Chief Elder Osiris : The Screaming For Mercy To The Divne Order Of Mind.

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    Screaming For Mercy To The Divine Order Of Mind.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    We Black people in all of our self ignorance and with a lack of pride for our Black lives, is why we know not why it is that we should be out in defense of Afrika Qaddafi, in moment of turmoil.

    You Black people who have been conditioned to lead with irrational emotions, Rather Than With a Divine Mind, a Mind black People is without today, which prevent you from being able to Divinely see the wisdom in supporting Qaddafi in his Time of conflict and unrest, caused by those who want control over not only Nothern Afrika but all of Afrika.

    Yet, you have not the Divine Mind that will have you to see why it is that Qaddafi serve as the demarcation line not to be crossed in Afrika by those who mean Afrika no good for Black people, and to be used to show to the enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, that there will come to be again, a United States Of Afrika and a union of the Upper and lower part of the continent Of Afrka.

    Beloved, when you are mentally qualified to know and Understand why the Sociology of a dynasty was sufficient to Black Afrika People and not any other Western created forms of Social control over the people by despotic Governments impersonating themselves as different economic form of Governing pretending to represent democratic freedom, then and only then, you will come to know why Black Afrika should be running to Qaddafi defense.

    Which is why today, the Divine spirit is Screaming To The Divine mind for mercy to be shown for Afrika and a lost Divine Minded Afrikan People.

    In view of the condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people today, there has to be an intervention that is beyond the control of the caliber of Mind that today, is guiding the lives of Black Afrikan People, that is, if the world is to be tamed away from its madness, while under the control of Lucifer the Human Being.

    Although the Divine Mind of Black people, is being held inactive in the body of Black people by the activity of a profane mind, it being there by the conditioning performed by Lucifer the Human Being.

    Which is why now, there is a scream for mercy to the Divine mind by the inactive Divine spirit of the brand New Black Afrikan, the Divine Mind is what know of the importance of the now present time, and it is the Divine mind from which the Divine Spirit is revealed.

    Today is the Time for the awakening of the Black Afrikan Divine Being, because if not, what you are looking at now, will not be a comparison to what you will be made to see very soon, and this is not to be taken as a doomsday scare, but is a reality in the accordance to the present time and the profanity of mind that still control and guide the converted Black Human Being life of a once Divine Black Being.

    Black people lives are in such dire need of receiving life saving respect, until the Divine Spirit that is being prevented from being revealed by the profane mind that now guide Black people.

    Black people inactive Divine spirit is silently screaming for mercy to come from the Divine mind that no longer function in the lives of Black people.

    But it is the Divine Mind that is always present in the lives of Black people, being held to be inoperable, because of the abundance of misinformation now is produced by the profane mind that now guide the lives of Black people.

    A life as deplorable as Black people lives are today, must have a Divine intervention, that is, if Afrika is to come back to be for the Afrikan and for a Divided Black Nation that has been made to be Sub-tribal groups, they claiming to be independent tribal nations which is without the knowledge of how much such a claim serve to be self destructive to a once United Black Divine Being of a nation of Black people living in a self destructive mode today.

    You Black so call Afrikans, you who once functioned with a Divine mind that produce a Divine spirit, which was once under the black life control, but now is guided by Lucifer profane mind, that mind have you Black people in a blinding comatose state, preventing you from acting in the self defense of your Black life.

    Today, that Divine spirit within you, scream for mercy to the Divine Mind for deliverance, because the mind and spirit that now is in control of the lives of Black people, is what have Black people to be without the desire to be free and respectable unto themselves.

    It is such a lack of Divine mind presence in Black people, is what have northern Afrika now considered not to be Afrika, and the Afrika dominated by the presence of Black Afrikan people, they are submitting to the instruction given to them by people with a record of oppressing Black Afrikan people, be you in Afrika and out of Afrika, it does not matter.

    Because, it is the self ignorance of the Black Afrikan, we who have now been fitted with an active profane mind, which is what has the Divine spirit silently screaming to the Divine Mind of Black people for mercy that come only in the form of Reparation, that which serve to be the stalwart of Black Afrikan people, representing Afrika Sovereignty, and Afrikan people freedom and independence.

    The Divine Spirit Of Black People, Scream silently For Mercy To The Divine Mind, the need today is for Black people to reclaim our divine mind so that such a mind can comply to such a scream for mercy to come to the lives of the Black so call Afrikan today.

    Be Kind To Your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    Another on point post, Chief.

    These people or monsters are slicker than black ice.

    You see them trying to take claim for these revolutions by claiming the people are fighting for something called Democracy, yet they are the very ones who supported and kept tghe tyrants--robbing their people--in power for so long.

    Quaddafi used that oil money to uplift his people, just like Saddam did.

    The libyans had a better quality of life than the people in the Netherlands.

    Before he was attacked Saddam was lifting Iraq into a so-called "first world" status.

    They just don't want anybody to live on this earth but them.

    Everybody else has to just struggle to survive.

    This thing with Lybia is really aimed at Robert Mugabe, and what he is doing in Zimbabwe because of the example he is setting for the ret of Africa, by being a leader who is empowering his people.

    This Democracy stuff is nothing bnut a system for them to put their puppets in power over everyNation on eath.

    If you have a Leader who is uplifting and protecting his people their is no reason to change him no matter how long he stays in power.

    That's what you want a leader for.

    People will eventually rise up against a Leader who keeps them impoverished but a handfull of greedy people who hates a leader who spreads the wealth around don't get a blank check to change a leader most people want.

    They are always going to be raising up somebody to protest against good leaders.

    We have to be very careful and do our research before support somebody just because he is protesting against power.

    The knee-jerk reaction is to support all revolutions, but not all leaders need to be driven out just because they have ruled a long time.

    In fact their is great stability in longevity and when you have a leader like Mugabe and possibly Quaddafi--who do what they are suppposed to do--you hold on to them until the great masses decides they want change--not because of a few paid agents.

    Good poat by you chief and by some of the other brothers on here who don't let the lying media do their thinking
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    Sorry for all the mistakes, people, but I didn't have time to edit, or proofread before I hit that button.

    Still don't.

    But y'all know what I was getting at with those mispelled words and stuff:run: