Chief Elder Osiris : The Silence Of Afrika Afrikans

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    The Silence Of Afrika Afrikans

    There Are Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    President Obama wear the appearance of President Of The united states, but he has not the power of the President of the united states.

    So, what you are looking at that is happening in the world and it is the world that follow the guidance of the US, such a Truth is what verify that Obama does not have the power of that office, The President Of The United States.

    All presidents of the past that has held the office of the president, that came up through the political ranks generating honor and respect with a presence of influence.

    You have to have established a pattern of inside, either or all of what is needed to have the president with the trust and influence to lead the country.

    Such pattern has to consist of an Economic, or and an array of a combination of both, economic and political office experience, in order to become a president of the United States that follow a succession pattern of a political economic faction inside service.

    Obama hold the office of President of America by intent, the intent of that force of Factional power that allowed Obama to give off the appearance of President, but without the power of a President, because he had not earned the economic and political stripes that give such power of influence, and politics and political office require for the occupier of the office to have unquestionable Loyalty with Influence with the powerful and not a tool of the powerful.

    Obama does not have the political training to be President of America, he was initiated to become president of America and there is a very wide difference in the two action that qualify for becoming President of the United states Of America.

    Now, lets deal with Afrika Libya, Afrika as a Continent and the Black Afrika Afrikan, commonly referred to as the Afrikan Union.(AU)

    What you are observing today that is happening in the world, is a result of Millenniums of planning, that is why you had to have the creation of religion and within that institution, you have been made to believe in so call Prophets, they who warn you of what to come, as if they are getting information from God, but all the time, such prophetic prediction is no more than warning and informing what the Luciferian Illuminati Cabal has planned, and will allow during Time to come, a gaining of absolute control over the world, having Luciferians to be in a position to give to the world its religious God and savior.

    The only people in, but must not be of this Evil world, a people that has the potential to summon the use of power to defeat Lucifer World domination Plan, happen to be the Descendants Of those Cosmic Divine First way Black Beings, they being those people today, referred to as Black Afrika Afrikans.

    Lucifer knew he could not implement his world domination plan as long as the descendants of Divine Presence of Beings from another part of the Milky way Galaxy in the universe, is not defeated, meaning to have an occasion to lose control of the Divine Method of Thinking, (Mind) that which was and is a natural part of the Black Body presence.

    Beloved, The Black Afrikan is not treated as if invisible in the world for nothing, that is a must behavior of Lucifer, that is if Lucifer is to be successful in gaining control of the world.

    So what do Lucifer does, well he make sure that the Black People of this planet do not regain knowledge about Life and its association to the Divine essence, and the meaning and purpose of the Universe Cosmic relationship to the Divine Essence, and what we call Life, and its connection to it all, Divine truth and Reality.

    So, there is no mystery why the most powerful Nation on this Planet is now behaving as the weakest of all, as that potential powerful Black Nation observe how it is being circumvented, and invaders of Afrika is given the respect of being the force of people to determine the decisions to be made about a Land that is not common to them.

    Therefore, as I have shared with you Black people of the Middle Passage, you, as you carry the responsibility of Afrika outcome in the world, you sit silent as well, still trying to justify hiding behind the fact of our made to be ignorance about who we are, yet today, the Divine Truth has come and now condemn the Black Life for a lack of action to protect and preserve mother Afrika and to reassemble a United Black Divine Nation.

    I will stop here, but there is so much more that Black people need to know about the Black Body Life, and Time is causing a change in circumstance that affect Life, and the Divine mind is the only Method of operation that has an infinite Eternal relationship with space Motion, Time.

    Let Those with a desire to Activate The Divine mind, Know what I Have just shared with you, because the Profane mind will only smirk, and continue to remain active in our profane and religious living, as Afrika dissolve right before a Mind not calibrated to Think, which is the Mind in possession of the body Life of the AU, and most all other Black people.

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved
    Chief Elder
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