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    Hoteph Dearly Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    This is a message to those Afrikans who Care Soulfully about Afrika and you
    might ask, what is soulfully caring for a Nation and its values look like,
    and how does it manifest itself, I say you need look no further than Iraq
    and once upon a Time, the people of Palestine, who seem to have been subdued
    by the forces of evil and deception.

    It is the secondary problem to Afrika that give weight to its primary
    problem, which gain its strength from Afrika secondary problem and that
    problem is the people of Afrikan descent, be we at home or abroad.

    We Afrikans carry the spirit and soul of those that conquered the very life
    of a people, I most certainly do not speak of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors,
    of whom we carry no honor for today, as we label them as being the dead
    past, deserving not our respect.

    The inaction of the Afrikan, serve as evidence that we Afrikans desire to
    emulate the colonialist and the the descendants of those that Enslaved our
    Afrikan Ancestors and practice the attitude and behavior of Racism,
    prejudice and acts of discrimination against the Descendants Of those who
    were Enslaved under the evil Institution call Chattel Slavery.

    It is the Afrikan in Afrika as well as the Afrikans in the Diaspora, here
    by way of the middle passage, we do serve as enablers and reinforcers of the
    mentality of those that do oppress, even unto this day, us Afrikans, and our
    behavior and attitude reflect that same belief they hold of us, such we now
    hold about ourselves as Afrikans.

    Such secondary self imposed oppression is very vivid among the Afrikan,
    because you see, it is a poor excuse of an Afrikan that attempt to view the
    world from an oppressed position objectively, such is the teaching and
    indoctrination that was and is passed on to the Afrikan Mind by the master
    deceiver, those we Afrikans now hold up to high esteem.

    It is the believing of the Afrikan that Race does not matter and it is only
    a figment of our imagination and a social construct that has no affinity to
    Nature at all, such is the belief now, of the Afrikan and such a belief is
    what cause us to become the secondary problem to Afrika and the Afrikan.

    Now that the Genome has been mapped to the N'th degree, the Genes so set the
    stage and direction of all things alive, I liken the genetic make-up of all
    things as being the intelligence of what we call God, a chemical sequence of
    action that is unique to itself and is responsible for the way we appear in
    our different and unique form and the mental growth and development of each
    specie in accordance to its own kind and that difference is what we label

    Let us get back to the secondary problem to Afrika and the Afrikan.

    It is the Afrikan that adapt to its oppression and go the step further and
    defend the very source that is responsible for our oppression, the social
    and psychological aspect that cause the problem to be among and within us
    AFRIKANS and with such a Soulful defect, we become the secondary problem to
    Afrika and the Afrikan, because such a sickness prevent the victim from
    being able to acknowledge its illness, let alone do something about it.

    The Afrikan is arrogant, egotistical and consumed with jealousy in the midst
    of the Afrikan oppression, refusing to even acknowledge that freedom and
    Justice escape the Afrikan, you see beloved, such state of mind as Peace and
    Justice and Freedom, they are universal terms of description, such terms are
    the expression of the Universe by mere fact of how it operate and are we not
    a part of the Universe?

    Therefore, should we not be privileged to enjoy such universal attributes of
    expressed experience?

    Yes, Yes beloved Afrikans, the Afrikan is the secondary problem to Afrika
    and the Afrikans and is the most potent of the two problems that is killing
    Afrika and the Afrikan today, as I speak, because one can not be without the

    So beloved, here is the Atom Bomb that is in a continuous explosion that is
    contributing to the destruction of Afrika and the Afrikan, with the Afrikan
    consent and approval.

    The Atoms that is constantly exploding inside of the Soul, Mind and Spirit
    of the Afrikan, destructively, is Belief, Religion, and Tribalism, the
    trinity of the evil now practiced by the Afrikans in Afrika as well as in
    the Diaspora, in america it is call Socio-economic class and each stratum
    posses its own tribe of distinction.

    Beloved, not until the rise of Afrikan Nationalism to a height of popularity
    again, will the Afrikan people and Afrika, be redeemed, and once again
    honored, first by the Afrikans, and all else will follow.

    Such an accomplishment will not happen, until the Afrikan cease from
    attempting to be objective when dealing with Afrika problems.

    A good student to the deceptive teaching of a known liar we Afrikans must
    cease to be, when such come to be among and within the Afrikan, then know,
    that the Afrikan Ancestors, the Soul, Mind and Spirit of the Afrikan, is now
    back in the presence and under the control, of the Afrikan.

    We Afrikans no longer serving to be the secondary problem to Afrika and the
    Afrikan people.

    The sign of such an Afrikan coming, is when you see and hear Afrikans in
    Afrika, as well as Afrikans in the Diaspora, demanding with one Soul, Mind
    and Spirit, Reparation, Repatriation and Statehood for the lost children of
    Afrika, in Afrika, on their return Home and a voice serving as One Afrikan
    people, sending out the demand for Afrika to come back under the stewardship
    of Afrikans only, with a Theology left by our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors and
    a system of governing, that was created by our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, we
    must construct again and impliment, for the greater good of Afrika and the

    Yes, Yes beloved, upon this planet call Earth, your Ancient Carbon Black
    Cosmic Ancestors, was in fact the Alpha of Freedom, Justice and Peace and we
    their children, must be the omega of all oppression, suppression and
    depression, among and within the Afrikan people and with such a universal
    life, we will live again.

    We will in fact, bring such an environment to the world in general, but not
    before we cease to be the secondary problem to Afrika and the Afrikan. and
    not before.

    So I ask, let the Afrikan cease from being its most devastating enemy,
    serving to be the secondary problem to Afrika and the Afrikan, thus giving
    power to our primary Afrikan abuser and oppressor, now portraying themselves
    as Jesus of God, while underneath they are the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the
    bearer of the False Light, seeking the Afrikan, whom they must devour, if
    they are to hold their place of power in the world.

    Those who love the Truth is capable of recognizing the Truth

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]