Black Poetry : The Soul of a Man

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    I am conflicted and I find myself often times battling with what may be considered flaws in character traits that have become a curse to the human race. I've been told and have read that I have been created in the likeness of a higher and most revered celestial being of power, yet I struggle to follow the righteous path. I ask myself, how can this be so if my creator is one who is omniscient, perfect and without defect? Therein lies the conflict of the physical being and the inner being. My Soul!!!

    Could it possibly be that my imperfection is the design of perfection and that what I may perceive as imperfection is the perfection of my creator...Is the struggle of humankind a mere happenstance or an interruption in the natural process of evolution designed by forces of a mystical and supernatural origin?

    How can it be that my spirit aches for salvation that is ever so elusive? I earnestly lament and make supplication for understanding, knowledge and wisdom so that I may bathe in contentment. I ask that the path be laid out before me and that my steps be guided along the way and that it be lit as I go. I ask to be blessed so that I may be a blessing to others with the hope of atoning for a life full of transgressions.
    My heart has always flowed with compassion and empathy as I yearn for a place that I have yet to reach...The Soul of a Man.