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    When are we Black People going to be Honest enough to admit that Black folks in America is no better off than Black folks in Afrika, Europe, Asia, North America, South America and all else in between, the oppressors of Black People are the same wherever we Black People are, and yes, we have become experts in being able to point out with precision, the evil that we wear, at the command of the Human Beings, those people that told you that they are born liars and deceivers of Black People, with a commitment to not ever allow the Black World rise again and so far, they have held True to their commitment and because of their dedication to keeping Black People dishonest, hypocrites, confused and ignorant, about whom we really are, such presence of Mind, is the Mind Black people now carry and it reveal the State of Black America and the Human Being Mind serve to mirror the State of the Black World.

    The Black lying confused and deceiving Afrikan Black American, we who know not who in the Hell we are, but the Afrikan American does know whom they are and they are those who have been chosen to lie and deceive the once Divine Black Being, into believing that the Afrikan American can change White America System to the extent that it will become immune to Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, and Random Discrimination of Black People, that is the State of Black America, and it serve to be the State of the Black world.

    To any Reasonable, Rational, Logical and not believing, but Thinking Black Being, be you in America or Afrika or wherever you are, the sign of Wisdom enlighten us to know that the only place Black people stand to regain our original status in the world is the place where we Began our Life way of Living on this Planet, and that place the white man refer to as Afrika, and the proof Afrika is where we arrived to begin our Earthly residence, is the fact there is where the Largest concentration of Black People now reside, which is in that place referred to as Afrika, our Earthly original Domicile.

    Use Afrika as the bridge for you to stand upon and take a far away view of Black people on planet Earth and if you would so proclaim in honest, the present State of Black Afrika, then you will be so proclaiming the State of Black America, and all other Black people that are scattered over this Planet Earth, and the ills that cause Black America Folks Disease, happen to be the same ills that cause Black Folks every where to act and behave as we presently do toward each other, wherever we reside.

    We all should be experts in identifying those ills that now infect Black America, the disease of Mental Depression and Oppression, the disease that is caused by the same oppressors of Black America, Afrika and the World of Black People, whose commitment is to infect all Black people with the Virus of Self denial , Passiveness, Complacency with a desire to become just like those who now oppress Black people, be us in Afrika or America or else where, the virus of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice is present.

    It is only wishful believing, which show the effect that the Virus of Lies and Deception has on Black America, and those Virus control and does affect our Divine Mind, every time we give off the impression to Black America and else where, that Black America can in fact change the America System and have it to become absent of the attitude and behavior that reveal Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, and that Black America can do those things White America can do, which will render Justice from America to Black America and I am here to take issue with any Lying Black American that is spewing such Venom of Lies to Black America, claiming that Black America can change White America System. to causeit to serve Black America Equal with Justice For All in White America.

    The America System is Designed to affect Black America exactly the way it is affecting Black America and the most deceptive Cancer that now infect Black America is the Cancer that Lies to Black America into believing that the America System can be changed to serve Black America equally to those it serve that are the off-spring of those lying and deceiving Caucasians, they who came to this place call America and imposed their will upon the people that they founded already here and the action of lying, deceiving, infecting with disease, Raping, Mutilation, and Murder, such is the foundation upon which America now stand, it being a system of White Elites with an objective to control the World, using the present America System of Racism, Prejudice, and Discrimination, against all others who are not of the same Mold as the Caucasian Human Being, such is the State of White America and it is that America that will not be changed by Black People just by referring to ourselves as Human Being Black America.

    The America System extend way beyond the illusionary system we identify as America and the Power that be are not George Bush, Congress, Gonzalez Justice System, nor is it the Supreme Court, the Power of the America System you believe you can Change is Far out of the Black America Reach, meaning Black America has about as much of a Chance in changing the America System to have it to fit Black America Fancy, than a Snow Ball Landing on our Sun-Star.

    America Environment is not conducive to the Life of Black People, turn American, so what we do, we lie to Black America, in an attempt to persuade us that America is just as much Black as it is White and the Lie even go further as told by Black America, indicating that there in America, there is no more Black and White, and no greater Lie is being adopted by the Believing Black American than that, but then, it is Black America that is lying to our Black Children, misleading them into believing that America Racist System can be Changed to be no more, in the USA of America, how sad and foolish in love, we have become with white folks and their America.

    All Specie of a Variation with the Anthropomorphous Being included, need Leadership, there is no inherit evil in Leadership, only in those claiming to be Leaders, that is where the evil reside, am I to accept the illogical in the suggesting that all Intelligence can in fact reach a equilibrium, which suggest the Quality of Thought come in equal portion and quality?

    Is there an expiration date that come with the need for Divine Leadership, tell me beloved, does not the Planets need the Sun in order to know their path and direction they are to travel, will there come a Time when the Planets will not need the Sun-Star for Guidance?

    Who are you Black People who no longer know whom you are and what your relationship to all of the Cosmic Action that go on in the Physical Universe, now claiming to have the Mind of the Human Being, because you no longer can remember the Time of your Divine State, in which you lived upon this planet, with all of that evidence that have been left standing to prove the point of whom you Black People Really Are, on this Planet.

    Instead of spending all of our limited Time on this Planet in trying to fix a system that is not broken, the system of America is designed to operate the way it does, we need to get busy in involving ourselves in reconstructing our own System, one that allowed us to Live a Divine Life in Peace, Joy, Harmony, Order and Balance, but you see, such reconstruction is to take place where the goddess and gods, your Cosmic Ancestors first set foot upon, making that part of Queen Mother Planet to become Sacred Ground, such ground that is special to a people once was Black and Divine in their Spirit of Action, on this planet, in the place referred to as Afrika.

    The State of Black America, in a state of terminal illness and will Die if the Environment is not Changed, and in America, Black America is not capable of Changing a System that is functioning Perfectly, in relationship to Black America.

    Black America must go back to where Civilization firs started on this planet and retrace the Mental Roots that will lead to a precise understanding of whom Black Folks are, because the Salvation of the Black World is not based upon the State of Black America, but is based upon the State Of The Black World !!!

    The Divine Truth Is Beyond Being Compromised, Only Profane Lies Marvel at the action of Compromise and that is why Black Folks Lives Are In The Condition It Is In Today, Everywhere we Black Folks Are, Collectively so.

    The State Of Black America Reveal The State Of Black America Mind And It Is That Mind That Now Is Of The Human Being, The Oppressors Of Black America, And All Else That Wear The Black Coat, Bodily As Well As Mentally.

    All Praise and Honor To goddess DR. Hare !!!

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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