Black Spirituality Religion : The Story Of Adafa / Akhuwk / Enoch Son Of Silham And Jared < Part One >

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    The Story Of Adafa / Akhuwk / Enoch Son Of Silham And Jared < Part One >
    Lo ! Let Us Speak To You About The Best Of My Students . He Was Called Adafa , Who Is Called In Tones Akhuwk Or Enoch And In Rhythm Idriys . He Was The Son Of Silham And Jared , Who Was The Son Of Mahalaleel , Who Was The Son Of Cainan Who Was The Son Of Enos , Who Was The Son Of Seth , Who Was The Son Of Kadmon , Who Was The Son Of Atum And Lillith . He Was Faithful As The Sea , And He Was Born Of The Earth . Yet , His Soul Lives In My House , The Garden Of Malakuwt . He Could Call Every Star By Its Name AndHe Knew Every Anunnaqi By Their Name , Be They Sarufaat Or Garubaat . He Was Born In The Land Of Kadmon , Near The Two Niles , Just Beneath Havilah , And Just Aove Cuwsh . Adafa , Son Of Jared , Begot Methuwshelah At 65 Years Of Age . He Lived To Witness 365 Years . Methuwshelah , At 187 Years Begot Lamech , Who In Tones Is Called Laamek , But In Rhythm He's Called Laamaak , Who Lived To Be 182 ; This Lamech Is Not Be Mistaken With The Lamech , Father Of Tubal Cain , Who Bore The Seven Curse . He Begot Our Son Utnafishtim Who Is Called In Tones Noakh And In Rhythm Nuwh , From The Times Of The Rain And Flood . He Was Also Known As Ziusudra . Methuwshelah Was Mystified About His Father , Adafa's Death . So When His Time Came , He Refused To Die . Telling Izraa'El That He Couldn't Until , He Knew What Had Happened To His Father ; Only A Newbearer Could Tell Him . So At 969 Years Of Earth Time , He Waited For Our Servant Utnafishtim Of The Agreeable Seed . The Newsbearer Utnafishtim Was Born To Lamech , The Son Of Methuwshelah In 1056 .Three Years , Later The Perfect And Noble Adafa Walk Into The Realm Of A'lyum A'yun El , Untnafishtim Spent Much Of His Youth Up To Age 13 With The Venerated Methuwshelah . Explaining Adafa's Translation Up Through The Seven Heavens On To Malakuwt . Dissection His Name In The Original Language , We Learn About The Character Of This Man . Adafa, Who Was Also Called Enoch Meaning '' One Who Studies '' And Idriys From Darasa ; '' To Study '' And Darrasa '' Instruct , Teach . '' Hence , Adafa Was A Student Of The Anunnaqi Or Extraterrestrials , He Studied Like An Anunaqi Even Though He Was Born In This Planet Tiamat , Earth . It Was Indeed An Extraterrestrial Plan , Or Simply Plan - E.T.
    The Master Of Wisdom
    Adafa, Son Of Jared And Silham
    Taaliba , Wife Of Adafa Methuwshelah ,
    Methuwshelah , Son Of Adafa And Taaliba
    He Was Known As '' The Master Of Wisdom '' Because He Studied All The Tablets And Collected All Of The Writings, Onto Page Of Kadmon And Records Of The Things That Went Before Him From The Tables To Scrolls . His Mission Was To Convert And Turn The People Of Cain , Living In The Land Of Enoch , The Disagreeable Seed , Back To A Peaceful Way Of Life , Those From The Seed Of Kadmon . The People Of Cain Spent Most Of Their Time Sinning , And Suppressing The Truth . They Traveled From The City Of Nod , To The City Of Enoch , Being Of The Disagreeable Seed , Singing And Dancing . A'lyun A'lyun El Had Made Them Migrate To The Very Powerful City Called '' Nod '' ' Then Many Other Names . It Was The Home Of The 200 Garubaat Who Fell To Earth Headed By Haylal Son Of Shakhar , Who Had One Third Cast Out Of Malakuwt . Adafa Was The First To Fight In Defense Of A'lyum A'lyun El . . The First To Write With A Pen On Scroll From The Enuma Elish , And The First To Sew . As A Mortal , He Devoted His Whole Life To Obtaining Paradise . But He Did Not Rush Toward Death Because He Devoted His Whole Like To Doing Good In The Earth . So , By Leave Of A'lyun A'lyun El , And The 24 , Elders;
    Akatri'El .... Anafi'El ... Azabug'El ... Baaruji'El ... Kimu'El ... Khayyi'El , Galgali'El ... Hani'El .. Yufi'El ... Yuhu'El ... Matatrun . Ragu'El .. Qaddisin ..Raduri'El ... Razi'El ... Rikbi'El ... Mahayyi ... Shamu'El ... Yaanan ... Suri'El ... Yafafiah , Zagzag'El ... And Sandalfun , Once Appeared To Adafa In The Form Of A Very Beautiful Virgin , As A Test To See If He Could Pass What No Mortal Has Been Worthy To Pass Before .
    Adafa's Test
    So Come With Me , Said The Disguised Anunnaqi . And You Shall Do Any Accetable Work Of A'lyun A'lyun El . For My Younger Sister Has Been Carried Off By The Un-righteous Descendants Of Cain , The Disagreeable Seed , Who Lived In A City Named After Enoch , Son Of Cain , Trying To Mock The Master Teacher , Who Has Confined Her In The Furthest Regions Of The West By The Agreeable Of Your Sword . I Humbly Implore You To Help Me To Deliver Her . So Adafa Of The Agreeable Seed , Put On His Sword And And Took A Bow , And With A Wedged Walking Stick , He Follower Her From Daylight Hour , To Shadow Hour , Through The Desert And Desolate Areas . Saying Not A Word , He LQQked Not Upon Her With A Seductive Eye . At Shadow Time , He Erected A Tent And He Laid On The Stone Ground At Its Entrance . She Offered To Share Her Tent With Him , And He Replied ; If You Have Something To Eat Give It To Me . '' She Pointed To A Sheep Which Was Roaming Through The Desert Without A Keeper , And He Said ; '' I Prefer Hunger , Than Theft This Sheep Belongs To Someone Else . '' The Next Day He Approached And Continued In His Journey . Adafa Followed The Virgin And He . The Next Day He Approached And Continued In His Journey . Adafa Followed The Virgin And He Uttered A Word , And He Complained About Nothing . As The Dusk Period Approached , And He Was Nearly Overpowered With Hunger And Thirst , They Found A Bottle Of Water On The Ground . The Virgin Took It Up And Opened It . She Beseeched Adafa To Drink From It , But He Refused Saying ; Some Luckless Person Has Lost It And They Will Return To Seek It . So During The Shadow Hour , Adafa Had Eluded All The Wiles Of The Virgin Who Had Endeavored To Draw Him Near Her . While She Insulated The Tent From The Severity Of The Climate . So A'lyun El A'lyun El . Caused A Spring To Gush Forth At His Feet . And A Date Tree To Raise Up With Choice Fruit . So , Adafa , Invited The Virgin Whose Name Was Baruwi'El To To Eat And Drink . And Adafa Went And Concealed Himself , And Hid Behind A Tree Awaiting Her To Return To The Tent . After A Long Interval Of Time She Didn't Come Back . He Then Stepped Into Her Door And Said;
    Who Are You ,
    Singularly Maiden ,
    Who Are You ?
    These 2 Days You Have Been Without Nourishment , And Are You Even Now Willing To Break Your Fast ? For A'lyun A'lyun El Has Miraculously Supplied Us With Food And Drink . Yet , You Are Still Fresh , And Blooming A Dewy Rose In Spring Your Form Is Ful And Rounded Like The Moon In The 19th Shadow Hour , Despite Out Abstinence . '' The Elder Matatrun Answered . I Am The Aider Of The Anunnaqi Of Death , Sent By A'lyun A'lyun El .But You Have Conquered . So , Ask Now , And He Will Assuredly Fulfull Your Greatest Wishes . Adafa Replied ; If You Are The Aid Of The Anunnaqi Of Death Take My Soul . '' Death Is Bitter '' She Replied '' Do You Desire To Die ? Adafa Then Answered ; I Will Pray To A'lyun A'lyun El . To Translate Me Once More So That After The Terror Of The Grave , I May Serve Him With Great Zeal . Mataturn Returned To Himself And Said ; Will You Then Die Twice , For Your Time Has Not Yet Come , But Pray Now To A'lyun A'lyun El , And I Shall Execute His Will . Our Servant Adafa Beseeched His Rab , Sustainer ; Permit Matatrun To OverCome Me So That I May Taste The Sweetness Of Death , Then Recall Me Soon To Life . For You Are Truly El Shaadi , The Almighty AndEl Rahiym , The Merciful . So Matatrun Was Ordained To Take The Rooakh , Soul Of Our Servant Adafa , And At That Exact Moment To Restore It To Him . Adafa Wanted To See Malakuwt Of The Heavens, So After Attaining Divine Permission , So The Journey Was On Its Way , Leaving The Physical Plane , Entering The Plane Of Force , And Matatrun Took A Handful Of Pollen And Threw It In His Face , Irritating Adafa's Respiratory System . Thus , The Pollen Cause Adafa To Sneeze In The Plane Of Force AboveThe Physical Plane . Thereby Exhaling His Very Soul . At This Moment , The Anunnaqi Captured The Soul Of Adafa . The Anunnaqi Took Adafa's Soul . On A Journey Through The 7 Heavens . After Showing Him The Above , He Then Returned With Him To The 4th Heaven , Called Malakuwt . AndLater When Adafa's Soul Was Ready To Return To His Body , The Anunnaqi Said ; '' Inhale '' ! And Adafa '' Inhale
    His Spirit Making His Body And Spirit Once Again And Adafa Exclaimed ; It Was Great . '' Even Since This Sacred Occasion Took Place , Many People Of Our Seed So Have Suffered From Pollen . As The Spirit Embraces His Flesh , He Requested That The Anunnaqi Show Him Hell So That He Might Be A Warner Unto Mortals About The Spiritual Realm , That Is Below The Earthly Realm . For He Would Be Able To Tell The Sinners Of The Terrors , That Would Surely OverTake Them If They Continued To Embrace Wickedness And To Rebuff Righteousness . The Elder Matatrum Led Him To Maleek , The Keepre Of Hell Or The Key To The Pit . He Seized Him And Was In The Act Of Flinging Him Into The Vase , When Murduk Head Of All The Anunnaqi , From Malakuwt Exclaimed ; Maleek ! Beware, Harm Not This Newsbearer Adafa , But Show Him The Terror Of Your Kingdom , Hell . He Then Placed Him On A Wall , Which Separated Hell From The Abode Of Those Deeds , Which Merit Neither Hell Nor Heaven .
    The State Of Bayna
    These Are The People Who Are Caught In Between , In What We Call The State Of Limbo . These Are Disembodied Spirit Which Houses Houses The Souls . When A Person Dies And His Soul Has Not Reached Total Perfection , Or Total Imperfection , He Is Caught Between Transitions , It's Called TheTransitional State . They Are Trapped On The Earthly Realm As Lost Spirits Runing From The 10 Unholy Spirits ;
    Thamui'Al , Khayjidi ' Al , Sathari'Al , Khuth , Uzzi'Al , Tujarini , Harab , Thiyun'Il , Jamali'Al , Lilith , Who Seek To Torment Them Days And Shadow Hour
    So He Was About To See All The Variety Of Scorpions , Locust , Reptiles , The Vast Flames Of Fire , The Boiling Oils , The Prickled Fruit , The Rivers Of Blood, The Red Hot Chains , The Torturous Pits And So Many Other Torment Prepared For The Torture Of The Sinners . When He Pleaded With Maleek , To Spare Him The Agonies Of Hell , So He Was Once Again Consigned To Matarun .
    The 200 Fallen Anunnaqi
    The 200 Fallen Anunnaqi That Were In The Land Of Nod . Those Of The Land Of Enoch And Those Of Nod From The 200 Garubaat . Invested With The Robe Of Prophecy , He Was Given The Power Of Working Miracles And So As To Bring Them Back To The Right Path . But None Followed Him . In Spite Of The Guidance Which Was Sent To The Descendant Of Cain , A Section Of The Community Of Kadmon's Nation , They Contiued To Walk In The Path Of Wickedness Because Of The Hardness Of Their Hearts . So The Exhorations Of Adafa , Of The Agreeable Seed Had No Affect On Them . Anu Is El Rahman , The Yielder , And El Rahum The Most Merciful . The Yielder . The Merciful . He Is Constantly Sending Guides And Warners To Lead Mortals To The Truth And The Path Of Righteousness .
    The Warner For The Children Of Cain
    Adafa Was Appointed Warner For The Children Of Cain , Who Lived In The Land Called Enoch , Named After Enoch Of The Disagreeable Seed . This Is Narrated In The 30 Tablets Of Afada , Where In He Taught Them 72 Different Principles. . Our Servant Adafa Was Successful In Laying The Foundation For 100 Towns , And Establishing Divine Precept In Countries Suitable For All As Well As For Those Who Were Native To The Land . He Appointed 4 Anunnaqi Men Top Be His Helpers , They Were 4 Son Of Of The 23 Elders ; Ayallanus , Laus . Asqalnus , And Amun . Unfortunately , As Time Passed , People Began To Worship These Wise Men As Deities . These Elders Possessed An Abundance Of Univeral Knowledge , Which Was Bestowed Upon Them By A'lyun A'lyun El . , Being Once Etherian Incarnated In The Flesh . These Aluhum Returned To Their Etheric State . By Traveling With This Knowledge Throughout The Cosmos , They Helped To Maintain The Universes Rhythmical Harmony . Our Servant Adafa Invited PeopleTo The True Faith , Which Is The Oneness Of Anu . He Also Urged Mortals To Deal Justly , And To Leave The Abode Of Superstitions AndFalsehoods , For These Things Will Surely Lead Mortals Away From Salvation . Our Servant Adafa Ordered Prayer And Fasting At Certain Periods And Similarly , He Was Given The Power To Wage War Against Anybody Who Tried To Destroy The Peaceful Way Of Life , Now Called Al Islam , Not To Be Mistaken With The Muslims Cult Of Today Of These Days AndTime , Broken Up Into Many Denominations And Sect Under The Guidance Of The Disagreeable Ones . He Zealously Fought Against The Children Of Enoch's Nation , From The Land Of Nod , And Enoch's The Disagreeable Seed , And Descendants Of Kadmon , Because After The Violation In Gan , The Enclosed Garden In Eden , Delight , On The Earth Realm . Many Of Them Strayed And Indulged In All Forms Of Intoxicants , Claiming That These Intoxicants Were Lawful Because The Earth Yielded Them To Enosites , Such Is The Case With The Smokes Of Hashish , Cannabis , Sativa , The Cocoa Plant , Or The Twenty And Sixth Family Of The Papaveraceate . But What Of Those Plants That Are Harmful To Enosites , Poisonous ; Would A Fool Partake Of Them , As Well ? Adafa Asked . The Answer Is Yes , The Fools Amongst The Mortals Will Seek All Forms Of Mental Experiences Desiring To Evade The Mortal Daily Responsibilities And Even Call It Religious Ritual . Such Are Fools , And Fools Do What Fools Do .