
Allowing her to feel the passion she has for so long desired
I begin to ponder
Does he know what he is missing?
As my tongue is exploring her body
And she begins to perspire
And our lovemaking takes us to a whole level higher
I ask the question
Why am I taking his place?
As she grips the sheets
And calls out to me
As she explodes in fervent heat
That has been so long forgotten
I begin to wonder.….and smile to myself and then….
I stopped wondering.

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