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    A single fact, a single observation, can demolish a mountain of sophistry, and erase centuries of wrong-headed dogma, which in this case is known as reduction. The reductionists have worked very hard to make mind just the activity of the brain, and to define consciousness in terms of particular activities of the brain. Piles of lengthy and erudite bull**** have accumulated in the vain attempt to make this work. But all you have to do is look at a person using HSP to see that the Mind is completely different from the body. They interpenetrate one another, but their parts and substance and properties are totally different. The study of Higher Sense Perception (HSP) was the work of Shafica Karagulla, and upon this rock we should rebuild Psychical Research. It is because we can see that the Mind and body are totally different that we can define "Psychical Research" as "the rigorous scientific study of rare and spontaneous events or talents which provide clues to the nature of the Mind as opposed to the brain." It is the mind which perceives, and which acts, giving living things animacy.

    There are many other discoveries in psychical research which also instantly refute the reductionist worldview. One is the so-called "Near Death Experience (NDE)." This is a misleading phrase. People who experience it do actually die. The heart stops, breathing stops, no brain activity registers on the EEG, they are pronounced dead, covered with a sheet, and rolled out to be sent to the morgue. Or in the case of Er, the body is thrown onto the funeral pyre. Or in the case of the Vietnam soldier, the embalmer makes his cut in the femoral artery, in preparation for embalming the corpse. Nonetheless, the mind is very much alive, having all sorts of adventures. The truly remarkable and so-far unexplained phenomenon is that of coming back to life, perhaps in a few minutes, 45 minutes in the case of Dannion Brinkley, all day for a Vietnam soldier (a case reported in Raymond Moody's classic Life After Life) or even 12 days later, as in the case of a soldier named Er, described in Plato's Republic. It is this miraculous and spontaneous coming back to life which really needs explaining. They should be called cases of death and resurrection. Does it

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