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    betwixt and between
    The Strong Black Woman Has Died

    While struggling with the Reality of being a Human

    instead of a myth, the Strong Black Woman passed away.

    Medical sources say she died of natural causes,

    but those who knew her know she died from

    being Silent when she should have been

    Screaming, Smiling when she should

    have been Raging, from being sick

    and not wanting anyone to know

    because Her Pain might

    inconvenience them.

    She Died from an overdose of other people

    clinging to Her when she

    didn't even have

    Energy for Herself.

    She Died from Loving Men who didn't

    Love themselves and could only

    offer her a crippled reflection.

    She Died from raising Children Alone.

    She Died from the Lies her Grandmother

    told her Mother and her Mother told

    her about Life, Men & Racism.

    She Died from being sexually abused as

    a child and having to take that Truth

    everywhere she went every day of

    Her Life, exchanging the

    humiliation for guilt

    and back again.

    She Died from asphyxiation, coughing up

    blood from Secrets she kept trying to

    burn away instead of allowing

    Herself the kind of nervous

    breakdown she was

    entitled to.

    She Died from being Responsible, because

    She was the last rung on the ladder and

    there was no one under her She

    could dump on.

    The Strong Black

    Woman Is Dead.

    She Died from being a Mother at 15

    and a Grandmother at 30 and an

    Ancestor at 45.

    She Died from being dragged down and

    sat upon by un-evolved Women posing

    as Sisters and Friends.

    She Died from tolerating Mr. Pitiful,

    JUST to have a Man around the house.

    She Died from sacrificing Herself for

    Everybody and Everything when

    what She really wanted to do

    was be a Singer, a Dancer,

    or some Magnificent other.

    She Died from Lies of omission because

    She didn't want to bring the

    Black Man down.

    She Died from Tributes from her counterparts

    who should have been matching Her Efforts

    instead of showering her with dead words

    and empty songs.

    She Died from Myths that would not allow

    Her to show Weakness without being

    chastised by the Lazy and Hazy.

    She Died from hiding her Real Feelings

    until they became Hard and Bitter

    enough to invade Her womb and

    breasts like angry tumors.

    She Died from always lifting something

    from heavy boxes to refrigerators

    All By Herself.

    The Strong Black Woman Is Dead.

    She Died from never being Enough of what

    Men Wanted, or being Too much for the

    Men She Wanted.

    She Died from Being too Black and

    Died again for not Being

    Black enough.

    She Died from being Misinformed about her

    Mind, her Body & the extent of her

    Royal capabilities.

    She Died from knees pressed too close together

    because Respect was never part of the

    foreplay that was being shoved at Her.

    She Died from Loneliness in Birthing rooms

    and Aloneness in Abortion centers.

    She Died in bathrooms with Her veins busting

    open with Self-Hatred and Neglect.

    And Sometimes when She Refused to die,

    when She just Refused to give in, She

    was Killed by the lethal images of

    blonde hair, blue eyes, being

    rejected by the OJ.'s, the

    Quincy's, the Cuba's,

    & the Kobe's.

    Sometimes, She was stomped to Death by

    Racism & Sexism, Executed by Hi-Tech

    ignorance while She carried the

    Family in her belly, the

    Community on her

    head, and the

    Race on her


    The Strong Black Woman Is Dead!

    Or Is She?

    I KNOW I'M NOT!!

    Pass this on to all the Strong Black

    Women that you Love, Respect,

    and Admire!

    And the Black Men who care.


    Family ... i rec'd the above in an email from TheBlackList ... submitted by Runoko Rashidi. I don't know if he is the original author, but it did encourage us to pass it on, share it with others.

    If you happen to be the author of this peace, thank you for writing it, and please join us and let us know that it is okay that it be here ... or if you'd rather ... that we remove it.

    Now, i know this is poetry, and would not normally be found in this forum, but i thought it might be a good discussion starter for us here.

    Sisters ... can you relate to any of the above?

    I think it's a clue, that we must remember to take care of ourselves ... for if we all die ... oh my!

    Love Yall! :love:


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    wow ! she stand strong behind her own
    what a back bone she live ! I care ........

    this was one powerful message upon thy fate of strong black women and men who care
    thank you for sharing this as i pass it along the trend ..................................................
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    She ain't dead yet!

    That's a powerful peace, full of truth, and shows how daring a black woman is. She's not dead, because she is indestructable.
  4. OneTrueRose

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    Just from u speaking the words..shows that she still lives and her strenght lives on, the Strong Black Woman is here alive and kicking...still kicking when she is up or down...still holding onto the hope, and her happiness, not only for her....but the people around her...she is still doing her being the strenght when all else has failed....her secrets keep her strong and makes her carry on....her love for life and the pleasure of others make her try harder, Destee...the only ones that can stop a STRONG BLACK WOMAN is HER..MUCH LOVE AS ALWAYS
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    May her weary soul RIP. Long live the vibrant Black woman with a sense of BALANCE:spinstar:

  6. cursed heart

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    I saw myself in that poem!
    Thank you destee I'll print this one out.
  7. hope

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    well for the sistahs that saw themselves in the poem i think its great that we have strong minded black women in the community and im sure that it will continue especially when you see that there are black people who get caught up in the western way of life, we must remain as african as posible as black as possible and love ourselves and our own. But the poem said that there was brothas who didnt love themselves, im a blackman who is very proud of myself and the people i come from and our achivements of old and new and i know theres alot of brothas out there who feel the same, if there are black women who feel unwanted and unappreciated by blackmen dont be afraid to talk to us and see where our mind is at and youll be surprised by the responses but just remember people responed best to being approached and talked to with respect

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