Black Spirituality Religion : The Science of Origins

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    To begin with, the term science in layman's language is "the study or observation of"

    scire - seer

    With this being established, roots and origins are not always necessary in order to locate other points and positions in a particular formation, but it is much easier to locate this point before expanding in one's search.

    This is a simple plotting of what is equivalent to a 1 + 1 = x equation within the Anglo-math system.

    a ----- b ----- c

    Points of origins typically are center-based as the meta realm is not linear, not really spherical either.
    More of a 11 dimensional spiral form, but that's for another topic.

    So looking at the simple formed equation and variables that are within it, one would easily conclude that "b" should be the origin of this form, leaving "a" and "c" to be its counter points or abstracts.

    To view this in 2 dimension form it would look something like this:


    The more dimensions that are in existence, the more visible the form is.
    But this also leaves the origin hidden under the depths of the many various formations that for now a few of us recognize only 3 to 5 dimensions, without the use of artificial intelligence.

    This would be the closest form of a 3 dimensional form, of course it cannot be seen within a 2 dimensional form (monitor screen).


    These are the 3-5 dimensions that many can access without the help of A.I. for the most part.

    As the Dimensions alter forms, the increase in variables occur as well as the complexities of each dimension.


    This is a spiritual (di-mensional; mental) battle that many of us encounter, yet create or utilize certain tools to mitigate our way through.

    The layers that cover the origins are purposed, and are kept sealed until one has prepared to proceed further into the depths of the understand that each is offered.

    If one has a solid connection with ancestor knowledge and energy, this is a good way to experiment with the dis-covery process in seeking "Origins".

    Be advised, this is not for those that are not genuine in the dis-covery, as the revelations are pure and without fault, those that seek vainly shall receive tainted gifts of their own design.

    Haven't done this in a while, so will have to take a break and continue after.

    Any questions, comments, critiques are welcome.