Black Poetry : The Soda Pop King

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
arm my with harmony as I take it to society

my homeboy got capped in the knee

virtuoso cause I'm taking it to the limit

Vanity was Prince's girl who was a queen

Nas, Outcast & Drake never are a fake but make no mistake

brothers are the master sandblasters where everybody's after

shout out to the soda pop king if you know what I mean

back in the Beverly Hills with cheap thrills paying all those bills

cheap thrills in the back of my car as that went to far

we didn't start the fire it was always turning as the world was burning

yesterday we be blazing young thugs to get there degree

what did they see while there working on their Camary

peeps in the street getting eat stolen from prison

yet I'm still out as in life on a mission so here is what I'm dishing

my sister, brother & cousin always had something in the oven

holidays we used *****, pout & moan

heaven knows as the story now goes spinning fat records turning up the episode

getting loose in my caboose got the throttle on the floor screaming for more

Got both Nas & Slick Rick working on a beat together

Victory it seems as we live in a land so very mean where peeps do scream

you don't hear from 50 cent anymore maybe life to him was such a chore

wild rides we get inside ain't got know where to run away & hide

I'm still as light as a feather no matter what the weather i will stay to treasure

holding my own with my hand on the phone as to text that we made it through

homboy bit off far more then he could chew but this is nothing new

got me fenced in no where to begin again make new friends

feeling alone like a dog without a bone

but ain't it all funny when your broke with no honey

sugar is sweet so sweet like honey I'm going to be the man that takes home the money

see i got this rap game locked but this homeboy do think a lot

instead of running from the cops i'm going to make a name for myself

best to put that book right back on the shelf

Finally folks can agree you can't live on a fixed income type of salary

a thought to achieve get somethings up my sleeve

life is what you make it so try hard not to fake it

I exist as a vapor then I am no more

what ya'll waiting for just jump in son & have a bit fun

that's it for me son

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