Black Poetry : The Strong Black Woman is Dead

PoeticManisfesta said:
The Strong Black
Woman Has Died

By: Author Unknown

Greetings and Thanks for sharing this!:terrific:

I share the sentiments you expressed about this and have had it on my site for a while.

I did find out who the author this piece was a couple years ago along with the true ending as my first copy ended as does the one you've shared.

WELL, the STRONG SILENT, $#!+-TAKIN blk woman is officially DEAD.

Will the real queens please..........................................RISE!
Laini Mataka
From the book: Being a Strong Black Woman Can Get You Killed!!!

Check here for more by this author....I'ma be tryin get this book by the end of the year maybe!
Looks like it would make a BlacKTastic Kwazaa gift as well..hummmmm

Thanks again for bringing this our Sistah PoeticManifesta

This piece has an effect upon me each time I read it. Often we are attacked from all sides, but just when we feel as thought we can take no more, we rise again.
Poetic, I can see why you'd want to share such a strong piece, however, our forum rules state that when sharing the work(s) of others, you either have to ask the author's permission, or post only a few lines of the work and provide a link to where the remainder of the work can be read.
Rule # 2. Do not add property to this site that belongs to someone other than yourself, without including their written permission. This includes, but is not limited to, poetry, news, articles, short stories, music, etc.
Please edit this post accordingly. Thank you.


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