Black People : THE SICK SOCIETY, by Chief Osiris

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    Hoteph My Dear beloved Haywood:

    Beloved, your sound, coming through these writing seem so genuine and
    sincere, and I feel the concern you express about the evil that is involved
    with the world.

    I say to you my dear beloved, look at the Black society as a Nation, do you
    see anything anymore sicker than the Black Afrikan nation? and you all know
    how my Love flow for the Black Afrikan nation, but this is not a Time for
    us to play ostrich, the Black nation is in a dying and wretched condition
    and as the Black Afrikan Nation, so is the world, and that is why everything
    look so bleak to you my dear brother, all because you care and choose to see
    things as they are and not as you hope or wish them to be.

    As the Black Afrikan goes, so goes the world.

    Well now some may say, you speak as a foolish man, what does the condition
    of Afria and the Black Afrikan people have to do with the state of condition
    of the world? and I say, for you to ask such a question only serve as
    evident of how effective the mind of the Black Nation has been demolished,
    to the point, the Black Afrikan Nation is unable to associate events of
    happening with the mental state of Black people.

    Then you might say, Elder, you pin to many flowers on the Black Afrikan
    Nation, you elevate us to a level that we do not deserve because we are no
    more special than any of the other Nations that make up this sick world, and
    I say, how deep does our Alzheimer goes in the mind of the Black Afrikan

    Beloved, is there no significance to what has happen in the past, to show
    that such can qualify one to predict what will and is to happen in the

    Is this I speak, to be chalked up as hysteria, a sign of me speaking out of
    my head in a mental deranged kind of way?

    I ask, who are we (Black Folks I speak of ) to judge profoundness, when we
    can not uplift ourselves up out of this dammed and wretched condition we
    found ourselves in, such a condition of the Black Afrikan Nation, preclude
    the Black Afrikan from being capable or qualified to criticize anything
    spoken of, or is being suggested about the Black Afrikan nation in a
    profound way that reflect the Divine Nature we once possessed, thus giving
    us the power and ability to structure and guide the world into a high and
    stable civilization, a once civilization that was praised for its healthy
    concept of physical and spiritual morality and judgement.

    Yet here is brother Haywood, bearing witness to how sick, he said society,
    but I am going to advance that sickness to include the world, with the Black
    Afrikan Nation leading the way with this sickness of immorality and a
    militaristic nature.

    Well now, you might say, Elder Osiris, you are now being a little to harsh
    on Black folks, and I say, I am not being harsh enough, because we are still
    acting a fool against and toward each other, desiring to only just beg this
    devil of a white man for everything we are to get and now have, such is a
    sign of a very unhealthy and sick Black Nation.

    Well we might say, well we are not the only people begging and you are not
    talking about them in like manner, and I say, I am only concern at this
    moment in Time, with the Black Afrikan Nation, because I know how far we
    have fallen from our thrown of perfect health and when the Black Afrikan
    Nation was healthy, so was the world healthy.

    Well, I can hear us now, as we say, that was then and this is now and I say,
    have you no knowledge of the teaching of our Ancient Black Afrikan
    Ancestors? they taught us that there is nothing that is new under the sun
    and they are those that coined the phrase, what goes around come around, and
    as it was in the beginning, so shall it be again, and that is why I continue
    to ask the black Afrikan Nation the question, what are we waiting on, don't
    you know that the world move and experience the condition that the Black
    Afrikan experience, and today that experience reflect a lost and degenerated
    unhealthy black Afrikan Nation, and so it is what the world is now

    Therefore I will maintain my obedience to the gods of our most Ancient Black
    Afrikan Ancestors, when they so command that I remind the Black Afrikan
    Nation of the status we once occupied in the world and how the world looked
    toward us at one time for guidance, therefore I say today, as the Black
    Afrikan Nation goes, so goes the world.

    It is time for the Black Afrikan Nation to return back to the God and ways
    of our most Ancient Black Afrikan Ancestors, but to remain disobedient, will
    assure our present status in the world, with the disease to get even worse
    and if left to continue to fester, such wound of mental blindness, if left
    untreated, a cure will eventual move beyond our reach.

    Have the Black Afrikan Nation become immune to having the desire for peace,
    joy, independence and the sovereign of life again?

    As brother Haywood has said, and I say correctly so, This Society Is Sick
    and So Is The World.

    Chief elder
    Sankofa Repatriation movement

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    > How can this go on. Every day we get tid-bits of news of just how sick
    > this world is. Crimes being committed that is unthinkable, in reference
    > to families, wives, children, husbands. I do not knock the door down on
    > sundays going to church. I believe in the creator, why does all of this
    > continue. Oh please God please help us. are we to continue in our plight
    > of this destruction. It sickens me to see so many of our people copying
    > sadistic thinking of others. There would not be a world, if Our people
    > had not been sane, rational, adventurous, and all that other good stuff.
    > This cannot last, so be ready when the time comes.
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    the sick society...

    chief elder,i agree with all that you say sir and as always my stance is that each of us individually has to look at him and herself and decide that things within ones self has to improve,because the biggest lies we tell are not to others...but to ourselves.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    it's getting worse

    this soft generation that they're nuturing
    will be medicated and
    in constant mental health therapy

    in the next 4 to 5 years

    watch what i tell you

    better buy those stocks now