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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, you may ask why do I speak the way I do about us Black People and the way I speak is because you are a Nation whom I Love Dearly and I refuse to play the deceiving game with you, by lying to you about what I See and Know of the Black Nation, information that is not a copy from people that with a history of lying and being deceiving to you, those are the same people responsible for the Black Nation being in ruins today, and they have taught us to become liars and deceiver even unto ourselves.

You have those that have won your respect and given the OK to lead you and yet they are those among us that Lie and deceive you, misinforming you about your condition in Life and the cause for such a condition, not telling you Black People what we must do to bring our Nation out of ruination, as a matter of fact will not tell you the extreme gravity of our Problems, they just tell you the Lies that they know that you have been conditioned to want to be True and you Black People Moses along, herded as sheep marching to the slaughter, the slaughter of your Black Mind.

Beloved, any Black Member of the Nation Family, if operating under the power of not the Human Being Mind, but your Divine Mind, you should be able to See what I See of the Black Nation and be brave enough to reveal the Divine Truth of what you See and I guarantee, it will be a sight different from the picture that your approved by you leaders, present to you, concerning the state of condition of the Black Nation and its cause for being in the condition that they paint for you and giving themselves the credit for the faltered picture they have been successful in getting you to accept, a sign that we Black People can not see any more, we just look at what is being presented to us, portraying such to be the Truth and is to our benefit.

Beloved, the defect in such action being portrayed of you by your accepted leaders happen to be the Divine Truth of our Life present situation, a Divine Truth that can not be denied, if only you would open your Divine Mind Eye and See the Ruination of the Black Nation today to be that of the Divine Truth, Black People in Ruin and it is all because you Black People have allowed yourselves to be led by Liars and Deceivers, they that will not tell you the Divine Truth about your condition, the cause of your condition and what you need to do to get yourselves out of such Life of Ruins.

There is no more Black Nation as should be, and once was, we black people have become the vagabonds of the Earth, always running around this planet seeking what you have been told you should Want and not Need, so today, Black People live a Life of Want and not Need, and it is the Want that Blind you from being able to See what you Need, and the Black World is in Need of our Divine Mind Back, a process of Thinking that consist not of Random Believing but of Divine Knowing, a Mental ability that come by you being qualified to organize your Thoughts, so that your Reasoning will always be in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Logic conceived to be perceived to be the Divine truth, about all that we must be able to See concerning us Black people.

The Ruination of the Black Nation come from from the way we have allowed our life to be lived, so full of vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy, malice, unjustified arrogance, Lying and deceit, the attributes of a Black Nation behavior in Ruins and it come from the fact that Black People can not See any more, we gladly walk around with a chip on our shoulder toward and against each other and for no other reason than we Black People have been made to have gone Blind and can not See ourselves anymore and the sad part about it is, that we worship those that tell us that is the way to change our Black Life condition, what a Foolish People in Ruination that we Black People have become, not being qualified to See a contradiction in Term and Fact, when our Black Life is at stake.

Tell me Beloved, how can we confess to be concerned about our Black Life when we will not allow our Divine Mind into us, so you can be able to Think Divinely and that is the only way you will be able to See what it is that is weighing your Spirit Down beloved, and that weight is no more than the oppressors Religion, an instrument that bring an imbalance to your psychic, having you to look for some White Man to come floating out of the sky for no other purpose or reason than to save your Black Behind, a task that only you can and must do for yourselves, Beloved.

Beloved, speaking in rebellious and revolutionary tone will not save nor will it Free you, but Revolutionary Planning, strategizing, and implementing will, so when you hear the Afrikan American in their pressed down dress ware, or in their Religious Robe, speak all so Rebellious and in Revolutionary style, yet hold in their hand the dagger that pierce your Divine mind, the Religious Bible or a tainted ideological philosophy, about Life in America, lying to you telling you that America can be changed to not ever again to see your Black Behind as it is, then know beloved, you are listening to a very Dangerous Black so call Afrikan American, one who has sold their Mind to Lucifer.

Beloved, have you ever wondered, when you look at so call highly intelligent black People falling down on their knees and opening up with a heavy call to Jesus and confessing Love to that White Man, can you sum that action up to be that of an intelligent Black so call Afrikan American, or is it a phony front to deceive Black People into believing that they to are just like you on the Religious front, beloved, you will not find any Divine Intelligent Black People being a victim of Religion, yet the foolish intelligent Black Religious People teach you to believe that Religion is a creation of our Ancient cosmic Black Divine First Way Ancestors and all that tell you beloved is, there goes a Mind without a Divine Foundation, leading a once Divine Black Nation into Ruins.

Beloved, those so call Black Afrikan Preachers, Ministers, Priests, people of the so call cloth, they are your Liars and Deceivers that keep your Black Life in the condition you now live it in today, so what you gonna do about it ?

Because the Divine Reality of our black Life Situation, is that it is in Ruins and only the Black Foolish People will deny that Empirical Fact about the Life of the once Black Nation.

Black People Now, Treat Life As If It Is a Game, But It Is A Journey To Be Enjoyed !!!

The Divine Truth, Black So Call Religious Afrikans Ever Where, Despise The Divine Truth, The Spirit That Has Cause The Ruination Of The Black Nation !!!

Be Kind

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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