Black Poetry : The Smile

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
there is a smile below

there is a smile above

betwixt the heart of praise

a lonely heart found love

a soul devides then parts

on every circumstance we can learn

to take part in the dance

in quiteness I must confess

the cause of togetherness

my soul permeates a reason for being

in the changing of the season

there is the smile that holds

it also offends

let the reader understand

a beacon of light onto

a hurting world in need of love

nestled from the tender hand from up above

through common cadence we both can agree

the soft pitter patter of the amazing melody

in sullen brevity we can fondly believe

I equate love captured in a magnificent stone or that of a pearl of great price.
Once this life is lived you never get a second chance at which to roll the dice twice


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