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Oct 25, 2005
Namibia: Stop Abusing the San, Says Governor

Here's a STORY for you.


Through some research which I cant remember the exact source but A SAN came to the UNITED STATES decades ago (UNDER the SYSTEM of SEGREGATION or JIM CROW) to STUDY at TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY the founder, BOOKER T. WASHINGTON who helped US start BUSINESSES BANKS SOCIETIES and inspired MOVEMENTS then and to COME.

I am trying to recall reading that he told the class full of our HARDWORKING ENSLAVED ANCESTORS CHILDREN (relearning about WORK) and the INSTRUCTORS about AFRICA. He mentioned that HIS PEOPLE the SAN were ILL TREATED and HUNTED DOWN by OTHER VICINITY AFRICANS. And that this GOES on in the LAND of AFRICA. Not all things are without BLOOD being SPILT. I forget how it was RECEIVED but this message was RECORDED for US I believe for SOME REASON. Maybe a reason RELATED to our HUMANITY while we were just coming out of SLAVERY and getting OURSELVES established in this WORLD....STILL

MY OWN REQUEST....SEEMINGLY we all even the MIGHTY AMONG us through their DESCENDANTS fall from IDEAL.

I posted a ARTICLE about BOOKER T. WASHINGTON family line being STROKED with SINGLE MOTHER matters


I want to know if anybody READ and ACTUALLY KNOW about what I am saying and I wish to KNOW whether this SAN SOUJORNER stayed in AMERICA or did some THINGS in AFRICA....


Fossils in the Blood

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