Black Spirituality Religion : The Spirit In Between: Protecting Youself and Your home from Stray spirits

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    The spiritual world has many levels on which different kinds of spirits exist. Most people are only aware of three of these levels. There is Olodumare, the Creator. Then there is the manifestations or characteristics of Olodumare that manifest in nature; in the case of the Yoruba they are called the Orisa and in the Akan the Abosom. Lastly there are the Egun(ancestors). But in between Olodumare, the Orisa and the Egun exist more spirits that work with and against humans. The purpose of this discourse is not to identify and categorize this infinite number of beings, but to realize and control to some extent the impact they have on our lives and our living space.

    Consider that many emotions that you regard as internal parts of your personality are actually entities or beings in and of themselves. Like Olodumare, the Orisa, and the Egun we are born under the influence or invite the presence of this unseen and vast body of spirits through our spiritual destiny and our conduct on Ile Aiye (Earth). Rage, disease, attraction, shyness, charisma, fear, boldness are all spiritual energies that are alive and wel. They act independently of you, and you of them. Which is why wise sages tell us to look not at our human frailties, but to your True Self for a glimpse of who and what we truly are. Now each of these spiritual energies needs a host to exist, but there is no shortage of these so their existence is fairly safe as long as there are humans, and in many cases animals, minerals and plants to call home.

    Through your birth Odu and astrological signs we can learn which spirits walk with you through birthright for your benefit and also which ones are attracted to you when you are living unrighteous. Taurus walk with stubborness, which is a spirit that can protect a person's need for stability or encourage one to maintain a veiw that is essential to your survival, even if others fail to understand it. But coupled with self destructive behaviour stubborness can be negative and ruin opportunity and progress. Once this occurs, a whole new slew of completely negative spirits can find a way into your life.

    If you are fairly connected with your spiritual senses you can walk into someone's home and sense what kind of spirits reside there and what effect they are having on the inhabitants. Unless the homeowner is deliberately marking their territory these spirits probably follow them throughout their day, wherever they may go. These spirits react to our character, which is sometimes refered to as our aura or our light. If you are timid, fearful spirits that enjoy exploiting the fearful may come to live in your home one day. Why not? You are the perfect host. Once they are there, these spirits will influence your behavior futher in their favor, to make their surroundings more comfortable and to strengthen themselves.(sound like roaches right?) This is what is meant to lose control. You know that your actions are odd, wrong or disruptive but you feel helpless to stop or change your behavior. These spirits will continue to control the situation until you, another person or one of your guardian spirits counters with equal or stronger opposing energy, i.e. balance.

    In traditional African religions, character traits are spirit that you try to cultivate or invoke within ourselves. So invoking or practicing good habits makes it very difficult for bad habits to live your actions or your living space. We know its true when we question a drug addict. The addict will tell us that it takes as much or more effort to replace a drug addiction with a good habit because of the time spent building and reinforcing it, when in reality inviting negating or negative spiritual energy and physical behavior in our lives.

    It's important to keep your house free of dust, clutter or disorder. It's true cleanliness is next to Godliness. So we know filth attracts, whatever is displeasing to God and unhealthy for us.

    Spirits enter your space at 1) Your invitation 2) Or the condition of your space, which is an invitation de facto. Let's look at dogs.

    A dog knows when he is in a backyard that belongs to someone. He is careful and hesitant. He will look for people or other dogs to confirm his suspicion before he gets too comfortable. If you take that same god to an abandoned home they will look around and when they feel the coast is clear, they will piss on everything. When you don't clean your home properly, you're inviting stray spirits. If they notice that you do very little spiritual work, which means that you are basically defenseless, they will P*ss everywhere too. If they get in your home and notice a character flaw of yours, they may capitalize on it for their own benefit. Perhaps they will encourage you to fight with your wife or punish your child excessively. Before long they will have you doing things their way and carrying them out of the house and into your life situations.

    Spirits nest and make entry where we least care to clean; the places where walls, floors and ceilings meet, corners, meet, corners and cracks. If you clean the whole house, but leave these areas untouched you have left their next intact. Even spiritual cleansings work better when these places are addressed, especially the top and bottom of each corner of every room.

    Whenever people start talking about Egun or spirits, the phrase, "skeletons in your closet" always seems to surface. For good reason, this phrase is not far from reality. Spirits are just like us when we develop poor or ineffective behavior, they like to hide away from the light. Which is why my favorite saying is "character" is what you do when no one is watching." These cultivated spirits hide away from us. To some this may sound ridiculous or far-fetched because we know that spirit of any kind is boundless. We have all seen the movie or experienced the sight of a ghost walking through a wall. But its important to realize that spirits do nest and if they know they won't be accepted openly by you, they will hide and sneak around.

    The beauty of univeral spiritual principles is that we can support our theory in analogy for example, Orisa can go anywhere. They are not really concerned with walls, steps o locks. But when a person is asked to build or intensify their relationship with an Orisa the person is delivered an Orisa shrine. This is where this person will go regularly to talk and experience that Orisa.

    So yes, spirits are boundless but they can nest by request of a human or of their own will in an object, like a tree, a plant, shrine or your house. This is very true when the spirit in question intends to have an extended and profound effect on its host. So again, you are admonished-when you fail to clean and claim yourself and your home a temple for good, odd little spirits, some of which are destructive, will wander into your space. A good rule of thum is "if it attracts cobwebs, it attracts stray spirits. "So while we have only begun to touch on the subject, this is not only a reference to an unkempt home but also to a mind that is not regularly stimulated and given over to good and positive spiritual energy that we find in Olodumare, Orisa and Egun.

    It's also very important to consider how and with what you clean yourself and your home. As well you should mind your attitude while performing the task. Many spirits are ancient. But new ones crop up everyday. An obsessive and western perspective on cleanliness can attract equally negative results. New diseases pop up everyday, like HIV. These diseases are based on collective and contemporary lifestyles. Although we claim to have created a cleaner, thus safer society, many of us can't stand signifcant contact to wetness, cold, heat or dryness. Germs that were commonplace in other ages seem to shut us down when they strike with any real force. Presently, doctors are awaiting a huge cold and flue breakout that promises to kill hundreds, maybe thousands of people. We are weaker in this respect than our Egun, which suggest that our bodies have been denatured or spoiled by some of our medicines and cleaning products. The same goes for food, which is less nitritious and more susceptible to disease than ever before. Scientists now admit that at least 30 alien chemicals have permanently bonded into the human body in the last 70 years. These new chemicals are no doubt a result of processed foods and strong chemicals in our air, water and soil. So use harsh cleaning agents with caution or not at all.

    There are lots of natural cleaning products on the market now. You don't need to wait for corporate giants to validate these products by putting denatured versions in their newest offerings. I am amazed at how we failed to embrace coconut, and aloe vera as skin aids and lemon and orange as cleaners and degreasers until big companies came along, although our grandparents have been using these products for generations. Clean your body and home with ingredients made from Earth, not tech labs manned by engineers. The idea is to clean and claim your body, mind, spirit and space, not strip these things down. You want positive energy and spirits that you have cultivated to remain.

    Good Herbs for smudging: Cedar, Sage, Lavendar, Copal

    Start at the top of your head and smoke yourself downward. Use whisking motions as if you were dusting yourself off. Say a familiar prayer that asks for protection, peace and spiritual guidance.

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    This is so so true!
    I was dating this guy that a guy friend introduced me to.
    As I was approaching his house a very strange feeling went all over me.
    I knew the friend that introduced me to him was there .
    He jumped out trying to scare me but I already knew he was there.
    I sat down on the couch and we played music and chatted.
    The guy he introduced me to poured me a drink.
    The glass or maybe it was the house smelled like burnt feces,death.
    Turnes out he was possessed mentally.
    His mother practiced voodoo in a bad way.
    He confessed this to me and I left him alone.
    Too bad because he was smart,handsome self suffcient but messed up!

    Also my mom's house always smelled so sickly.
    Like death and illness.
    For years she was very mean and sick.
    She didn't know she was sick.
    She was just diagnosed with acute ms.
    She was very mean and unjust during my childhood toward me only.
    There are four of us but it is only me who is now taking her into my home to care of her.
    God is something!