Chief Elder Osiris : The Silence Of Black People In America Is A Clear Indication Of The Lack Of High qual

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    The Silence Of Black People In America Is a Clear indication Of the Lack Of High quality Leadership Black People Have.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

    So Tell Me, Have You Ever Notice The Type Of Topics That Amuse Most Of The Black people That Express Themselves On This Internet?

    Well, The Mind Reveal Yourself, And You Do Not Appear To Be Serious And Respectful About Yourself!!!

    When sharing Divine information with and about Black people, the greatest defense for your action, is the Divine Truth.

    If you were somebody coming from another planet in our galaxy to visit Planet Earth, and in view of the developing turmoil that is going on in the world at this Time, you could logically conclude that the only people on Earth that is free and is receiving Justice Divinely so, here on Earth, is Black Afrikan people in America, and else where that we are.

    Beloved, have you ever seen a people so full of the activity of ignorance than those people calling themselves Black and Afrikan or Black and American, a people who act as if intelligence is verified by the show of how foolishly uninformed about ourselves we can be?

    Tell me, how can such a people be in a world with a history of having our behind Kicked with oppression and injustice, remain as silent as we do?

    I am referring to the Behind of such a people who are known by and is referred to as Black people in and of America, pretending to be oh so intelligently sophisticated, by showing no resistance from being treated as a fool would allow its life to be treated, which is with no respect.

    Beloved, there is no God that will smile upon the high grade of ignorance that we Black people show in the presence of being treated as a slave with no respect coming from, not only the slave master for Black people, but from the slave for the slave.

    Here we are today, in this Time, observing the World variations of ethnicity, experiencing the sensation of a Renaissance taking place with them.

    Yet, there is a people who by natural inheritance to experience this time of Renaissance, and yet such a people calling themselves gods, and loving to brag about being the giver of civilization on this planet, you in Time of need to show self respect by revolting against the nonpayment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, what you do, you remain silent in a Time you need to be restless in your oppression.

    Here you Black people are, you lay silent in the Time that has come that cause a sleeping people to be reawaken.

    There is no people upon this Earth like that of Black people, those of you who have been made to be asleep to the call of Freedom and Justice on this planet, in this World for Black people.

    A people who has the gene of Freedom and Justice, Independence and Joy. That from which their Life originated from, and now, while the Electrical Energy is awakening all who desire Respect, Joy, Freedom, and Justice for their lives, they are now in the mode of revolting against fascism, despotism, Deceiving Democracy, and the many other social economic systems that has been applied to the lives of the people, against their will, with the exception of those people calling themselves Black and Afrkan.

    In this time, there is no justification for the silence of Black Afrikan people, and in such exciting Time, and with the silence of Black people, you can contribute such complacency in Time of great Depression and oppression of Black people being silent, to the fact that among Black Afrikan people, regardless of where we are on this planet, there is no Leadership with a Divine mind that would allow the people who are in need of freedom the most, to be silent at this time.

    A silent leadership in the Time of a need for a reawakening of the people the leaders making claim to be the leaders of, such verifies the fact that there is no qualified leadership in action to guide a lost people back to familiar places, which is the Divine self and original mind.

    Black people in this time of reawakening, is a silent people who been made to confuse freedom with advancement and achievement with Justice, sign of a people without leadership that is dedicated to winning the freedom for the people the Black leaders make claim to be leaders of.

    Have you ever seen such ignoble people who wear the delicacy of arrogance on such shoulder of weakness and is absent of confidence to be in pursuit of our Ancestors Reparation, the only issue that give universal justification for Black people to become revolting in their action for Freedom and Justice.

    Why is Black people to be so spiritual repulsive in Time of need to be Spiritual vigilant?

    The spirit exposed by Black people today is a spirit that is of Lucifer the Human being, and such a spirit is dedicated in not allowing the mind of Black people to be no more than what it is conditioned to be, which is to be acceptance to lies and acts of deception which have Black people believing God to come and fight their battle for freedom and Justice.

    It is Black leaders who reinforce such ignorant belief, making Black people to defy this Time that give cause for a reawakening of all who have been made to be sleep to the Divine truth and to remain silent in Time for action to be taken in honor of Freedom for Black people.

    Such a Lying and deceiving spirit associated with the Black Afrikan, is evidence that Black people now move without reliable Leadership

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and Peace and Love!

    .......This was enough for me Chief Elder Osiris:

    True be told, we have no national leadership capable of uniting us a people, until grassroots catch fire and get the job done....Peace In,