Black People : The secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews

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    Secret relationship between Blacks & Jews
    Volume 1& 2
    Book Review Part 1 of 2
    By Andre Austin

    Several years ago I purchased the secret relationship Volume 1. I was then intimidated from writing or speaking about it. I was impressed with the exhaustive research and found it incredible that the Nation of Islam (NOI) called it Volume 1. I could figure their would be a Volume 2 because I thought everything possible was already said. It appears that round 2 and three are on.

    The prominent Jewish leaders are not taking Farrakhan seriously. These Volumes are a public relations disaster on the part of the Jewish community. Why? Because everything a Jewish person has done bad, wrong, evil is being aired publicly. Black civil organizations are afraid of the chosen people because they receive donations and stipends from them. The NOI books are a cancer on the Jewish people business relationship between blacks and Jews. Volume 1 was a powerful historical sting which outlined in part:

    1. Jewish owners of ships
    2. Marketing of Jewish brothels of sex sells of Mulattos, quadroons and Octoroons
    3. Jewish Chaplain’s in the Confederate States
    4. Secretary of War of the Confederacy was Jewish
    5. Jews helped capture Nat Turner who rebelled against the slave system
    6. Census reports detailing Jewish slave owners
    7. Jewish Wills outing their last wishes for their slave property
    8. Marriage Contracts with conditions the husband will not buy female slaves for housekeepers (concubines).
    9. During slave times male Jews raped ( called recreation) black woman who had to submit to everything her master desired.
    10. Jewish adds in newspapers offering rewards for runaways.
    11. Jewish newspapers advocating slavery and bringing up the Ham and Canaan religious lies on black people.

    12. Jewish constables, Jailers, sheriffs and Turnkeys who made up the police force that helped keep blacks in bondage.

    13. Jewish Bankers who helped finance the transatlantic slave trade.

    The effects of this unspeakable relationship is that Jews participated in every aspect of the international slave trade. The Jewish/Black relationship had shifted from Slave-owners/slave to merchant/Consumer but with the same effect-Jews continued to exploit, at first the manpower and then the economic power of their former slaves. This duality became the foundation of the modern relationship between Blacks and Jews as the tumultuous 19th century came to a close.
    How did a people evolve into the minds of the masses that they could do no wrong? Maybe the concept of the Chosen people of God as outlined in the Old Testament? When we step into the New Testament the individual is the determining factor in being Chosen. If you choose the faith with Jesus and God, God in turn has Chosen you. The Jews are no longer the Chosen. Anybody by his faith and works can be Chosen now. The Jews failed in their task of getting knowledge/salvation from the Egyptian priests and transmitting it correctly without taint to the masses through out the world.

    The Hebrews wrote the so called Babylonian Talmud stating that homosexual Ham castrated Noah:

    “Now I can’t beget the fourth son whose children I would have ordered to serve you and your brothers. Therefore it must be Canaan, your first born, whom they enslave. And since you have disabled me…doing ugly things in blackness of night. Canaan’s children shall be born ugly and black! Moreover, because you twisted your head around to see my nakedness, your grandchildren’s hair shall be twisted into kinks, and their eyes red; again because your lips jested at my misfortune, their shall swell; and because you neglected my nakedness s, they shall go naked, and their male penis shall be shamefully elongated. Men of this race are called Black, their forefather Canaan commanded them to love theft and fornication, to be banded together in hatred of their masters and never tell the truth”

    The early years of the Jewish controlled Hollywood perpetuated the Ham/Canaan curse with showing Black eyes swelling up with big lips, stealing all the time and sexually insane with Monkey business going on all the time. They mock our so-called nappy hair and always associated kinky with sex. However, the new twist is white females getting butt and lip injections to make it look like the original women’s and the forever tanning coffins which is a cancer tomb. By the 1960’s and 70’s Hollywood switched from making the Blackman look like a beast to spreading the ideas of intermarriage and integration from which Farrakhan calls the devils last trick.

    When racial strife brings in dividends and compensation how can we squash the conflict with the NOI and the Jewish community? We need a master architect to build that bridge to harmony from tension in the same way Betty Shabazz and her daughter Qubilah did with Farrakhan in the late 90’s. At the least Farrakhan, who is getting late up in his age, should now be thinking of legacy. The Million Man March eclipse MLK’s march on Washington in terms of numbers. King’s was political, Farrakhan’s was spiritual atonement between blacks themselves. The table of reconciliation, & Equality begins with a spirit of forgiveness. The Jewish community has handled the secret relationship like the ship captain handled the Titanic. Its no longer operable to call Farrakhan a new Black Hitler like some of the crazy whites call Obama. Farrakhan has the upper hand but his Obituary will read the apostle of Hate instead of black liberator. MLK was the apostle of peace. My critique comes as an admirer, not a member, of Farrakhan who wants to see him get bigger and better. Not from the international superstardom the Jewish hatred of him has created. But as a man who was able to build an impossible bridge. The Jewish community has failed to counter Farrakhan with positive side of their relationship with the Black community. Bringing up 2 or three dead Jewish teenagers 50 years ago during the Civil Rights Movement is no longer operable.

    Farrakhan has now released volume 2 of his secret relationship of Blacks and Jews. This time Farrakhan has made a preemptive move by requesting Black leaders, writers and others wait for the Jewish community to respond to Volume 2 which is nothing but quotes from Jewish sources anyway.

    I’m just waiting on the sidelines to see if a bridge of peace can be constructed.

    TO BE CONTINUED with Book review of Volume 2
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    Often times I wish someone would take off the masquerade from off the faces of these so-called Jews and stop calling them or referring to them as Jews. The guys were converted to Judaism in the 7th century.:)