Black People : The Story of Shabazz. The inherit racism in the NOI teachings.

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    I recall the Story of Shabazz and how supposively, 50,000 years ago amongst the Black Nation there were 24 elder scientists and one of them who went by the name of Shabazz had an idea to make the people stronger. Shabazz's idea was to take Black people from Arabia area and relocate them into the Africa. Many leaders criticized him and said he was taking the people backwards so they banished Shabazz and all his tribe, so thus they are called the lost tribe of Shabazz. Shabazz was a name given to Malcolm X by Elijah Muhammad, Malik Alhajj Shabbazz is his Muslim name.

    There are many things wrong with this story and I will tell you why I think it's also racist. First off life and all human civilization on this planet began in Africa. The Holy city of Ile Ife which sits in Nigeria the heart of Yoruba Land goes back 10,000 years before the birth of the so-called Christ. That is for starters. Then another inconsistency is that all the bones and stones found anywhere in the world the oldest of them sit in Africa proper because I do consider the Middle East also to be Africa, where sits the ancient land of Arabia. But the idea that is not spoken of here is how twisted it is to consider African culture to be backwards because they don't heed the tenets of Islam. For Islam stresses monotheism to an extreme while Africans do believe there is only one God but God has intermediates called Orisha by some. Also Islam forbids graven images of God while in Africa many images, carved in wood or stone exists for the the intermediates of the one God, Oludumare in Yoruba culture. Must of what goes unsaid in the story of Shabazz is that Africa is inferior to Arabia or Arab culture.

    I find this story of Shabazz as a hidden psychological ploy to keep NOI believers from trusting in Africa. Bless the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because I believe he was a man of God and despite there may have been some inconsistencies to his mythology he was indeed a sincere and holy man. But most don't know Elijah Muhammad was a Garverite and that he and his wife both were apart of Marcus Garvey's back to Africa movement. Also they would have learned the militancy that the Fruit of Islam takes comes from Master Fard Muhammad but Marcus Garvey is clearly seen in old photos dressed in a military uniform. It was typical during those times for many African leaders here and in Africa to dress in military uniforms as they were fighting White Supremacy and Racism and wanted to appear strong to the people.

    During the Million Man March it is noticed that Min. Louis Farrakhan never once mentioned Africa. Not to judge Min. Farrakhan but I am believing that his philosophy has been to align himself with Islam and that means aligning with Arabs. But Arabs are not the friends of Africa, they invaded, enslaved and forcibly converted many African kingdoms to Islam, their Islam. But the Africans who are Muslim many of them still take heed to African tradition in closed quarters. So it's not all Africans who are Muslims that are the problem but the extremists who can't seem to respect the Mother Land.

    So why am I bringing out all this controversy? Well it is for one reason and that is to dispel the myths that exists within the Muslim community about Shabazz for one and the false idea Arabs are not the same racists that Whites are. The disrespect of Africa and her traditions which have given birth to the entire world's civilization is cruel. The silly notion that Jerusalem is the Holy land for all is also absurd as no evidence can be shown by anyone that God created life in those MiddleEastern lands which are still Africa. Also it can't be proven that civilization began there or that advanced civilization sprung from there. In summary respect to Africa is due for Mama Africa is the only place we can go that will invite us as brothers and we have a right to abode.

    Did you see what is happening to the Africans in Israel? They are being slaughtered because Zionists are racist as hell. Israel isn't the Holy Land and Europeans Jews are not Hebrews because the Hebrews were wiped out. Yoruba people aren't Hebrews and nobody can find any original Hebrews today because they were wiped out. There are some traces of them in Ethiopia but they are a small number because as history will show Hebrews were wiped out by invaders. Kemet doesn't exist as a nation anymore because they were taken over by the Egyptians. So alot of things people are saying and doing trying fit in line with Ancient Hebrews and Egyptians are delusions.

    Yoruba culture has survived the test of time and the Holy City of Ile Ife still stands. The Ooni of Ile Ife sits in a long line of OOnis that goes back 10s of 1000's of years. The Ifa oracle stands as one of the worlds most treasured books and is passed down orally to students not written. Ifa palm nut is the most accurate divination system in the world. Yoruba culture has herbs and medicine, prayers and songs, dances and festivals for God's angels. There is an Ifa University in Nigeria, does one exist that teaches authentic and unbroken line of Hebrew culture? The answer is no. Does one exists that teaches the real Kemetic authentic and unbroken culture? The answer again is no.

    West Africa is where your ancestors come from in Africa. Most Eastern Africans didn't experience mass slave trade as did West Africa. The foolishness that prevails some of you not study West Africa and get to know your ancestors roots is mind-boggling. The idea that America is the only place for you and that you're going nowhere is absurd. Our ancestors only wish on those slaves ships was, will I ever get to see home? As time marched on and they got old they still wished for their children to return home. Ask any prisoner who is an inmate what his wish is? To go home. Nobody wishes to just be where they are if they got there forcibly. Can't you see that is mind washing? Can't you see why many of you and most of African diaspora will never make it home to Mama Africa? 144,000.

    More later.