Brother AACOOLDRE : The SLave/Classroom plantation

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    The Slave Plantation & The Classroom
    By Andre Austin
    Runaway slaves left the plantation for several reasons: Yearning for freedom, lack of Food, Clothing, Families sold off and severe beatings.
    “Cold and hungry, the Slave frequently returned after a few days, took his flogging, and went back to work. More often than not, he was caught while trying to see his wife or get the food the sympathetic slaves left for him…A slaves two greatest enemies were the white man and Hunger” (The Slave Community Editor James W. Blassingame pp.196 & 200).
    In 2013 I’m told that inner city parent’s two obstacles to sending their children out of their low performing schools is lack of transportation and lunch money from which these charter schools do not provide. This is basically the same fate as a slave had on the plantation having no mule & buggy and no food to last more than three days most slaves had to be content and submit to their condition.
    So how do we get the black boy and girl off the school plantation? It’s sad to say that President Obama doesn’t have a poverty program. The tea party and the Confederates wouldn’t let him if he wanted to. The Confederates hairs are already on fire for the Obama phones which are only used to check the balance of their EBT food balance cards. If a job called them they couldn’t accept it if they didn’t have transportation to go get it. As a matter of fact most Affirmative-Action programs and preferential advancement programs, business set-asides are for the elite blacks not for the entire community. Our Black leadership has been compromised and marginalized not to help the entire community but individual blacks. They have no intention on delivering the black masses out of ignorance and poverty but keeping you on a school plantation so that their elites can make money off them and empower their unions.
    As we go back into history of the Reconstruction era Black elected officials back then and now did four things 1. Avoid a group or black agendas, 2. Focus on individual merit and achievement 3. Never hold whites accountable for past crimes and inequality. And fourthly, make sure 98-99% of all the money goes to white contractors like a good Sambo and if you don’t your corrupt.
    We are on the plantation
    Without some Transportation
    No political representation
    No good Education
    I can’t take this situation
    And the only time they want us to come together is when there is an Election.