Brother AACOOLDRE : The scholar denied: the W.E.B dubois story


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Jul 26, 2001

W.E.B. Dubois and the birth of modern sociology

By Aldon D. Morris

Book Review By Andre Austin

Dubois is the Father of sociology, first to conduct an urban study and to establish a sociological laboratory. The man was a genius, the first number crunching surveyor, who knew math and had a command of the data-gathering technique he learned in Berlin as triangulation. Dubois proved in data that post-slavery era was a caste system; and his empirical data and research placed in a coffin the Caucasian notion that the world would be dashed into pieces without his providence and mechanical ingenuity that the black man was incapable of creating. Dubois advocated that the Egyptians were black and they built the pyramids from which the capstone was rejected by Satan; an enemy of time, place and borders.

Since the time of Charles Darwin (1809-82) published his famous edict on The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection the white sociologist has been attempting to erect a color-line & wall to justify white dominance over people of color. This brick wall of racism consisted of a three prong attack of the Sanctification, codification and political manipulation of at least a trinity of reasons why the black man should be held in subordination:

1. God’s providence and the destiny of Ham’s curse that was bestowed the Blackman to be the eternal hewer of wood and collector of water for Shem and Japheth. This religious indoctrination played itself out in black codes and Jim Crow segregation laws.

2. IQ and genetic quackery put on a pedestal and throne of academia.

3. The white man’s burden of Social engineering results from decisions, edicts, and public policy by economic elites to protect white interest. There is nothing about the white man that is supernatural powers of evil. He oppresses us; he’s brutal to us, because it’s in his interest to do it.

A Social structure of these three snakes are supported by a three tier octopus system of:

A. Government (One world government) spawning off the illusion of democracy when in reality a Corporate of elite oligarchy

B. Economy of (One global economy) producing quasi-serfdom to serve the 1% vipers.

C. Religion (One main religion Catholic) from which all will bend to its gravitational pull of acceptance of their plight and worshiping white skin as divine. Domestication of human potential in same manner as animals are led to eating of their masters hand calming down aggressiveness.

The defeated and destroyed believe this social structure is eternally fixed and irreversible.

The above three spears and opponents of black progress are social, political, economic and theological disasters of several Judas’s kisses. Through effective brainwashing and propaganda through the media the popular culture bought into #1 and 2 when the focus should have been on three.

Now enter W.E.B. Dubois the first black to receive his Ph.D. from Harvard. Dubois earned his doctorate by publishing his dissertation in 1896 on The Suppression of the African Slave trade to the United States of America, 1638-1870. The White academic community embrace this dissertation because it made them look half-civilized in wanting to contain the Slave Trade that 1 Timothy 1:9-10) prohibited. However, white silence became the norm when Dubois published The Philadelphia Negro in 1899 stated that Blacks and newly arrived immigrants advanced at the same levels racial discrimination was out of the equation. This social science study flew in the face of white sociologist hell bent on Darwist theories that incorporated # 1 and 2 that blamed racial inequality on Black inferiority. They refused to accept that racist practices generated #3 of social engineering, keeping the status quo, and of the color-line in effect producing this title The Scholar denied. From this time on white University’s haven’t trained black sociologist/psychologist properly in order to avoid producing another great W.E.B. Dubois

So lets back up a little to see what made Dubois so Great. Well it was his dry passion to see the Blackman rise up off his belly and start walking upright like a man. Also included in this passion was in training in Berlin. In Berlin he was trained in Statistics and quantitative analysis that gave him his champion gloves to defeat all the witches of racism clinging to conjecture, speculation, scant empirical data and racist assumptions. Dubois hit them up with graphs, tables, maps and charts to reaffirm black manhood and disqualified white peoples notion that they deserved to rule over blacks because God and genetics endowed them. This is what Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln thought and the torch has yet to drop from white hands and minds even in 2015.

Speaking of 2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of the White racist film The Birth of a Nation. The film had the effect of encouraging theater goers to lynch blacks immediately after viewing the movie. Dubois was one of the founding members of the NAACP in 1909. The NAACP went on a Zealot crusade against the film. Dubois even tried to producing a film to counteract The Birth of a Nation but one of his Jewish comrades in Hollywood wanted him to fund-raise 10 grand to help bankroll it. When the dust cleared, and Booker T. Washington died in 1915, The Birth of a Nation made the NAACP and vice versa.

We must stray away from the thinking of 1 Black messiah coming in to save 45 million blacks. We must study history, study our leaders and shed their mistakes and replicate their triumphs. Delete all the thought that our genius can’t be replicated and duplicated. Go read all of MLK college papers, his dissertation and speeches. His command of the spoken word can be advanced upon just like Dubois command of his data and his written word. They are not freaks of nature from the evolutionary theory rather than empirical evidence of their sacrifice as students. They are not one in a million we can spit out superstars and super-scholars just like we do on the basketball court and in the football field. Our liquor money and weave fund can endow our children mind with books and tools that can launch them up into the stars. We just have to pay the price.

This world has been falsely educated to ignore causes and deal with effects. Yet all the world’s problems and ills are simply a matter of cause and effect. The oligarchy, the aristocrats, international money lenders are banking on our ignorance so that they can profit off of the effects of war, debt slavery, religious crimes, poverty, racism, inequality, crime, wretchedness, disease and other mental and social ills.

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