Chief Elder Osiris : The Scio-Political Four Point Square Axis Of Evil Affecting Black People

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    The Scio-Political Four Point Square Axis Of Evil Affecting Black People

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, the most profound Missive Of Information that come from our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, come to be when I am in an Early Morning Dream Sleep Like State Of Mentitation ( Meditation ) and what I am about to reveal to you, I must admit I am the First Student to receive this information that come not from any perceived notion of my own but is of the Conceived Action that is revealed by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors and I must inform you that All Divine Information that come from our Divine Ancient Cosmic Black Ancestors is information that do not conform to the information you have been profanely tricked to conform to and accept as being the actual words of God, as so revealed to you by the King of Evil, Lucifer.

    What I am about to share with you will be very if not almost impossible for you to accept, let alone digest Mentally, to some of you this Divine Truth will offend you very highly, it is going to cause you to become very angry and will cause most of you to sink deeper into your Human Being Mind in search for refuge from the Power of the Profoundness of this Missive.

    So beloved, this is why I say to you, that I have not come to win your acceptance or to become a part of your buddy, buddy system in your action of ignorance of the Divine Truth, but I am come to inform you of what you have the ability to already know and from such knowledge, such will cause you to reclaim your Divine Mind and with such a Mind, it will cause you to See Clearly what it is we Black People must do to save our Black Life and from such action, will cause the Black World to rise again in a state of Harmony, Order, And Balance, the Divinity capable of bringing Balance in a World that now is controlled by Evil Forces of Lucifer, the Human Beings in the World.

    Not since the First, Second, and Third Dimension of Time, whereby the Kingdom of the Divine resided within those Dispensation of Time, living a serene Divine Life, absent of the control of Evil, has the Black World been in possession of our Divine Mind, and the Mental Power flowed from the Mind of the Black World and the World of those Three Dimension of Time was experiencing and enjoying the Greater Good of Life and then Evil approached our Divine Ancestors and caused the Dimension of the Fourth to come into action and Lucifer has been ruling the world since the Fourth Dimension of Time, the Time of our Fall and now has been in charge of your Black Life from the Fourth to the Sixth Dimension of these Times, in this Dispensation of Time and now I am being instructed to inform the Black World that the Time is now upon us that is causing the Black Renaissance to take place in your Black Life again, which is now qualifying you to begin our action of ascension into the Seventh Dimension of our Life Action, which is equivalent to the Third Dimension before our Fall under the power of Lucifer, the bearer of the False Light.

    Beloved,we now have the opportunity to ascend back into the Eight and Ninth Dimension of our Divine Life action, the Dimensions that are equal to the First, Second, and Third Dimension of our Life Experiences before the coming of Lucifer and in the Seventh, Eight, and Ninth Dimension of our Divine Mind Security, Lucifer has no power, no authority on and in such a Divine Level of your Life Revolving.

    Beloved, the four points of the axis of Evil that is affecting our Black Life today happen to be the Evil of the Americana Mass Media, The Black Civil Rights Aristocracy, The Criminal Justice System and The Human Being Religion,of these Four Prongs of Evil that have the Black Life under their Spell of Mental Conditioning, the greatest of these Evils happen to be Religion and the Agents that carry the evil torch, more convincingly, which happen to be the Civil Rights Aristocracy, they that come many Time dressed in the Doctrine of Lucifer Religion, which we commonly worship to be the messengers and preachers of God Word.

    In each Dimension before our Fall, there was the absent of evil, we Black people being Mentally clothed with the Divine Truth concerning God, Universe, and Our Black Selves, and in such Dimensions there was no need for a savior, just the presence of Divine Acknowledgment of the Essence of all that we are capable of Seeing, that is of the Universe and is able to experience the presence of its action, the Elements of the Universe I speak of.

    Beloved, many have come to us Black People claiming to be the messenger of God and then set out to tell you what God told them to tell you to do and not do or you will experience either a Reward of Eternal Life or Punishment of Eternal Pain and Damnation, as they say, under the cloak of their lying and deceiving controlling religion.

    I must tell you beloved, all who have come unto us claiming to be God Messenger and servant, preaching the Doctrine of Lucifer, under the banner of an institution call Religion, they were no more than agents of Lucifer and the evidence of what I say is True is the fact we Black People still live under the control of Lucifer in A life full of pain and Misery, yet the Gospel of Jesus has come to save you and been here now for over Two Thousand Years and counting, and you still have Faith that Jesus is coming to save you because the Prince of Evil tell you so, in his well organized Religious Institution?

    Beloved, take away the Institution of Religion and its agents will have nothing to Tell you about the Divine Profoundness of the Essence of all that is of the Universe, and Self is included, we all are results of the Action of the Eternal Infinite Essence of us all and yet such Divine Essence does not interfere with that IT cause to be, each entity has its own essence of Energy and the assigned capacity to guide it, meaning each entity take on the responsibility of the consequence of its Action.

    Many have come through the Blood Line of our Divine Ancestors and many were not capable of maintaining the Divine Mind given to us through the Descending Inheritance process, meaning many have failed that was and is of the Divine Black Essence, whose Shadow is the Perfect Night and now we claim to be messengers of a Doctrine that is incapable of enabling us to reclaim our Divine Mind, because such a Doctrine was used to subdue your Divine Mind, which prevent Black People from knowing how and what to Think about that is independent from what we now are conditioned to Believe, within the institution of Religion, which Lucifer control.

    Beloved, it is not enough to be given instruction on how to be a better Religious person and you be that, by obeying the Religious Doctrine, a Doctrine that instruct you to take no thought for your Life and to look away from your self for comfort and safety, such be the teaching of Lucifer, blinding you with the False Light, claiming it to be the Truth and Reality of it all, that is to benefit your Soul, and not your Life, a Soul that is not in need of anything as it reside to be the essence of all that is.

    Many Great preachers and those that have claimed to be Leaders of Black People, have come to us, yet only a Few have come to us with the Divine Information and Revelation that cause the Black World to ascend when we had fallen under the yoke of Lucifer Religion, each Time lifting us back into the Dimension of Time where we reclaimed our Divinity, such a Time last until we became so heavy burden with the lying and deceiving weigh of Religion, which we allowed to come into our midst, so we now reside in the lowest level of Dimension of our Revolving Life Motion, which is the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Dimension, which Lucifer has been confusing you to believe to be Dimensions to be Desired, yet we know nothing of the Divinity and the Order of that state of existence, which represent the Circle of Completion, it being what Lucifer say represent Nothing, Zero, it is that which represent everything, the Circle of Completion I speak of, that out of which all numbers flow and the two trinity of Numbers that are the Greatest in the sequence of Numbers from One to Nine is One to Three and Seven to Nine. the first Trinity descend out of Eternity and the Thirdset of the Trinity of Numbers ascend back into Infinity, Let Those who areWise Understandwhat has just been Revealed to you..

    The America Media is the greatest propaganda tool used to confuse and control the Black Mind, the Black Civil Rights Aristocracy is the Greater deceivers of Black People by doing the bidding of Lucifer Religion, the Criminal Justice System in America is the Hell on Earth for Black People and Religion hold the Key that bound us in the prisons of america, they being the Four Square point of the axis of Evil that now lie to and deceive Black People.

    It was the Honorable Marcus Garvey who received the Divine Mantel from our Divine Ancient Ancestors and begin to lift us out of the Sixth Dimension of our Oppressive Evil afflictions and since the departing of that Divine Prophet, we have had a momentary relapse back under the weigh of Lucifer Religion, led by the Black False Leaders of Black People, but now the Divine Information has now risen again for Black People and such Divine Information will raise you Black people to the Next Level of your ascension if only you are Mentally strong enough to recognize the Divine Truth and Reality about that which has an obligation to keep the Black World as Believer, the sin of Lucifer Religion, for it has proved to be the Weapon of Black People Mass Destruction, preventing us from rising up to the Greater Levels of our Divine Dimensions in Life consciousness.

    Beloved, any so call Leader that has come this way in life and failed to point you the way to your Divine State of Living and where it is to take place and if you are out of place and they did/do not tell you the place you must go back to, in order to be qualified to experience your Divine Life Ascension, then they were either False Leaders or Leaders lacking the Divine Gift to See the Answers and Solution to Lucifer Evil, and the Place I speak of, is that place we now refer to as Afrika and those leaders who do not have the fire of devotion to Afrika and Black People, they are false leaders my beloved, All Of Them !!!

    So you see, I told you that you might not be so accepting understanding of what I have been awaken to share with you today,

    I am come to share with you that which you Divinely Need, you can either Sit on it or act on it, the consequence is yours to bear beloved.

    I come, I Share, you Either Accept Or Reject, I continue to Be Obedient To Our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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