African American History Culture : The Simplest Word Black 2.5

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    this is a conversation that has taken place by the below listed
    I thought It should be in a discussion forum
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    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:02 pm: I statred liking Incubus after I heard Dig
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:02 pm: Ra Are you a racist???????/
    [zenobia] 11:02 pm: Did you see Madonna videos with the cowboys Plat? Were they not
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:02 pm: We can't make Our Selves better by hating some1
    [zenobia] 11:02 pm: What was that song?
    [Son of RA] 11:02 pm: there is no such thing a black racist
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:02 pm: I didnt see it
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:03 pm: There is a such thing
    [zenobia] 11:03 pm: I am not a racist. I am a realist
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:03 pm: any one can be racist
    [zenobia] 11:03 pm: It is an old video...
    [Son of RA] 11:03 pm: no plat
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:03 pm: But you are not calling people rednecks Zenobia
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:03 pm: I am a realist as well
    [zenobia] 11:03 pm: I am prejudice to an extent and that was born through my
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:03 pm: But I know the difference
    [Son of RA] 11:03 pm: racism is not just about not liking someone it is deeper than
    [Son of RA] 11:04 pm: it is a system of power
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:04 pm: Racism is calling a caucasian person a redneck
    [Son of RA] 11:04 pm: based on one's skin color
    [zenobia] 11:04 pm: power
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:04 pm: I think they would be a racist comment
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    [Son of RA] 11:04 pm: hey they call themselves redneck and are proud of it
    [zenobia] 11:05 pm: what exactly is a redkneck
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:05 pm: You may not want to associate witha kind that
    has had you enbonded for tooooooo many years
    [zenobia] 11:05 pm: Jeff Foxworthy calls himself that
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:05 pm: but when you begin to try and turn the tables
    form nigge* to redneck
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:05 pm: it becomes racism
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:05 pm: or predjudice
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:06 pm: And Africans say Nigg*
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:06 pm: So we continue
    [Son of RA] 11:06 pm: like i said before there is only on type of racism and it is called
    white supremacy
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:06 pm: and follow in Ignorace's footstep
    [zenobia] 11:06 pm: I don't use that word in my vocab at all
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:06 pm: Priding it's name????????/
    [Son of RA] 11:06 pm: blacks have not ever been racists
    [zenobia] 11:06 pm: I can barely say it....I opt for the N word
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:07 pm: ME neither Zenobia
    [Son of RA] 11:07 pm: no the word has its meaning
    [zenobia] 11:07 pm: ahhh.....I have met some racist blacks before as I attended an HBC
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:07 pm: Not untill be got freedom of though
    [Son of RA] 11:07 pm: it refers to a mindset
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:07 pm: we were to powereless to think about the word
    [Son of RA] 11:07 pm: three types of mentality in the african neighboorhood
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:07 pm: were had love
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:07 pm: We trusted GOd
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:08 pm: BUt we are Barely having religion now so
    [Son of RA] 11:08 pm: first mindset is n**a
    [Son of RA] 11:08 pm: second mindset is negro
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:08 pm: I guess hating Is fine
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:08 pm: And I spoke of Negro as well
    [Son of RA] 11:08 pm: third mind set nubian / new being
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:08 pm: DComing into the proper mindset
    [zenobia] 11:08 pm: I am a nubian sista
    [Son of RA] 11:09 pm: oh i forgot a mindset the african american so there are four
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:09 pm: One that can uplift ourseelves
    [zenobia] 11:09 pm: My new beginings are consistant
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:09 pm: not put us on the same level as a slave ownere
    rasist son
    [Son of RA] 11:09 pm: n88a negro african american and last nubian (new being)
    [zenobia] 11:09 pm: I too am American
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:10 pm: Yes
    [zenobia] 11:10 pm: Langston Hughes
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:10 pm: whaere do you hail Zenobia
    [Son of RA] 11:10 pm: define american
    [zenobia] 11:10 pm: NC
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:10 pm: A Citizen of Americcan
    [Son of RA] 11:10 pm: and what makes u american
    [zenobia] 11:10 pm: is where I hang my hat
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:10 pm: Ca*
    [zenobia] 11:10 pm: define red kneck
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:10 pm: Someone that was born here
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:10 pm: and has somewhere to claim
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:11 pm: Whether or not is should be claimed as ours
    [Son of RA] 11:11 pm: okay if you were born in china would u then be chinese???
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:11 pm: yes
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:11 pm: A chinese citizen
    [Son of RA] 11:11 pm: if a caucasian is born in africa are they african
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:11 pm: Just not of Decent
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:11 pm: Yes
    [zenobia] 11:12 pm: Are white that were born in Africa africans?
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:12 pm: NOt of African decent
    [Son of RA] 11:12 pm: no plat you are not chinese and the chinese would laugh
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:12 pm: But an african
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:12 pm: Well they are not insighted then
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:12 pm: But you can not speak sor a asian person can you
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:13 pm: you can only speak for yourself as onlyy i can
    [Son of RA] 11:13 pm: ???
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:13 pm: for*
    [zenobia] 11:13 pm: That girl who won the oscar for the movie Monster was born in Africa
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:13 pm: Really???????
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:13 pm: cool
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:13 pm: She played the mess outta that
    [Son of RA] 11:13 pm: i speak cause i have asked people from other places
    [PLATINUMILLITY1] 11:13 pm: I am putting this in a thread Son of Ra