Black Poetry : The Son's Create The Earth From Birth

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    Through Man Came Nations

    The Son creates the Earth through birth, he breeds nations and tribes, the confirmation of who is man, the revolution assimilated by retributions of change, death that a brother who have died for a cause, The poetic re imbursement of wisdom to keep the commandments of God. Defeating the toxins that lye in the heart of man, and the indoctrination to liberation, sacrifice the blue print written on the stroll, summoned by the almighty God, the epitome of reason and intellect to understand the constitution of God, and no laws shall be re directed are changed, wisdom of self, shall have no back doors, merciful side is shown through his Son, and the mother wisdom, to keep his house in order in the reparation of man creation, that lives upon the earth, transformation of reform, . He also provides his Son, who becomes a man and suffers death if the womb, is not sacred and the seed has rusted, it with become a tomb of death, as the means to salvation for Man; Ultimately evil will completely defeat Goodness.

    The screams of the angels that fly upon the night
    The hidden language mother nature speaks, as the thunder
    Begins to roar, the trees stretch out, and touch the limbs of its young
    Oh where, Oh where, have thy come
    The language that know one understand
    The quietness of the thunder, the striking of the wind
    I humble oh thy great spirit of the night
    What message do you leave upon the thunder
    Of the night? The mother water instant birth
    Beyond the waters.
    Normality that man only sees of self.
    Creations, of the womb, I am sea.
    Creations, that live through, I the sea,
    As the Universe, I plant the seed,
    Creations, the angels beneath the sea.

    Flowers, life, breath, voice,
    beyond the sea, I sing old glory to thee,
    beyond the Universe,
    I the purification, of the sea,
    Listen to the language,
    which I speak.

    I am the living trust, I am the wind, moon, and the sun.
    I have lived, and I have passed.
    The language is only understood, by the ancestors
    Who guards the earth, the thunder speaks its own language.
    Humble as the spirits speak.

    The daughter of Satan who comes with lustful demons, darkness that lives before her church, implanting toxins that lives upon the womb of abomination, from her head and laced to the body of an illusion, when she felt envy for the Son. She is beautiful, and contempt the lustful demon, to trap the soul, she becomes the aggressor, and live by the codes of destruction, under minding the sanctuary of the womb, building nations for Satan tribe, yet she is contentious hiding behind liberation, tempting the reconstruction of man. When there is an angling of consideration, blasphemy is her contentions to out law the spoken word of God, jealousy and envy, solitude she sits back after planting the seed of destruction, she breeds an abomination of children under the banner of Satan, envy shall be the destruction of black roots, under minding and prostitution of life, and the virtuous that no longer live upon the land, Genocide by Satan demands.

    The son of Satan swift and continuous under minding the honor codes between God and man. Blasphemy becomes the dishonor of the sanctuary of women, after the planted disk becomes the hidden source of betrayal, hate has conquered the proclamation of respect, the hell sings the lyrics of Satan, down with the bitc—of hell, Death the sister to hell, the constitution of Woman, has fallen short in the eyes of her King. He has become blind to his obligations to God, yet his spirit is un rehearse, sub servant to the devils daughter, who gift him with the womb of death, but the virtuous queen shall feel the pain, her making delegated by a Body, with no spirit just frame, tricked as Jesus who stood on the mountain, and Satan plan was to bring him down.
    The beauty of death, illusions to the waist but a hidden serpent beneath, with hellhounds that surround her and go in and out of her womb. She and He builds a bridge, sealed in hell, awaiting the fall of men black roots. a king or demon who is the personification of wealth. the battle between the rebellious angels and those loyal to God. Sin and death off spring of Satan. Satan, who had been Lucifer, the greatest angel, and his compatriots war against God. They were defeated and cast from Heaven into the fires of Hell. Oh what a bitter taste of brim, we live through the history repeated again.
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