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Nov 2, 2005
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The Simplest Word Black-

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African descended youths in my eyes have a strong will and it as we become older we become weaker, our will dissolves.

Younger people often take roots of which they see or they are drawn to. Ex. If there is an Ice-Cream commercial, they would like Ice-Cream. If everyone is playing, they would like to play. A will to do these. If a parent lead a child to the right path... they will have a will for what they were taught, knowledge for the good path will excite them...their will.
They will unconsciously know of a will...confidence.

A child who was not quite introduced to will, undiscovered difference. That child will be oblivious to fact, will not understand left and right and will be incoherent to to what the eyes see. Not realize having that broader view, a blinder will. Bind desire inspires everything to occur, rather than knowledge limiting over-exploration. the breif liberation from some instances may capture attentiveness.

As children we are not expected to do much. We do not need a steady J-O-B, or to possess any major responsibilities. This may be because at this time in our lives. We are supposed to be taught and learn into these factors of life. Such as the distinction of now and later, fun time and dinner time; good and bad. A slight miscalculation in the mind may put all out of balance. Ex. If being told something bad is okay or acceptable then what is to stop all bad things? What is the difference? Because that particular parent will not chastise the child. Does that stop someone else? Will that create conflict within the child's mind of Right and Wrongconsequences and...worst of all who is wrong or right?

Misleading causes misleading behavior or manipulation. Manipulation manifests the childs inner conflicts. The tragedy may begin once a child receives a negative consequence for his/her actions, after being misled into a belief. A cross in ones belief creates anger for the belief and believing. A child though executes simplified, are very complex minded; weighing outcomes of the actions. If introduced into a devious behavior the believed outcomes will be distorted as a gain for self instead of a lose for self and others.
A young girl accepts intercourse as her fulfillment not considerate of long term, unconscious to a fact of ruining her life, morphing into early staged adulthood consequence having a child birthed by a child or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Significant guidance could cease a behavior. The thought of growing through sex or being accepted by a lover unheard with a simple Hug, kiss; comment of beauty, intelligence from a significant person in the childs life. With such necessary validation...once she is told that it will not be something she did not know or feel indebted to someone who says is or herself to explore her beauty via him, rather than thought herself. This is one scenario to the many that there are: drug using, selling, friends combined, kleptomaniac behavior, gang life, school.

As vital as it is to implant positivity into the youth, it is equally imperative for those possessing the "Knowledge" to listen & learn for the "Uneducated" who live a day-to-day life as well. It may be more recognizable for one that has not been densely exposed to the positive side at hand more so, than a child on a steady track. Such an adolescent stage of life, they will find that there is an ease to perseverance. I am Positive it is to their liking.

Many people comprehend that Knowledge manifests, grows into its awesome capability. Obtaining or possessing Knowledge is grasping hold of who you are. Grasping hold of our Being. As difficult as it is to understand this life, it is not difficult to understand life's purpose our purpose. As great as that may come, not even a Wise person needs more than enough, or any one else to sabotage or over-do-it. We need to instill peace in order to retieve clarity.

It is not a battle to be who we are and reserve ourselves. The tribulation comes remaining who we are, measuring up to our own potential seeing others for who they are not. The battle starts when we give in to the doubt, when we do not trust our selves. Life is the worst game to play trading spaces with. I would like to reiterate a quote. It has been recited on such movies: Coach Carter and Akeelah and the Bee. Both very African American movies, both regarding Perseverance.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?

Marianne Williamson
Verses 1-7​

Being Black or African American comes with a lot behind it. To me it adheres a strength outside and within. Stories of kidnap, rage, bondage, fear, blood, tears, !death!, and !agony!. Most of all...Faith. As you probably realized nobody who ever fought w/ rage has won a war. It was the Faith-Faith is Love.
After all that it did take for me to be here. Whether I love African Americans or "I am proud to be BLACK". It better be carried with Pride and handled with Dignity and Respect.
Black can be high or low, it can be a sadness or a huge joy. It is easy to go back and fourth, positive and negative between the two because under all of its meaning, glory, or power..... It is still The Simplest Word......Yeah


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