Black People : The Strangeness of the ET question/maybe coverup


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Oct 4, 2009
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These are 2 videos of supposedly craft around the sun.

It is left to the intelligence of the viewer to decide the validity of this or not,
or the validity of the UFO phenomenon or not

However one must concider, would a corporate oligarchy, let the public be aware of technologies that could provide ones home with heat and electricity
Without costing one a dime, for the duration of ones life as well as provide energy for ones car, for the life of the car

for free?

Would a nation,dominated and manipulated by religious fanatics, and Secret Societies that maintain power from keeping the public ignorant ,

let the public know about some species of beings physical or multidimensional protecting the planet,
with a superior physical or other technologies from natural destruction, or even self destruction?

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