Black Jokes Humor : The rules for dating lil sister

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    1)If you come to our house and honk your horn rather than coming to do the door to get my sister I will come to your car drag you back to the door and use your head as a doorbell

    2)If you touch my sis I will break your arms:)

    3)I expect you to bring my sis flowers and candy on your first date,showing up without them wont be a big deal, you'll only leave my house with a black eye.

    4)If you can not keep your hands and eyes off my sisters body I will be forced to remove them

    5)I'm a fair person, so this one is a free rule for you

    6)Now I am aware that its cool to make-out in a movie theatre and hey I do it from time to time....however be aware that I may be sitting just a few rows back, and I ALWAYS have my eye on you...ALWAYS

    7)You are only allowed to take my sister to places where adults are present, for instance a nursing home is a great date idea, an idea I like better is on the couch in our living room

    8)I know you may think that hey this person ain't going to do anything to me, well guess what you're WRONG, I know more than you think I know and I have hunting dogs ready to find you, so watch your step

    9)You may think its a good idea to get to know each other, I disagree, I dont want to know you, I dont want you talking to my sister, however for some reason she thinks you're an ok guy, this means until she is sick of you I have to keep my eyes on you

    10)You are not allowed to date other females if you break my sisters heart I'll break you. When she is finished with you then you can leave until then, suffer.
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