Black People : The Signifcance of 9/11 to African People

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    1. the number of sisters and
    brothers that were needlessly
    murdered in that False Flag
    Operation, working at the
    World Trade Center that day, and the suffering cuased their families

    2 The Black firefighters, EMS and clean up crew, as well as those livng in windfall of that area who died of cancer, or are permanently disabled within the last 10 years

    3 The Patriot Act and Homeland Security, tha has the right, legal right,
    to literlay snatch any blac counity activist, trump carges on her or him,
    lok the up indefinatly like Mumia Abu Jamal, but with the exepsion of not being allowed to have contact with ones family, or lgal council, or the priveledgeof being told wy one has been abducted

    4 34 million black folk losing privacy of all telphone calls, emails and web surfing history,
    much of this co-opted for non securiy purposes but instead for he benfit ofmarketresearch, as well as denial of employment, home purchase, and credit

    5 the military aquiring the right to harrass black parents in their homes with phone calls to entice their children into military service in a BS war

    having the right to sieze such childrens high scholrecords, in black communites, and in some states the right to sieze a childs social seurity number.

    6 The militariation of schools and the placement of aggresive recruitment centers in pubic school facilities during school hours

    7 The induction of hundreds of thousands of sisters and brothers, into awar based on lies,
    so they bear the karma of taking inocent lives under orders, get killed in friendly fire, as well as wind up raped and mudered,
    many coming home in coffins, scared for life physicaly or mentaly,
    and unable to get judiious treatment for their injuries, regardles of how severe,
    and many unable to find employment, coming home to foreclosed houses, and eviction notices

    8 The 8 year decimation of the Black community by that knumbskull Bush, becuase he needed that trillion to get Saddams oil and coninue opium growth in Afghanistan,
    instead of the basic services we paid our taxes for.

    9 The creation by Bush of AFRICOM a military recolonization concern,
    to use terrorism as an excuse to loot the motherland

    10 the same opium, made into heroin, in Pakistan and Kabul, and then dumped into the Black community,
    with the brother that played Malcolm, playing CIA tool Frank Lucas asa hero, as a dope slinging campaign

    11 at present the new adminstration CIA hit laws, now make it legal
    to have assasinated Dr King, Malcolm, Medgar Evers, and Fred Hampton,
    without any jive cover story

    12 The psychological trauma that every person of Afrcan descent, must deal with,
    upon the realization of the "Real Story"
    becuase Black folks have been watching "Loose Change"
    all over the planet for over 5 years now and in 7 languages

    and to have to realize that they may pull this stunt again and that none of our lives since that day

    are any more secure, then when we were suffocating in the hull of those save ships during the middle passage