Black Poetry : The Seed Of Black Women

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    The Seed Of Black Women
    Author Jacqueline Amos/Ashanta The-Nigerian-Women-And-Fashion-Industry.jpeg
    I have seen the whip of the black leather;
    I have been the warrior, and I have led my
    brothers to the other side, I am Black woman;
    Judge me not by those who come in my face.
    Judge me at the bar Of God;
    I am loyal to my Fathers House.
    I am the eyes that man can see,
    I am the shoulder when he needs to lean
    I am the heart beat when it skips a beat
    I am the laughter when the world brings him tears;
    I am the blue print of the Queen
    I am the womb that creates the nations of my King

    The black women the Creations of the majestry,
    A seed a black diamond, the son and daughter of the earth.
    By the blood of the land, I women give life.
    I herd a voice as the diamond appeared in the light.
    I the jewel of Gods paradise has came to life.
    The irruption of fallen angels was the attempt to
    prevent the coming of the seed of the women.

    In Heaven there was war, the spirit of black
    Women image of darkness,
    I black women the incubator of all Gods creations.
    I felt my mother’s pain as I flowed through her womb.
    The seed of women, the chariot of love.
    And I herd a loud voice the birth of a king.
    The seed of the women, the scars upon her back.
    The blood she wares in the palms of her hands.
    I wept as Jesus, standing before the cross.
    Oh thy God why have man forsaken me.
    The black diamond of your love.

    The mountain said to the seed humble within your heart,
    Meditate before you speak, I will give you the mouth of wisdom,
    All your adversaries shall not be able to pull your strength.
    Black woman shall witness all and deliver unto nations
    And then shall the end come.
    The seed of Women, the chosen of Gods black pearl.
    Before all times thy God shall lay his hands upon you,
    The sacred grounds of creations,
    Piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit.
    Women shall rally for the coming of tradition,
    Resurrection of man to come.

    Heavenly Father protects me from self.
    There are times I feel I can’t go on .
    The lonely nights I have spent.
    Holding my face in my head
    The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.
    Take me through the passage of righteousness
    Guide me to the tunnel of forgiveness.
    Take me by my hands and guide.

    Purify my soul in the name of heaven.
    Baptize my love that I may see.
    The Kingdom of Heaven.

    There are times I know I am wrong.
    The flesh gets weak when I should be strong.
    These words call love, has hunted my turf.
    The blinders sometimes refuse to come off.
    There are times that I pray.
    And the voices that come within my head.

    The angels whisper in my ear.
    Instead of embracing it I fear.
    The message that comes from above.
    If I would just be obedient to the first sign.
    Oh father you know my heart.

    The inner person that I battle with inside.
    Lord protects me from self.
    To be a women is a battle within it self.
    Understanding that love comes from our
    Almighty above, without you dear God
    I can’t go on, Lord continue to bless
    My family tree, I women the black seed.
    There are times when the storm is above my head.
    I pray for calmness that I may sleep.
    Surrendering my love only to you.
    The loneliness seeks through my window.
    I then long for the flesh to be near.
    Father protects me from self.
    As Adam and Eve tempted by the flesh
    Knowing it was forbidden.
    I give honor to you my God.
    Protect me from the devils revenge.

    Noumi [email protected]