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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Science Involved With Reparation/Repatriation, Black Afrika Nationalism, Pan Afrikanism, Freedom!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Science not as that white racist has declared it to be but in according to what I perceive it to be, so do not go running to that lying deceiving white racist fact-checking machine based on the information that is revealed to me by the gods, our Divine Ancient of Ancient First Way Black Universal Mother and Father of time immemorial, no beginning no ending, needing a Divine mind to comprehend the Science Of Presence to Existing and Present and Past by the presence pf Life Time, which is Infinite.

So, what are my definition of Science other than a Mental action based on observation, experiment, and experience, all which function in Harmony, Order, and Balance when seeking to describe that which is under investigative observation, experimentation, and experience using the observed empirical facts to support the claim of that which is referred to as Divine Truth and Reality, which is not created not by Mankind but is the evidence of present and past action that cause events to have had to happen, and is happening, from the Meta-Neta to the physical of a kind.

So, all things are not science but the Science of all things are science, which requires observation, experiment, experience, to verify the fact of the matter under investigation to be Divinely True or Profanely False, the two being in direct opposition to each claiming to be in the presence of the Greater Good, God the Divine Essence Of all Scientific claims to being Divinely True and Real.

So you see. it is Divine Truth and Reality that gives Scientific meaning to Life and it is Life that have you being a Living object of a physical Being, matter present and matter that appear not to be present but is and it is the Science of Life that gives meaning to living and living is intricate in Divine Truth and Reality which gets its presence of fact in the abyss of Freedom, it being the science of Divine Truth and Reality, observed and appear not to be observable but is, Divine Truth and Reality being the empirical fact of the presence and Nature of Space, Time, Continuum, observable, experimentative, and experienced, such being the God Energy Intelligence Infinitely verified by the presence of the physical Universe, Set in the Bosom of the Infinite Dark Energy Divine Intelligent Universe, the God Principle of us all!!!

The event of Chattel Slavery was that of a Scientific happening and to be able to innerstand the cause of events that involved the capture and Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors and the horror that was involved in such a scientific happening, you have to be able to learn with innerstanding the dynamics of living life, which is not predicated on that which is falable to the matter of physical presence.

When I share that the events that have taken place in Afrika that affect every Black Afrikan whether you are in or out of Afrika, the Universal Binary system applies to all moving things that consist of becoming a part of the Physical Universe!!!

So, to be able to innerstand the happening of events that take place in the physical Universe, you can not apply Manmade standards of systematic performance with that which seems to just happen without a physical presence and where there is Intelligence there is a physical presence whether you are mentally qualified to observe such a presence or not.

So, Reparation/Repatriation, Black Afrika Nationalism, Pan Afrikanism, Spiritualism, and Freedom, such being of the presence of an Infinite Universal Intelligence that makes no plans nor is subjected to man-made morals that is what reveals the Scientific Difference in there being an Infinite Greater Good-God and the the physical subjects there of being of a different dimension of what constitutes the Science of Universal Deminisions as pertains to physical things.

Our Black Behind has nothing to do with us not embracing the sacredness of Reparation/Repatriation, Black Nationalism Pan Afrikanism, Spiritualism, and Freedom, your Black Behind has been reduced from innerstanding the Science of it all, so there is no rising to take place for Black Afrikans in Afrika and the enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people will continue to exploit the Mother Lamd and the Children of the gods until there is a return to the Black Afrikan family to the Divine Mind that Nature Designed you with, all was done by the science of Time, Space, Divine Truth, and Reality and here Black Afrikans without gumption enough to seek out the wise among you so to show the way back home, The Infinite Universe!!!

I must stop so that to allow you to breath in this Divine Truth That I share With You, For Therein is the code that verify and qualify you for our Freedom, beloved!!!

Divine Respect
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