Black Short Stories : The Simple Truth

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    : this story is about a girl named Hallie Lexington, she grew up in a good family(wealthy). Her father being a doctor and her mother a lawyer, she was the only child. When one sad night their two story dream house burnt down leaving Hallie with nothin but memories. the family's agent took off with the money leaving Hallie with nothing in her pockett. An old lady by the name of Celie Cromartie took her into h er small old house onthe bad parts of Chicago, where Hallie found drugs to ease her pain. Now lets began 5 years later she is 19 years old:
    "Hallie your up next!" yelled Marie.
    "iight!" i said.
    I fiished putting on my lip stick and went out on stage.
    The men yelled and clapped as i swung the first poll.
    "hey baby come ova here!" a man named teddy yelled.
    I walkd over to him and touched his face.
    He put a 20 in my bra,
    I went back to my poll and started doin my eye raising reutein.
    A man ran up on stage and Chris, and Franz got him out and through him out the bar doors.
    It was time for my break so i switched off stage as the men called me back.
    (dressing room)

    "girl look what Sean bout for you!" Marie squeeled.
    I looked at the flowes and threw them in the trash.
    Marie looked at me like i was crazy.
    "imma go out to the bar" i told her.
    I changed out of my stripper clothes and put on a short black dress.
    While i was putting it on i felt a hand onmy shoulder.
    Anther hand on my ***.
    "HAllie what was wrtong with the flowers" Sean said (the boss).
    " I dont need flowers Sean!" i said
    He pushed me up against the wall.
    " Next time when i give you something you better not through it away!" he yelled
    "Ok ok" i said.
    "go get em out the can!" he yelled smaking my ***.
    I picked them out of the trash can and placed them in a vase.
    "good girl now come here" he said
    I walked over tohim scared as hell.
    he grabbed my chin.
    " What the helll......i told your dumb *** not to where this lip stick!" her squeezed my chin so hard.
    "Get off of me Sean or I'll...."
    "You gonna what Hallie?" he laughed.
    "Sean you use to be so good to me why change?" i cried.
    He luahged.
    " Change that **** lip stick" he took his thumb and smeered it.
    Then he lit a cigar and went back out.
    I whiped the rest of my lip stick off and put on red instead. I dried my tears and went out to the bar ordering a bacardi apple.
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    very nice what a twist of life ...............tyte story