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    Executive Guide Shoppers Are Searching!
    Do they find your competitors' web sites before they find yours?​
    80% of respondents to a Jupiter Research survey said they use search to decide what they buy, even when they intend to make the actual purchase offline. Did they find your website-- or someone else's?
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    New Article - 09. 01. 2007

    SEO and Pay Per Click: What Local Retailers Gain By Using Both
    by Kamau Jackson-

    SEO vs. PPC? -- Wrong Question
    As pay-per-click (PPC) ad prices continue to rise and margins begin to shrink; larger corporations have already begun to increase their organic SEO spending. But for SMBs exploring the possible advantages of an SEO investment, there is a uniquely frustrating challenge:
    The inability to estimate the results of SEO-- and the time it will take to realize them-- makes a sound cost/benefit analysis elusive. The popular misconception that PPC and SEO are the “fast” and “slower” versions of the same thing complicates the evaluation process even more.
    Without a clear understanding of how SEO is implemented, it’s impossible to identify, much less, quantify, the wide-ranging benefits of the SEO process. Within small to mid size businesses, the impact can be profound.
    The paid advertising model is exactly what it says-- advertising. Search engine optimization is not. While higher search engine ranking is the most widely recognized goal of SEO, that’s far from being the only business value it delivers.

    How Web Content Boosts Local Retail Sales
    Consumers have spoken. They want information
    -- and visit 3-5 websites looking for it before they buy. There’s also ample evidence to show that shoppers who search online before making offline purchases spend more than those who don’t.
    In a recent study by TMP Directional Marketing, the leading local search and yellow pages marketing agency, 60% of the consumers surveyed said they first go online for conducting a local search. The research showed 82% of local online searchers follow up offline with an in-store visit, or phone call. Of these, sixty-one percent made purchases.
    Pay-per-click can effectively deliver the traffic, but optimized website content is what, ultimately, drives the sale. Since content development is at the heart of SEO, it makes good business sense to leverage both.

    SEO Step 1: Competitive Analysis
    Even though shoppers have expressed their desire for information, millions of retailers still don’t know what to provide-- or where to find it. Here’s where SEO can help... read more>>>

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    7 Common Mistakes In Holiday Promotions That Can Cost You For The Rest Of The Year
    The Art Of The Gift: How B2B and Pro Service Providers Can Make Their 'Good' Clients Better
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    IN THIS ISSUE-- Search Engines

    B2B & Professional Services
    Minority Businesses: MIA?
    Related Marketing Tools
    B2B And Professional Services
    More than eight of ten - 84% - of technology buyers begin their research for information on one of the major search engines, according to a new study from KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa.

    Businesses who sell to them, though, appear to be lagging behind in their search engine marketing strategies. 65% of tech marketers use a paid ad strategy to place their content on search results, while 66% have a strategy for high natural placement on search engines.
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    Minority Businesses: MIA?
    Both African-American and Hispanic -American consumers use search engines before making a purchase more often than the U.S population in general. In addition, they tend to spend more when they buy. Minority businesses, however, are missing from the top search engine returns.

    Test it. Go through your business card collection and Google their local categories: Chicago web designers, divorce lawyers, small business marketing consultants, life insurance brokers, real estate agents, financial planners, etc. See what I mean?

    Minority manufacturers and retailers may find competitive advantages online that are difficult acquire offline. With malls and 'big box' competitors, they can't afford to be the last to market with low-cost e-strategies .

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