Black Muslims : The " Sitting "( i.e. Juluws) position in Worship (i.e. Salaat)


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance. The Salaat, worship, is the means of approach to Allaah. Although Allaah is 'Al Waasi'u', The Present, we at times fail to perceive or capitalize on that mode of our existence. We have relegated our sense of 'now' to the urgency of our needs. That pursuit renders us blind and oblivious. I seek refuge in Allaah form being oblivious to His Light.
The vocabulary of the world is what moves our thoughts concerning the world; and that same vocabulary has confined our perception of Allaah to an idea -such as monotheism, religion, etc.. However The first system of words have come from The Speech of Allaah, and it was taught to Adam and Adam taught who was in his reach, and they who was in theirs. The Angel Jibraa'iyl, peace upon you and the mercy of Allaah, was not only commissioned to Recite The Reading (Qur'aan) to Muhammad (SAW) but also The Angel taught Muhammad (SAW) The Salaat. Worship.
The word 'worship' was generated within the language and vocabulary of man. So its fundamental meaning and purpose evades our true mental grasp. The word " salaat' comes from The Speech of Allaah. It, the word 'salaat', literally means 'connection'. Connection to what? Since we are already connected to Allaah by virtue of the fact that we exist and we breathe?
In the position of Qiyaam, standing, we recite Qur'aan. The bowing and prostration, ruku'a & sajda, belong solely to Allaah. However The "sitting" position is altogether belonging to The one worshiping. It is in that moment that we may address Allaah form our own feelings and aspirations. There are many words said by The Prophet while in this position and many of us learn them and recite them. However this position has been designated by Allaah and reserved to the one in that position. Whereas Qur'aan are the words of The Mighty, The Wise - The position of Sitting, Juluws, are our words That Allaah has promised to Listen to and Hear. " Sami' Allaahu liman Hamida ". It is a promise binding on Allaah. Allaah has bound Himself to Listen; while we are in Juluws.
This word, "Juluws" . I ask you to consider it with me.
Look at the word " Nitroglycerin ". It is an English word, of course. Yet English is primarily the offspring of Latin and Greek roots. However its scientific vocabulary is spawned from Arabic and Aramaic roots. Why? Because Those languages had words for elements that were drawn out of the earth or fabricated in a laboratory setting in civilizations that preceded Egypt and Sumer.
Nitro and Glycerin are Arabic words. Now literally, The word " Nitro" comes from the Arabic word Nur, which means 'light'. The 't' inside of nitro is an abbreviation for the word "tamma" which is an Arabic word meaning " to bring to completion". In scientific terminology, it references something being done to cause a re-action in something else. Nitro. The word " glycerin" comes from the word " Juluws". The word " Joule ", an English word and name of a scientist, comes form this word. A "joule" is defined as a unit of energy or work equal to the work done by a force. e.g. the energy expressed in reaching for a grape is a joule, or, the unit of energy expressed between the steps you take during walking. Think of the energy between the steps, not your foot lifting and dropping to the ground. Juluws. In The Speech of Allaah, Nitroglycerin means, " Completed light, Sitting ". Now, there is nothing stationary about light, it is in constant flux. So when The worshipper is Sitting in worship, this is how nitroglycerin is generated within the body. A more fundamental definition of the word " joule" is: the point of the forces' application moving in the direction of the action of the force. That is, when walking, your legs moves forward, not side to side. That is the direction of the force of the unit of energy between your steps. An even more applicable definition of the word is: The heat generated within a unit of energy. For instance: Just sitting (juluws) your body generates heat even if your not applying force to your limbs. perhaps now, you are sitting reading this and not moving any of your limbs. Your body is still generating heat each second, in fact 1/3600th per second the body generates heat just sitting. This also is a joule/juluws. And as we know, heat, is a by-product of light moving; in flux.
The force we apply in The Sitting (Juluws) position in our Salaat (worship) is called Du'a or prayer. Prayer is The Force we are applying to The Light. And Allaah Is The Light. Based on the integrity of our nitroglycerin, will determine the strength and power of our light. And That force is the means by which we gather greater command over our life's' circumstances. With mere words. This is The Gift that Allaah holds out to Those who strive in sincerity and Intend to move closer to Allaah in Sincerity. What is sincerity? Allaah defines it in Sura 112. Nineteen small words by which we bathe our minds and hearts with in order to perceive Allaah in Truth and worship in Truth. Look at what David and Solomon and Jesus and Muhammad's Du'a afforded them in their lives. They were all sent for US. To prove that Allaah is Al Haaaqqu, and has not and will not leave us to the evil(s) in this world. We must seize it in the office of sincere worship, sincere salaat. The world has no power that can usurp the power Allaah has instilled in us and has instilled in the light. The light of our very nervous system as well as the light emanating from the sun (Sura 96: 1-4). Two Joules of Light that are both subject to The Force of our Words; The Speech of Allaah.
A unit of sitting energy within you is called a 'joule'; and a unit of energy within the joule as it moves by force acting on it in a direction is called a " dyne ". Does this word look and or sound familiar to you?
Please forgive and point out any typos or anything that is incorrect or unclear. To you be peace, to those you love and love you be peace. To all The Faithful men and women be peace.

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