Black Spirituality Religion : The root cause of failure in the tests conducted by God

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    The root cause of failure in the tests conducted by God

    The root cause for the failure in the test conducted by the Lord is nothing but just ignorance of the truth. The basic ignorance of the basic truth is the root cause of the basic concept of limited ownership. First, you think that you are owner of your limited body. Then, you think gradually that you are the owner of your house, wealth and your family members. Slowly, you try to extend your ownership on more area of wealth and more number of souls in the world. Finally, you want to become the owner of this entire creation. Your hidden ambition is proved when Shankara announced the concept of Advaita. On hearing that concept, your hidden ambition came out and you started feeling that you are the God, which means that you are the owner of the creation. You started with the seed, which is the ownership of your body and became a huge tree by thinking that you are the owner of the creation.

    The tree is false because practically you are not the owner of this creation. If the tree is false, the seed must be also false. Therefore, your basic limited ownership of your body is also not true. You cannot control the function of any internal organ of your body. Your ownership is just superficial because you are a temporary owner of the movement of external limbs of your body. Even this external ownership is temporary because if the internal organs fail, any limb of the body will not move. When you are affected with paralysis, even this ownership becomes false. If you can realize in the stage of the seed ego, the further extension disappears.

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    I don't think all of the failure is because of lack of truth, but much of it is. Since we are here to learn the truth that we may serve the Father and the Son to our best abilities, when we are tested, we are tested on how much we know, and how well we put our skills to usage.

    If we show faith in the Father and the Son for the sacrifice in the body which was made for us on His part, and belief in His works and resurrection from the dead, even failure cannot take us down, for the Father will be with us, to pick us up once more.

    Believe, have faith and hope, and He won't let His faithful down. :)