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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Black question mark. I address us as such because we have yet to decide with
    accuracy, whether we will be Soldiers in america or Warriors.

    The Black Soldier in america here by way of the middle passage has resigned
    to merely take orders from our oppressors, concerning our life condition in
    america and we have calmly settled to be satisfied in debating the issue of
    Civil Rights for the descendants of Chattel Slavery.

    Where as, the Black Warrior in america, here by way of the middle passage,
    has resolved to take command of our Life and will settle for nothing less
    than the restoration of Respect of our Hue - Man Rights, which demand we
    take command in fighting for our Liberation.

    Such represent the State Of Blacks In America!!!

    Here we are as Black People in america as well as the Diaspora, not waved in
    by the Statue Of Liberty but ferried in, packed at the bottom of ships
    without our consent and labeled as the worth of only 3/5th of value in the
    eyes of the oppressors, regarding us as their commodity value on the par of
    live stock, cotton,tobacco, vegetable, grain etc:

    For the sake of verifying the fact of the descendants of Chattel Slavery
    condition in america and our mental affliction, I will concentrate on the
    AfroDescendants in america because we are the Trend Setters in term of
    Scio - Economic, Education, Political And Religion Believers for the Black
    African World.

    Such a statement is not made in jest of us being any better off mentally
    than any of our Africans Sisters And Brothers, wherever we are in this
    confusing, conning, and immoral world we live in today, regardless of what
    Four Pillars of direction we lean against.

    It is the Black AfroDescendants in the americas Diaspora, america in
    particular, that is looked upon to show the way and fight against injustice
    coming from all who have established a pattern of promoting and acting out
    injustice upon the Black African, wherever they have founded us on this

    Yet we have proven to be the weakest of us all, when it come to demanding
    and taking Command of our Life for Justice, Respect for our Hue - Man
    Rights, Sovereignty and Independence.

    Such is the State Of Blacks In america. We refuse to once again be obedient
    to our Ancestors Instruction, requiring that we remaster the Knowledge of
    ourselves again, we even do not realize the secret meaning of such Divine
    Instruction, as we continue up the Religious road of self submission and
    glorious servitude, in hope upon belief of a better day beyond this Life, as
    if to say, this Life is of no value.

    All that God the One Creator has done and given, is of the highest value and
    for Man to attempt to reduce in value that which God has done, clearly show
    what state, Blacks in america is in, because we no longer use our Mind but
    the thoughts of our oppressors.

    Life, the greatest gift that come with the body, is in fact, for the body
    and that make us to be responsible for how we treat this Body Life and to
    allow some one else, other than ourselves, to dictate our Body Life, speak
    volumes of what we think of the gift giver, that Infinite and Eternal
    Creator, the Ultimate of all Intelligence in and beyond the Universe.

    The State Of Blacks In America, is a pitiful one, we rather Elevate lies
    rather than to Elevate Truths, concerning our state of condition in the
    world and how we got into this mess we find ourselves in.

    We rather procrastinate than Meditate, Believe rather than Think, Beg rather
    than Fight, when our dignity, Respect, Hue - Man Rights, Sovereignty,
    Independence and Justice is at stake, such is the state of Blacks In

    We choose to learn nothing from Time and it is Time that is the Master
    Teacher !!!

    We know not the value of Life Tense and we frown on our Past, give only
    little value to the present and put all of our confidence in the Future, the
    very Time that is only an abstraction, an illusion in the mixed of Time
    Reality, which is Past and Now !!!

    With such evidence of the lost of our Prior Knowledge, clearly serve as
    evidence as to while we rather deal with the illusion of Life, instead of
    Life Reality, which is, it was given to us to fashion of it what we Choose
    for it as we develop the Will, through Action, to make it so.

    Any sane and Mental Balance Life of Intelligence,desire to be Peaceful and
    Happy, living within the confound of order, revolving in Harmony with the
    Universe, to have not such as our Life desire, make us out to be a Fool in
    waiting to be used by forces of Evil and acts of Immorality.

    Time say we have given the Devilish Behavior of those who have constantly
    oppressed us, approximate Four Hundred Years to Repent and Recapitulate to
    us for the Evil they have perpetrated upon us, even to this day and yet we
    choose to remain Soldiers in this Evil Man Army, rather than become
    Warriors, in pursuit of our Liberation and Sovereignty, Such Is The State Of
    Blacks In America, AfroDescendants that we are but yet we choose to be
    Africans Americans.

    Such Behavior of an oppressed people only verify the act of Self Neglect and
    verify the act of a Mind in bondage.

    A Mind in bondage, glorifies being in captivity, even to the point of such
    action, reducing us to such a level where by we are unable to distinguish
    between Freedom and Captivity and since Freedom is such a long way from our
    once experience in Life, we gleefully embrace Captivity as being our most
    desired state of condition and will fight against being free.

    Such is the State Of Blacks In america, or shall say, the Black americans ?

    For us to deny Unity in pursuit for Reparation / Repatriation, with the Aim
    being a Sovereign State for the AfroDescendants back Home in Africa, is to
    spit on the graves of our Enslaved Ancestors and will be the highest order
    of disrespect we can show to them and for us to deny such, mean those who
    deny this Truth, have chose to Elevate the Lie about Reparation and Condemn
    the Truth about It.

    Such Is The State Of Blacks In America, more so Black americans.

    For us to make claim that our Enslaved Africans Ancestors Worked Hard to
    build this country call america, give their children bragging right as well
    as a claim to america. Such a statement condemn the Truth and Elevate the
    Lie about the Status and intent of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    A slave and one who is considered as Chattel, has no say so in the matter of
    his Labor. The Slave desire is not a factor considered by the Slave Master,
    not to mention the Land being Worked, is stolen Land and yet we rather argue
    to be included in the commission of such a barbaric and brutal crime as
    oppose to rejecting everything about and is connected to it, the Land that
    is, as well as the slave driver.

    For us to choose america over Africa is liken to a fool who would choose a
    different mother over the natural Mother, the biology is different, just as
    the geography in the case of the two land.

    One is more common than the other and the Mineral and personal attributes
    are as well. To break the order is to break the cycle of Harmony with the
    end result being what we see of ourselves as I speak.

    For us to use our Enslaved Africans Ancestors as a legal binding we have to
    america, is to disgrace our Enslaved Ancestors and ignore their African
    Desire to return to their original Domicile, their Children must carry out
    their Enslaved Ancestors Desire and make it to become our own desire because
    the Black African Nation Survival is depended upon such a reunion.

    To claim or not to claim Reparation by the AfroDescendants and for only
    selfish or america reason is liken to the Sin of Omission and Commission,
    one is no less Evil than the other, but such is the claim of Black Americans
    and Such Is The State Of Blacks In america.

    Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation