Black Short Stories : The Secret part 3 Leah's reality

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    It has been months since Brandon and I broke up. I decided to really buckle down and give my studies the needed attention. I'm going into my sophomore year barely making a 3.0. If my parents new I had perfect attendance at the clubs they would surely pull me out and closer to home.

    I can't explain the change in me. Alese has been an awesome friend, but I find myself getting very jealous of her love interest. I guess I need to get a life and think of the moment we had as a passing fling. Maybe curiosity got the best of us. I would be lying if I siad I never find myself drifting away thinking of her soft kisses and moans. I decided to move into a place of my own. I could no longer take the temptation.

    I was trying to grab a bite to eat before I went to pick up my keys for my new apartment. I stopped off at the neighborhood chicken joint around the block from the student housing. I made my way to the door, and there where some neighborhood guys just hanging out swapping hood rat ghetto epics. Who screwed who. Who got shot. Who just bought the fattest rims. You know typical BS. The loudest one of the group blocked the door. Wassup Ma let me holla atchu for a minute. **** u phat as hell. I like them thick chicks. Excuse me? I asked. I'm just trying to get a bite to eat. OHHH I see u one of dem high post college chicks . U don't have time for a Jigga like me huh? I replied nah Dawg I would spend too much time trying to get u to pull up ya pants and get a haircut. Sorry it wouldn't work Now if u would move. I would like to get my eat on. That's OK Biatch. U ya not that cute anyway.

    UGGGH this is why I haven't dated anyone is six months it seems like everyone I run into disgust me. I make an order for some wings and fries and I hear a familiar voice behind me. Wassup Leah? They don't serve delightful Danishes and tea up in this joint chu doing ova here. What does it look like I'm doing Rashawn? U always have Jokie Jokes when I see you. Clam down girl it's only a joke. Well that fool outside just got real iggnorant with me. Sorry I didn't mean to take it out on you. Well here is my order I'll see you around . Bye Rashawn. Yeah shorty holla at me some time, let me know how ya doing. OK take care. Wow what a strange request me and Rashwan haven't been on the best of terms. I was so sure he was the reason Brandon broke up with me. Rashawn's interest seemes so genuine. He has calmed down a lot and I rarely see him at any of the spots. I think Brandon has a new crew of jock flunky's hanging around him lately.

    Now I have to pass this fool again. Excuse me. I need to get through. Oh no problem Biatch. Say the magic word. I got your Biatch. Now move! As I push my way through this Jigga grabs a handful of ***. I screamed and dropped my food. Before I could turn around Rashawn had stepped to this guy and knocked him out cold. The other guys just watched and said hey Rashawn we didn't know she was your girl. Man no disrespect. Well now u know when u see her don’t even look her way. Yo Leah here take my food, and I’ll catch up with u lata. Stunned I got into my car and walked away. I had never seen him that mad. Nor have I ever seen him step to any dood over a female.

    I stayed up all night thinking about Rashawn and wondering just what was he thinking about. I tossed and turned. I started to fantasize about him. He was about 6’2. dark in complexion with skin so smooth and flawless. He had light brown eyes and rocked a tight fade with waves. Rashwan was definitely a lady killer. My ex use to run after him as if he had been a Gawd. I laid there totally relaxed. I began to touch myself and thoughts of passionate kisses filled my mind. Rashawn touching me ever so gentle. Pulling me closer to him holding the small of my back . He begins to inhale me as the kiss gets deeper. He tells me he would never hurt me or let anyone hurt me. He whispers in my ear for me to feel his growing manhood. I begin to give into him. Tears begin to gently fall down my cheek . My apprehension only makes him hold me tighter. Leah you’re worth waiting for. I’ll always be here for you.
    Too bad this is just a fantasy. After today I don’t know what to expect from him. I'm willing to find out.
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    whoa !! beware beware !!!
    deep story
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    tyte story. i want much love :)