Chief Elder Osiris : The Self-Destruction Of Black Consciousness

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    The Self Destruction Of Black consciousness.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Might Hear You.

    Primal Man Has Only One Purpose In Life, And That is to find out what Is not, and know why It is, what It is not.

    Let me share this with you, before I begin to share with you that which is given to me to share with you today, yet all that I share with you, is revealed to me.

    I m not engulfed in modesty nor in grandiose self vanity, guided by a mind pregnant with ego in a state of incubation with envy which emerge in jealousy.

    Meaning, I do not function based upon what the Afrikan believe about me, when I know the Divine True state of the Afrikan conscious.

    There are some Black Afrikans in Afrika and out of Afrika, who has a problem with Divine Information, that which come from the Afrikan who did not come to America with a visa stuck in the pocket, or a green card to validate you being in America legal.

    I have News for you Afrikans in America with your so call legal documents, all Black Afrikans sporting your immigration papers showing your destination to be America and looking down on the Diaspora Afrikan, you represent Afrikans who has self destruct conscious, because of a lack of Black Afrika and Black Nation pride.

    You who come to America, and the Afrikan who remain in Afrika, believing that the Black Afrikan in America is not qualified to know about Afrika and what happen to Afrika and Afrikan people.

    Oh yes, something destructively happened to the Afrikan in America, we who are here not by way of the Middle passage and has come with your papers in your pocket, believing you have more of a connection to Afrika than the Children of the middle passage, acting as if there is nothing the child of the America Enslavement can inform you about your Destructive Black Conscious self.

    You come and you relate to nothing that is of importance to the Diaspora Afrikan, voicing not your sentiment and understanding about the Need of All Afrikans Reparation, you act as if you have entered the era of the 1500 in America.

    News flash to you immigrating Afrikan Americans, if there was not a journey through the middle passage by our Ancestors held in Enslavement, there would be no Afrika now, and no probability of an Afrika united for today.

    Afrika and the Unity of the Black Afrikan Nation is depended upon the state of conscious of the Children of those Afrikans who were brought here at bottom of ships, in chains, making the fact be, there is no Liberation of Afrika and no unity to come to the Black Afrikan Nation, with out the Black Conscious of the Diaspora Black Afrikans.

    Now, allow me to share with you what I am obligated to share with the Black Afrikan, it being information revealed to me without me contemplating upon what I am to share with you, which would make me to be common as all of the others who make claim to be your leaders, and do not have Divine information to share with you.

    Be it recorded here, Osiris make no claim to be a Leader of Black Afrikan People, I am just a simple man just about to the end of his journey, who has been given the ability to see you Black people as you have allowed yourselves to become, self- destructive.

    So now, may your Mind continue as you will have it to be guided by your leaders, who tell you nothing you do not already believe.

    Beloved, are you Black people not aware that all that you need to know about yourselves, about the Universe, and about the GOD Of Infinity, reside within your Black Divine Conscious intuitive self?

    All Divine information come from the Intuitive Component of your Black Body, which consist of a Soul, Mind, and Spirit action, which is capable of Freeing our Black Body Life, information that you know not now, because you have been made to forget such Divine information that we all are in possession of, as Divine Beings.

    Therefore, I have been made aware that I am to share that which we forgotten, not that I claim to know what you are not capable to know.

    So, my effort is not grounded nor is it based upon what you believe about me, but about what I have had revealed about Me, thus about You Black Afrikan people.

    Because, you and I come from the same Infinite process, which give us the universal Right To Be As we are, and not made to Be as we are, But As We Must become as We are not meant to be, A Fool for others, and an idiot unto ourselves.

    Beloved, Divine Truth is not to be proved!!!

    There is no obligation set upon the Master Teacher to prove the Divine Truth, only lies and acts to deceive has a want to be proved to be true, therein reveal the evil of the two action, Lies and Deception, always calling for that which is Divinely True to be proven.

    No, No Beloved, Esoteric Information is what cause your Mental ascension, which is caused by the action of your Divine intuitive self, the self you have lost all respect for, because you no longer are shown how to get back in awareness of that Divine aspect of your internal energy Action.

    Today, there is a Brand New Black Afrikan, you who now function with a conscious that is Destroyed by you, not by your oppressors, the Lucifer of the world, but by you Black people not desiring to know the Universal Nature of the Black Body life.


    What are you doing?

    Well Beloved, I am sharing with you that which I have shared here thus far, and is about to share more Divine information with you about you, like it or not, Afrikan in Afrika or Afrikan out of Afrika, Divine Truth Remain the same about the Divine Being made to become Human Being.

    Beloved, there is a basic fundamental difference between the Brand New Afrikan and the Afrikan of our Past.

    Take for instance the Brand New Afrikan birth date, it occurred in the so White man year of 1964, the Time of the beginning of the self destruction of The Black conscious, making it to become the end of Black consciousness, the former representing the dawning of the era of Black Afrikan integration/assimilation, while the latter represent the Conscious of the need for Black Separation, Black Power, and with the conscious of knowing that the Black Afrikan of Old, must maintain a conscious that has the knowledge of the importance of there being only One Aim, One Goal, One Destination, Afrika, and a United Black Afrikan Nation.

    Integration/Assimilation gave birth to the Destruction Of Black Afrikan consciousness, and without that level of conscious being active by the Black Mind, then Destruction is the end result of the Black Conscious.

    Where there is not a Black Conscious, there can not be a Remembrance of a Divine Conscious and without a Divine conscious, there is no communication with the Divine intuitive self, it being the attribute to the soul, and soul is the verification of the Divine Essence, the infinite God being What Is not, but all what Is Not To Be, A Divine Truth that Need Not to Be Proven.

    The Today Brand New Afrikan with a Self Destructive Conscious, can not know and Understand the the Evil of Tribalism as it apply to the Divinity Of The Black Being.

    You Black People have lost all knowledge of your Intuitive Self, what a Lost.

    Such a Lost is what have Afrika fast becoming Asia and Afrikans with the Lost of our Black Conscious, becoming Arab in the name of Arabic Religion.

    Islam, the weapon that cause the Self Destruction Of The Black Consciousness, along with all of the oppressors Religion in Afrika, it serving as the weapon of Afrika and the Blak Afrikan Mass Destruction, as a United People Upon This Planet Earth.

    Let The wise Among The Black Minds that Still Hold True to The Black Conscious, Know And Bare witness to The Divine Truth, That Which Need not to Be Proved.

    Beloved, I mean No One any disrespect, My Obligation Is to Share The Divine Truth Is Set, And you May accept It Or Reject It.

    My obligation to you does Not change, I seek nothing from you but for you to act to reclaim your freedom, And my love for Afrika and for you Black Divine Beings, Is my Motivation for My action.

    Be Kind To Yourself, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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