The Social Status of the Black Male in America 2000

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    "As we enter the first years of the new millennium it is especially important to trace the trends of African American male social, economic, and political status in order to move beyond the anecdotal toward gaining a basic understanding of the quality of the most important aspects of the lives of millions of black males. By relying upon primary and secondary data, and comments, analyses, and conclusions of policymakers, politicians, academics, intellectuals, and other observers the rough outlines of African American male life circa the year 2000 is arrived at. The Social Status of Black Male America 2000 seeks to present an objective portrait of the social, economic, and political status of African American males in order to provide a guide to the priority areas of necessary remediative and preventive efforts if the desired, if implicit, goals of progress are to be realized in the years to come." --by Chris Booker

    Some very interesting data that could evoke lots of discussion about Black males in several threads in this forum. . .

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    Racism is serious stuff

    The Man Who Saw Too Much

    Updated January 30, 2004 -- Mitchell Crooks says his life has been “pure hell,” filled with death threats and cries of “race-traitor” from fellow Whites, ever since he videotaped a White Los Angeles-area police officer slamming a handcuffed Black teen-ager into his squad car.

    “There has been a little praise here and there, mostly from the Black leadership in Los Angeles, but there’s been more doses of hate,” says Crooks, whose internationally broadcast videotape refocused attention on police brutality against African Americans, a decade after the Rodney King tape did the same thing.

    “The only door this has opened has been to a jail cell.”

    This was originally a BET article. But the above site is from the white male who video taped the beating of the 16 year old Inglewood California black male. This man is now called a race traiter and have recieved hate mail and threats against his life. These racist are serious. I read everything he has on his site.

    I wish him well, but because of the level of Patriot Act attention and FBI investigation and watch he is under, I suggest not clicking on any of his links.

    The men in black :uzi: ( Undercover cops and FBI ) picked him up, based on the district attorney placing the long arm of the Patriot Act against him. The courts and justice system then gave him a black mans dose of injustice.

    I agree with this man. His beliefs and what he feels is true injustice of black Americans.. it is good someone, like him has experienced the ride. A ride. Black men have experienced here in this land fake freedom and justice.

    As I watch this man, and his personal crusade. I will consider joining his cause. I am going to wait until later this year.. long after we make administration changes in the WHITE HOUSE. I believe then as citizens we may return to a level where we will have established back our private and freedom of invasion rights.

    He is just getting started and I feel we will hear more from this man. As he turns the tide on INJUSTICE. It is sad that if he wasn't white he would have gotten a different view of the jails. He would have been an accident or iunfortuante hanging suicide. He is somene who can got and commanded justice.. but only because he is white.,1048,c1gb8578-9431-1,00.html#boardsAnchor

    READ THE BET ARTICLE and comments here. If you would like to know the public opinon of what happened.

    Queen I read your article.. Clinton would have done more to help the crimal justice system. But the Republican party kept him busy. All the years he was in office. He had to stay focused on staying our of jail. One case after another. Until he left office.

    We do need better social, economic, and political status and awareness of African American in America. We are a invisible race. never taken serious. Never given our rightful place or equal justice in american society. America does it, Europe does it, and they continue the process.

    I see better now how we were / are like South Africa. They need papers to travel, those papers must be shown when asked by athoritys. We are stopped by police here and we must and are asked where we are going. Coming from.. no papers but the practice is the same.

    Not only the males, need help. Our youth and women need help too. As the article points out the prison system has disenfranchised many. Where this hurts is those lose of registered voters weaken our voice in te political arena. It has always been a priority to accomplish this. It can't be done out front, so what better way to scream justifiable punishment, and deny these men and women the right to vote.

    We lose this and we are weakend even further. I'm ready to fight for this issue. This issue can be changed. By letting Congress and the State governors know it isnt right and that we see through this plan and ploy. Those with voting rights have to write and let it be known we will use that right to get those in office that will do the right thing. This year Congress both the House and Senate and many offices around the country are up for re-election. I'm going to exercise my voice by making a sweeping change and bust that control of Congress. Those in states that have a Republican representative have their own voice they must exercise. MAKE THAT CHANGE let it be known. No more. No Justice No Peace.

    Use the above link. To see who you ahve representing your state. You can also email them direct thru this link. Let your voice be heard.