Chief Elder Osiris : The Selection of Obama Had Nothing To Do With George Bush!!!

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved please forgive me for the rapidness in sharing with you, it is as if our Ancient Ancestors are driving me to share this Divine Truth with you and I am sure there are others who are in the know of the Divine Truth is under this requirement as well and I really do not mean to annoy you, beloved, yet I know what I am being given to share with you , it is causing Anger to swell up in many of you, but that is of no fault of mine, beloved.

    You know beloved, in a way I have something in common with Richard Nixon, I am motivated to share that which I share on these boards because I am numbered with the Silent Majority of the Black so call Afrikans, we who are now being held in captivity in America and most of those Silent Majority Afrikans have been and still is being taken advantage of because they did not then, and still do not now, have the opportunity to hear the difference in the ideas, perspective, and the Black Nationalist philosophy concerning the Black Life journey upon this planet that eventually caused us to end up in our present state of mind in America, they are unaware of the significance for the back to Afrika call, and wherever Black Folks are located upon this Earth planet today, such a call apply and the silent Black Majority have the right to hear the different take on what the solution is to the Black World problem in this world, as oppose to the information being fed by the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers to them.

    Hell, there are now some Black Folks who believe that Black Folks do not have any problems that we did not cause to come upon our own selves and that is the kind of message the Silent Black Majority is now exposed to and is coming from the brand new Afrikan American Melting pot Dwellers.

    We Afrikans who claim to be so Black and aware of what is going on in this White Man world, yet you sit idly around bragging about your imational so call Black Nationalism, Pan-Afrikanism, your Afrikan American kemetians knowledge, your Afrikan in America Egyotologist spiritualism, your astrological awareness, all of which are not giving the opportunity to the silent Afrikan in American Majority a strategy, a plan and a goal that will serve to the Greater Good of the Silent Majority Black Folks, they who always are being hustled along to the oppressors by the Afrikan American and is taken advantage of by the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers.

    So now hear I am and have been given the Time to remain on this planet to witness in Real Time a segment of the once Divine earthly family to be guided by a mind that cause us to literally hatefully disrespect our Blackness and to have no nerve function which is what cause us to be physically paralyze from making any effort to cause freedom and independence for Afrika and the Afrikan people in Afrika, so that we can become once again familiar with each other Divine Mind as we take off the mind of our oppressors and to have a feeling of a connection to the Land call Afrika.

    it was the Divine Truth that was before now, when we were in the know of and with the mind that made us aware of that quality of Truth and that is the mind we must allow ourselves to inform the silent majority of the Mentally captured Black Afrikans Melting Pot Dwellers.

    We must do all we can and with intense agressiveness inform the Silient Majority of Afrikan People about what the cause was that have had a self debasing effect on the mind of those Black Afrikans who now are in America by way of the middle passage and now in Afrika there reside the same mental virus that have Afrika not to be Afrika any more and have caused the Afrikan People not to know when to be joyous and when to be angry over all that have caused the down fall of the Black World today.

    You see beloved, the selection of Obama to become America next president had nothing to do with George Bush, it had to do all about Black so call Afrikans as the powerful elites in the world knew what would be Black people reaction and the Mental blinding euphoria it would bring to the so call Black Afrikan in America, in Afrika, and every where else we are on this planet shouting that America has over come its Racism and prejudice against black so call Afrikans and that America belong to the Black Afrikans now, as we shout that Black Afrikan Americans now have been allowed to share ownership to the deed of America, by Obama being selected to be the 44th president of America.

    Such a claim and outward demonstration of uncontrollable happiness by the Afrikan Americans can not help but to be influential to the Silent Majority of Black People in America who occupy the Lower, Lower Class Caste in America social economic stratum, they who now are being told that Dr King Dream is to be their Dream and it is that Dream that has now come true by the selection of Obama as President of America.

    Yet if I should have to beat the drum of Liberation that will take us away from America alone, I will do so, because it is down right criminal the way the evil lying and deceiving phony liberal element in America and the world, along with the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers, how they are working to secure the demise of the Black so call Afrikan Nation, that is if if those of us who are True Garveyites and have a mind that is in the know of the Divine truth about this evil world and do nothing but to allow the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers to continue to lead the Silent Majority of Black Afrikans in America to believe that Obama represent the savior of Afrika and the Black World, when in fact if left alone, the Afrikan Americans will assist the oppressors in bringing about the demise of the Black World by causing the Mental death of the silent majority of the Black Afrikans in America and is here by way of the middle passage.

    The silent Black Afrikans in America, they are our waterloo, our Normandy, we must protect them, we must incite them to desire to be free and not be defeated and we must show and tell them where that freedom reside, which is not in America but in Afrika.

    The Afrikan Americans have been fighting the Black Nationalist Garveyites every since Garvey came to America and not since Garvey have the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers been vigorously defended against their Racial Assimilation Doctrine, which now have the Silent Black majority believing that the boot strap lie has now become the Truth and the Rhetoric that misleads Black Children telling them that they can become anything they want to become in America and unless the Black Nationalist efficiently puts up a counter claim to the you can be anything you want to be in America, so the Silent Majority of Black People in America can know the difference concerning the Realness of Black Folks position and condition in America and we must win this fight that the Afrikan Americans Melting Pot Dwellers have been fighting against the Race First Theology and we Garveyite Black Nationalist must let the Melting Pot Dwellers know, that we just now have begun to fight their Afrikan American Traitorous action.

    This Afrikan American melting Pot Dwellers euphoria is nothing new, this type of seasonal Afrikan America excitement come by the orchestration by the powerful in the world, they who never take their eyes off of the Black World in fear that it may attempt to regain the Mind that they took from us Divine Beings, the Mind that came to us from our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Universal Ancestors.

    Every so often do the oppressors of the Black World allow an act by them to excite the Black World, it happen with Lincoln, Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Bobby, Dr. King, the sixities Rebellion, The Million Man March and now Obama, with Obama representing the Mountain Top that King Saw through the prism of religion which verify that it all was just an illusion.

    So here we Black Folks are, claiming to have founded a True Love for America while at the same Time you do not even have a like for Afrika, your Mother and Father Land, and you can not see what the oppressors have done to you by giving to you Obama to become president of America and there you go making claim that the fight for Black Folks Justice is over, we Black Folks in America is Free to pursue our goals in America without interference from a Racism in America that is no more, so say the Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers, liars and deceivers they have been made to become in America.

    Tell me where is all of the White folks euphoria excitement, where is all of the unity with jubilation, all done by a oneness of America that you so claim to be, how sad and pitiful the Afrikan American melting Pot Dwellers have been programmed to be and now you are out to subdue the silent majority of the Lower, Lower Caste Class in America at the direction of the oppressors because that is the element the oppressors do not ever want the Black Nationalist to have influence with again, as we had for a moment during the sixties and now here we are again and the fight for our liberation must be completed in this twenty first century because Afrika and the Black World survival depend upon it to be.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    word....thank u chief for the words of wisdom....