Black Spirituality Religion : THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN.

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    Waking Dream Hypnosis: Recovering the LOST Mind.


    The following is not for the faint of mind or consciousness. This exercise is only for those willing and ready to tap into the unconsciousness mind without any regrets and skepticism. We will be using Brain Phillip's method as a template, but we will move even further beyond his explanations.

    First, you will definitely need at least a chain with a pendant on it if you don't own an actual pendulum like the one shown in the video. Usually even a coin, screw or pebble tied to the end of a string will be useful enough.


    You can also copy and print the diagram, or sketch out your own. Truthfully it is not necessary but it would help you explain how your pendulum is moving.

    Pendulum Autoquestioning

    Brian David Phillips (羅狼仁), hypnotist (催眠), demonstrates Pendulum Autoquestioning based upon ideomotor effect in which the subconscious moves the object with...

    Let's expound even deeper into this concept. Just to state it very quickly- you can tap into ANYTHING using this method. It would depend on how fine tuned your unconscious is, after all it is your hidden self and it is attached to the Universe and all reality past, present and future.

    Now if you're wondering why the all seeing eye merged with a native American dream catcher is in the center of the diagram, that is not by coincidence either, seeing that both Africans and Native Americans practiced dream and pendulum divination, and this pendulum method was also used as a way to speak with the Great Spirit and the Ancestors themselves.

    Ancient Shamans would tell us however that the quality of our "pendulum divination" is determined by the quality of our stones or crystals we use. The quality of our minds, but going deeper they would say the quality of "the heart" the "weight" of the heart makes a difference, so many would fast for days and meditate before using their pendulum to seek for deeper answers.
    The lighting of candles and certain types of incense would also add to the power of the reading.

    Typically this method is used for yes or no questions only. The video shows the appropriate way to hold the pendulum, but the questions can be asked outloud or inside your head. Most likely when questions are asked outloud we are speaking to our spirits and guides, when they are asked within- we are speaking to our unconscious or inner self.

    When the Ancients would say "the truth is within" it is because they knew of many methods to explore the truth from within themselves, it was not done from a place of confusion.

    You can start with the basics and work your way up to the heavy stuff. All truth is within us. If we are able, we can extract the future from our inner self using this very method. Better yet, we can recover a lost mind by asking for clues as to how we would go about repairing our consciousness.
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