Black Poetry : The Sea of Choices and the Unwanted Ebony Queen


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Dec 6, 2001
The Sea of Choices
Choices choices we must make
Make the right choice for God's sake
or the wrong path you may take
the right way you forsake
When it comes to love
you can not fake
if you hurt a Golden heart
thier soul the world will scrape
if God they do not accept
with the devil they will be kept
and thier broken heart is left to wept
The Sea of Choices we are at
I'm sure your mother told you that
If your father is not there
Think of him when you look through the air
If you call him and he does not answer
Don't let it eat your soul like a Cancer
Color has no function
but the choice to not to choose black is only an option
Chioces choices we are free to make
becasue no ones soul we could give or take
ONly God in heaven has that choice
being black in this world is groovy but we have lost our voice
We lost our voice because of how shocked some of us are
because the choice we make may leave a permenant scar.
Others are chosen as I stand by the way side
sadly wishing to be chosen before I die

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The Unwanted Ebony Queen
The unwanted ebony queen to some it seems that life is mean
Many of us have not flowing hair
instead it seems as if we have shampooed out hair with Nair
We put on wigs to have a radiant flair
we want to look as others do
but only ourselves we do fool
We could never look differnt because of our skin
That is the way our lives began
Trying to fit, shape or mold our lives
to be accepted by this world before we die
Our only acceptance is God above
He will hold our black skin in his arms
and give us love from above
He told me my skin is as soft as a dove
What manner of man is this that would lay down his life for a ebony freind
Jesus did not turn me away because of my ebony skin
no matter what his color was he told me I am his kin
He did not look at my skin and skip me
thank God praying to him is free
because if it cost money Minorities would be left out
because ebony skin always does without
There are reasons but we're always the poorest
the ones who carries the most dealdiest diseases so they say
but thank God we can have him and all we have to do is Pray


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