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    I’m looking at the arch in your eyebrows, for they are very telling
    Something in the way they are positioned is curiously compelling
    Leading to an ambitious inquiry of actions not gone awry
    Reading the clear meaning from that devilish look in your eye
    The twinkle in your pupil is a glance that is very ‘come hither’
    Causing my snake to want to visit your grass and slide, and slither
    Making its home in your nest, and your nest alone
    A snug, fit enclosure that is home, sweet home
    It makes my need to embrace you a mission and a must
    Turning the innocence of warm desire into the passionate flames of lust
    Scrambling my reason, making my rationale run amuck
    Causing in me a shift – from a need to be near you, to a strong desire to *****
    The articulation of your expression speaks silently loud
    That is urgently understood … postured and proud
    What you’re communicating with your brows’ arch, you’re doing it nice
    And the things you are saying, you need not say twice

    That arch in your eyebrows doesn’t get too far past me
    In fact … it beacons me to want to do the nasty
    And touch you in certain places; I’m sure you wouldn’t mind
    Letting the fronts of our bodies meet, causing our hips to undulate and grind
    Reading your contours, I sense that you want me to perform cavity searches
    That you’ll let me explore you like Luis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase
    Letting me plant words in your conscious that’ll get you hot first, then
    Putting my hands [and select digits] in and on certain places on your person
    There’s something else that I also sense
    Of which … you are way past being on the fence
    Reciprocation, that as a given, is part of the plan
    That you want to do to me as I want to do to you, as only a woman can do for her man
    I want you to be face down and @ss up; I want to be the caulk in your crack
    Not only do I want to see that arch in your eyebrow, but also the arch in your back
    As I’m sure you want me to tickle that part of your p*ssy that yields its tea
    That’s what I read the arch of your eyebrow saying to me

    The scrunch of your eyebrows is a visual cue … and a perk
    A signal that you’re being satisfied … and that I’m putting in work
    Scratching an itch with an elected finger
    That, when it’s all said and done, will leave satiated passions to linger
    Your puckering lips taking in my candy cane with a culpable delight
    Fulfilling mutual genital gratification – delectable enchantment at its height
    As we indulge in stroking actions of which you gladly take the lead
    And when it gets good to you, the movement of your hips picks up speed
    Sequestered to closed quarters you verbally solicit me not to move
    As you give me a facing horizontal lap dance … baby’s getting her groove
    Feeling the power of your hips, and your @ss as it switches
    You hit a couple of moves that makes parts me convulse in twitches
    You grab my *** as your eyebrows scrunch, with very little said
    As you begin to grimace and wrinkles form about your forehead
    You whisper “I know you miss it, get your p*ssy baby” in a very distinct tone
    That made my rod of flesh painfully harder, turning it into a rod of stone

    The scrunch of your eyebrow says that I’m addressing a lack
    It is a continual stimulant and a rousing aphrodisiac
    That speaks of indulging in guilty pleasures of addictive contraband
    Sign language that says “***** me daddy” better than words can
    Along with the wrinkle of your nose and the curling of your lips
    The scrunching of your eyebrows communicates the pleasure in between your hips
    With your legs pressed to you, bent like the twist of a pretzel
    I’m smashin’, hittin’ it like grain being pounded in a mortar by a pestle
    With a palm full of your behind, I can feel the tensing of your @ss
    As you move close to orgasm in the moments to come, in a moments pass
    I whisper in your ear “***** me baby” with grin and grit
    And it’s as if the labium of your mid-section mouthed the words ‘Oh *****!’
    You hug the upper part of my body and respond to my whispered request
    Your body answering me with an energy that I would have never guessed
    Would or could come from feminine features very tender to the touch
    Making my body say ‘What the Hell?’ … and I liked it very much

    The raising of your eyebrows is aspiration in the running
    A silent cue that says “I’m C*mming … I’m C*mming … I’m C*mming!”
    The onset of familiar spasms preparing for a sexual jubilation
    The strengthening of the urge leading to female ejaculation
    It’s a celebration, culminating a phase of intercourse that is far from soft sung
    Before getting a second wind, both our bodies are wore to exhaustion
    As I feel the pulsing warmth of your vaginal surroundings that fits me like a glove
    Wetting our lower parts with the substance of your liquid love
    With a tensed female musculature, the likes of which only God could assemble
    Your tensions are followed with a quiver … then a tremble
    As you pulse ejaculate from your [Censored] with an intense leisure
    Your body goes into convulsions, mirroring the symptoms of an epileptic seizure
    I ***** you through your orgasm, to a place of sexual satisfaction
    My whole body is a smile, because I’m enjoying this orgasmic interaction
    A fluttering female who fidgets about, nutting on me, glazing my scrotum sack
    Who screams “***** baby! D-D-D-****!” and claw your fingers in my back

    The raising of your eyebrows is the articulation that would just –
    Make you want to scream and say “Oh my goodness!”
    Certain nerve endings being stimulated … others being left alone
    While I’m having fun with all of your pleasure zones
    G-Spot … cl!toris … nerve endings on your lip fringes
    Have you clamoring for satisfaction, and fiending for binges
    Requesting repeat performances like an addict falling back on bad habits
    That has me and you, in familiar confines, f*cking like rabbits
    Pushing into each other with no remorse or intentions of repentance
    No need for redemption, for this is a welcome sentence
    As I catch a glance of your raised eyebrows and your wide open eyes
    As you grant me access to the womanhood in between your thighs
    We make a litany of lust and love as you get closer to the edge of orgasmic release
    The breaking forth of a dam that brings you to a moment of sexual peace
    Baptizing me with your para-urethral fluid as wet as the flooded Nile
    The throbbing from which makes your p*ssy smirk and smile

    The relaxing of your eyebrows is this evenings sun that set
    A look that says “****, right now I need a cigarette”
    Culminating in a release of tension that left our nether parts moist
    Accompanied by a verbal tirade of name calling and profanity … and other things voiced
    In the place of the rants ... raves … and plethora or other stuff
    Is the initial catching of the breath accompanied by a huff and puff
    Breathing like a person who has just ran wind sprints
    And can still feel the effects that have left our sexual imprints
    You rest in my arms, and give a series of sighs
    Your brow is relaxed, and you’re resting your eyes
    You speak softly about this and that … rambling to and fro
    I respond to the lexicon supporting the dialogue, keeping the pace nice and slow
    While in my embrace I can feel the warmth and moistness of your naked back
    My hands fondle the curvaceousness of your @ss, and slides across your @ss crack
    With a firm hand I caress your body, letting my fingers stroke your skin
    While noting, along with the relaxing of your eyebrows, I also see a grin

    The relaxing of your eyebrows is a signal that you please
    Intimating that your sexual tensions are now at ease
    And are loose as a knot untied and left to sway
    Swinging round and about, this way … and that way
    We’re coming upon the end of an episode that definitely had its twist and turns
    Satisfying passions that, just short of the longest time, longs for and yearns
    For reciprocal appeasement, contentment and mutual indulgence
    Getting our fill of each other … without a dull sense
    The heaviness in your eyes suggest that you’ve had a dose of something narcotic
    Relaxed and at ease … gratified and fulfilled by the erotic
    Wiping the sweat from your forehead as the waves climax cease to billow
    You lay back, still … as your head hits the pillow
    I flash back to the arch in your eyebrow that summoned me like a beckoning finger
    To the scrunch of your brow that signaled the onset of climax, and still lingers
    The raising of your eyebrows that shout “OH MY GOD!!” in utter exclamation
    And now the relaxing of your brows that speaks of a satisfied sensation

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2008
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    D*mn, are you going to bottle that up and put it on the market? turning the water on for a cold shower...tyte poem
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    heatwave and sensual...tyte write
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    In some ways, you took heed of our rules regarding Banned Words, and in some cases you did not... Your visuals are sensually crisp and alluring. Steamy write poet.