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The signs of the zodiac are the cornerstone of astrology. If you know the sign you were born under, you can learn much about yourself from it. Here are the twelve signs of the zodiac, their planetary rulers, and their interpretations:

If you were born between March 20th and April 20th: ARIES
Under the rulership of Mars: spontaneity, warmth, aggressiveness, elation, enthusiasm, strength, passion, courage, a spirit of initiative and enterprise, a zest for conquest, novelty and adventure. Full of vivacity but lacking in self-control or perseverance. Impulsive, rash, and inclined to outbursts of temperament. An original and exploratory mind.
Politically: an advocate of force; an extremist.

If you were born between April 21st and May 21st: TAURUS
Under the rulership of Venus: stable, well-balanced, calmly confident, strongly sensual, with a powerful appetite for life, simplicity, serenity and a slow tempo, but occasional rages and violent reactions. Faithfulness, steadfastness, industriousness, obstinacy, stubbornness, grudge bearing, patience. A practical and realistic mind, common sense.
In love matters: firm, faithful, and jealous in their feelings.
Politically: peace loving and protective toward the interests of those of similar status.

If you were born between May 21st and June 21st: GEMlNI
Under the rulership of Mercury: versatile character, flexible, light, youthful, clever, subtle, skillful, ingenious, gifted with know-how and very adaptable. But often unstable, anxious and complicated. A smart type, shrewd, cunning, having special skills, venturesome, sparkling, witty, excitable and nervous. A lively, quick mind.
In love matters: likes to flirt and/or play games, or forms an intellectual bond.
Politically: a theoretician or propagandist.

If you were born between June 22nd and July 22nd: CANCER
Under the rulership of the Moon: a fluctuating character, sensitive, emotional, impressionable, easily swayed, delicate, dreaming and maternal. Shy, pensive, self-effacing, retiring, childish, melancholic, attached to memories, the past and the family.
In love matters: tender, family-oriented, a “mother hen.”
Politically: unrealistic because they are overimaginative.

If you were born between July 23rd and August 23rd: LEO
Under the rulership of the Sun: a strong character, forceful, strong-willed, conscientious, idealistic, radiant, striking, abundant, powerful, virile, commanding, full of authority, having an ambition which achieves its aims, egotism and pride. A lucid, clear and logical mind.
In love matters: big-hearted but not free from selfishness.
Politically: gets to the top posts.

If you were born between August 23rd and Sept. 22nd: VIRGO
Under the rulership of Mercury: a studious nature, modest, retiring, sober, reserved, prudent, patient, with an eye to the future. Discriminating and precise, regular, strong interest in diet and hygiene, scrupulous and also eccentric. Practical, methodical, with administrative ability. An observant, analytical and critical intelligence.
In love matters: undemonstrative, serious, inclined to celibacy or a marriage based on good sense.
Politically: practical, reasonable, a supporter of order and organization.

If you were born between Sept. 23rd and October 22nd: LIBRA
Under the rulership of Venus: balanced and moderate, with a sense of proportion, harmony, appreciation of shades of meaning. A peaceful character, uncommitted, congenial and indecisive. Qualities of friendliness, courtesy, sociability, mildness and kindness. A mind with a gift for comparisons, standards and accord.
In love matters: refined, well-disposed, understanding.
Politically: moderate, between the two extremes, fair, conciliatory and enduring.

If you were born between October 23rd and Nov. 22nd: SCORPIO
Under the rulership of Mars and co-ruled by Pluto: an instinctive nature, violent, passionate, undisciplined, rebellious, imperious, hard, aggressive, sometimes full of animosity, but also anguished, obsessive and morbid. An instinctive mind, a “nose” for the good, curiosity.
In love matters: obsessed by physical pleasures, suffering outbursts of passion.
Politically: favors violence; extremist nature, aggressive, fiercely militant, combative.

If you were born between Nov. 23rd and Dec. 21st: SAGITTARIUS
Under the rulership of Jupiter: a thoughtful nature, reasonable, tendency to good works, conciliatory, trustful, loyal, generous. Persuasive, perceptive intelligence, more philosophical than practical.
In love matters: a calm, honest, straightforward sentiment; if thwarted, free and far-ranging affections.
Politically: on the side of the underdog; can be tolerant and conciliatory, or rebellious and in conflict.

If you were born between Dec. 22nd and Jan. 19th: CAPRICORN
Under the rulership of Saturn: an uncommunicative nature, enclosed, reserved, sober, disciplined, calm, reflective, patient, cold, detached, ambitious, with distant objectives. A rational mind, objective and rigorous; a geometric, abstract spirit.
In love matters: calm and detached, but faithful; a celibate.
Politically: ambitious, an ideal politician.

If you were born between Jan. 20th and Feb. 19th: AQUARIUS
Under the rulership of Uranus: a light, airy nature; vibrant, ethereal, sensitive, emotional and idealistic. Lacking in spirit, but self-sacrificing and able to devote themselves to a higher cause. A free-ranging, up-to-the-minute mind, interested in progress, reform, and new ideas.
In love matters: independent, whimsical, friendly.
Politically: often liberally progressive and in favor of reforms.

If you were born between Feb. 19th and March 20th: PISCES
Under the rulership of Neptune: a nature that seethes with concealed passions; fluid and unstable impressions, indefinable sensations and emotions. Inclined to fantasy, evasiveness, hypersensitivity, impressionability, indecisiveness, uncertainty; compassion, devotion and self-sacrifice. A poetic mind, intuitive, sensory and penetrating.
In love matters: sensual or mystical, self-sacrificing and dedicated.
Politically: produces visionaries, leaders of popular movements, or adventurers...
The signs of the zodiac exert strong influence on personal traits, abilities, and potentialities. In a general sense, for instance, Aries is associated with mental ability. Taurus implies physical force. An adaptable nature is under the patronage of Gemini. Cancer, on the other hand, stresses conservative tradition. Leo is exuberant and dominating. Virgo is critical. Libra is equated with justice. Daring men with initiative look toward Scorpio as their protector. Sagittarius denotes a dynamic personality. Intellectual capacity is conditioned by Capricorn. Humane traits belong to Aquarius, while a humble modesty hides behind Pisces.
There is a law of opposites in astrology. Each sign in a pair seeks and is attracted to the qualities of its opposing, yet complimentary sign. For example:

Aries wants to obtain the balanced judgment of Libra; Libra desires to have more of the self-direction of Aries. Taurus needs the rejuvenative powers of Scorpio, while Scorpio seeks the inner stability of Taurus. Gemini wishes to develop the breadth of vision embodied in Sagittarius, while Sagittarius searches for the alacrity and methodology of Gemini. Cancer seeks the power, endurance and discipline of Capricorn; Capricorn seeks the softness and understanding of Cancer. Leo needs the social communicativeness of Aquarius, while Aquarius searches for the individuality and strength of purpose embodied in Leo. Virgo is trying to find the complete selflessness of Pisces, while Pisces desires the ability to discriminate in its self-assertions, as does Virgo...


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