Chief Elder Osiris : The Struggle For Afrika By Everybody Except The Afrikans

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    The Struggle For Afrika By Everybody Except The Afrikans

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is talk that there is a struggle for Afrika that is in its final round, because every since the Evil forces of this world have learned of Afrika and all of the riches it carry in its belly, there has been a struggle to gain control possession of that part of the earth that those doing the struggling has named to be Afrika.

    So, there is no wonder for there being a continued struggle for the Mother Land of a people referred to be Black and Afrikans, because such a people of various Ethnic Groups have laid the foundation that make it possible for Afrika to be open Land without Claim to it by the people who has a Birth Right to it.

    So, by such a people being able to castrate the Mind of the people with such an Afrika birth right to Afrika, they being the people we now refer to as Black Afrikan people, a people who no longer has the Mind to have the Love for Afrika as we once did in our life in the past, a past we have been made to despise and forget.

    Yet here we are with our eyes wide open and our Mind wide closed to what other people with a history of abusing the people with a birth right to Afrika, is struggling for today, in the world, and it is for the Land of our Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors of which Lucifer has named to be Afrika.

    We Black so call Afrikans sit around on our do nothing behind with a steady stream of criticism about what Lucifer is doing to gain control of our Mother and Father Land, yet is always criticizing those Black Afrikans who have no problem in pointing out to the Afrikans who it is that is at blame for the present struggle for Afrika by others who are not Afrikans for the control of Afrika.

    Beloved, it is a show of Divine Knowledge to know who to blame for the Fall of the Black Afrikan Nation and to without ceasing from pointing out those who are the Blame for our Fallen Minds, but it is only a Game played by us who take it upon ourselves to attempt to vilify and minimize those of us who hold fast to blaming those who are responsible for there being a struggle going on today for our Mother and Father Land Afrika, and all that we do, is serve as a News Media by reporting what the oppressors are doing in order to gain control of Afrika today.

    The Evil forces of the world today know where the Land Wealth lies on earth and they are making every preparation to gain control of all of Afrika, openly and without disguise, because they know that they have been successful in having Black people take on frivolous complaints against each other about the different Social, Economic, Education, political, and Moral status the Black Afrikans have been made to live upon this Planet.

    So, we Black so call Afrikans have the Ignorant Gall to square off against each other making claim to be more than the other in this world that Lucifer Control and has shaped such a Mind that we display to judge each other, using the moral Social Stratum of Lucifer to serve as being the moral imperative for Black people without a Mind of our own to obey and gage our Body Life Living Success by, today.

    What a Lowly believing confused do not know who we are kind of people we have become, and it is all because we are guided by the Mind of our oppressors and not the Divine mind of our Ancient Divine Cosmic first Way Ancestors, a people we been made not to know anything about, by clouding and Dumbing down the Mind of a people running around today upon this earth, as being everything that Lucifer has claimed and taught us that we are as a people, we not knowing who we really are as a people and has been made to be Mentally Lost.

    Yet, we have so call Black leaders making claim that to forever remind our people of who it is that have us living and believing as we do today, to be a waste of Time, and is labeling such a necessity of information to be forever given as a reminder to us, as an act of Blaming without justification of Blame against those who now struggle for the Land of Afrika, and there is no Black Afrikan involved in such a struggle for Afrika, as Afrika today be there for the claiming by those who are not Black and Afrikans.

    The biggest Game Black people play today, is to desensitize the Black Afrikans about what has happen to us as a Black Afrikan People and to Guide us Black people to forget about who it is and what methods was and is now used to have us without any Love for Self today.

    Thus, preventing us from having Love for our Mother and Father Land, as we sit and complain against each other and rebuke the Blame against those who have the Mind of Black people without a desire to struggle to reclaim our Mother and Father Land that is now call Afrika.

    Yes, Yes, the struggle is on for Afrika but look at who is involved in such a struggle, certainly not the Black Afrikans, we have been made Mindless about Afrika and a people absent of the Mind that originally came with the body of the Black once Divine Being, now is the Black Afrikan Human Being, you who just sit around waiting on the oppressors of Black people approval of everything that we believe and do, never a desire to Think for our Body life, such being the personality of the transformed into becoming the Black Afrikan Human Beings who are now upon this planet earth today.

    Any so call Black Afrikan who move under the guidance of a doctrine of Religion, an institution whose foundation is predicated upon Belief, Faith, and Hope, is an Afrikan whose mind is under the control of the people who cost them to lose their Divine mind, be they Black, Arab, Jew, or Caucasian.

    When dealing with the originality of the Black Divine being, then Religion is not an invented concept of the Divine Black Being, maybe the fallen Afrikan but not those of us who came to the place now known as Afrika, originality is what Black people need to deal with when our lives are being discussed in

    It is a Mind that guide the body life on a Divine Spiritual Dimension which require the action of Thinking to know, and to Understand the Majesty of the physical Universe bodies and how each is in connection to the other, and it being the Mind of the Body life that must function in Harmony, Order, and Balance with each part of that Universe bodies, seen and not seen in order to be able to experience the internal depth of your Divine Spirituality. (Attitudinal Behavior)

    There Must not be some external Religious conviction arrived by a set of principles, consisting of belief, faith, hope, Lies, Profane Vanity of an Ego, Envy, and Jealousy motivated by the act of deception.

    Such being the tenets and attributes of Religion, the institution which now prevent Black so call Afrikans from struggling to save Afrika and the Lives of the Afrikans, from such an invasion by those who have shown nothing but disrespect to the Black so call Afrikan life.

    Here you are, running around chasing things how you want them to be, misleading Black people about the perception of change, a term that can be made to be relative to your wants and not to what you need.

    So what you Black people do, you lie, you become the hypocrite that a Human Being Mind guide you to be.

    So, you go around telling Black people that it is change we want in America and not Liberation away from America, you make claim that the Black Life will change by the mere act of us sprucing up our Black Community and follow a Moral compass which is a social structured by a system that has a history of abusing the Black Afrikan Mind, and have caused Black people to have a self guilt as if the present state of condition of our body life living is all of our fault, and all we should want to do is become more conforming to a system that is designed to issue out injustice to the Black so call Afrikans, in and now making claim to be of America, such a disease of the Black mind is what have Black people not involved in a struggle for our mother and father Land, Afrika.

    The problem with Black people is that we have been made not to be qualified to make Divine judgments or decisions about anything that pertain to our Black life, so all of the so call back and forward of approval and disapproval that go on among Black people is useless, because we no longer have the Mind that qualify us to See and Know what is Divinely just for our lives today.

    So, what Black people believe about anything that involve our lives condition and responsibility, carry no weigh of influence, because we have been made not to Think our way through life, just to religiously believe our way along in our lives, a sure sign of a Black so call Afrikan people who is guided by a Mind that is in constant perceived deception and depression, a sign of a Mental psychotic people who have not the mental ability to see the need for their Body Life Liberation.

    Look at Afrika and try and See the Mother Land as it is and you will have to reach the conclusion that there has not been for Millenniums a struggle by the Black Nation for Afrika.

    So no, the Black Afrikans are not in the struggle that is going on for Afrika today, while the Black Nation remain split asunder and show not the Mind of knowing the Need for Afrikans to become United and Free again, and such will not happen until we reclaim our Divine Spirituality and you can take this Divine Truth or Leave it alone.

    Again, The Book Needed for Black People And All To Read, has Come, It Is A book Compiled Of Divine Revelation That Will Cause The Rise Of Your Divine Mind, Read It Or Not, The Choice Is yours, Beloved.

    Divine Spirituality: Revealing The Real You, it is not a so call Black Book Just For Black People, It Is A Book Of Divine Revelation To The World, Because, With Divine Information,There Is no discrimination, If The World Is to Be A Pl;ace Where Divinity Reside As Its Way Of Living.

    So The Link To The Book Is Below.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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